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  1. IC4

    Apb first person view (BUG)

    That bug did amaze me too, would be actually cool have it
  2. So got not unusual bug, but kinda seems cool. https://drive.google.com/file/d/13bppEmjOsTpnHQwcbuyvibBDP833Q03U/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hello In social district there are sellers who trying way to hard to sell, trade their items. To do it more quickly they trying spam as much as they can. Social district it meant to be chill place where you can chat with random people. Because of these spammers we can't do it right now. -So my suggestion would be to add text message limit, if you break it you get chat ban for some time period. For example if player text 5 message's in 10s he get's chat ban for 10mins.
  4. Hello guys, just wanted share video I made from vag event, hope you enjoy and btw what would you think about car meet in apb?
  5. You should buy chocolate medal. I'm proud of you
  6. Can someone from ddoers fix servers? Cuz it seems stuff is sleeping :D
  7. It's sound pretty cool and I'm in with you 100%.
  8. IC4

    1 min or less backups

    i think it should be 2 minutes at least, because there might be some case's that the backup is called at 1.51 (min). so what's the point ? That's why I said 1:30min and not 1min. In my opinion in 2 minutes you can do something, it's kinda enough time, because there are some missions which give only 2min.
  9. IC4

    1 min or less backups

    Hello So I have encountered with this problem how and most of you and it annoying me same as you I guess. So what I want to tell that in this game they should remove ability to call backup when left less than 1:30 min. Because it's impossible to do something at this point especially if you joining to losing site. Thank you for reading this topic, leave a comment what you think about it :3
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