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  1. just asked something to LO but as i can see some people are still azz licking them for absolutely nothing lmao ... keep doing that i guess
  2. fix the game please its just getting boring and boring more .... do something please .. thanks ! lel
  3. well already everyone asked for everything new and i asked for this . so yeah ... why not !?
  4. Hey !!i wanted to ask about that if in future there will be new Emotes and the other thing that i want to ask is why there should be a Emote called insult or fart . lel which makes the game more toxic and all Would be nice if there will be any new emotes . . . Thanks to Dear Little Orbit and All Others ^^ #Ayule
  5. apb is off forever or what ? ....
  6. i already see that post mate and at the moment i want to hear it from admins if its true or not . well if it really was true and will be like this in future i should do some stuff . but first i have to make sure as you can see i said everything in the post @CookiePuss :3 .... just like they removed armas gift without saying anything .. as i said i want to hear it from admins if its TRUE or NOT !!!. THANKS !
  7. i heard in social district and read some stuff there too and wanted to make sure if after new patch or in futrue .legendarys still will be tradable or not ^^ thanks :3 @Ayule
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