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  1. Still happens, even when setting smooth down to to 135 It does limit my fps but I still get the sliding.
  2. Which file would I need to edit? And I would have to repeat after every update, right?
  3. Since quite a while I noticed that my character keeps moving when standing still. Sometimes its just a short moment and sometimes its quite long. During this "sliding" I have moving accuracy which is really bad when playing guns with bad movement accuracy like lmgs. Any ideas how to fix? https://streamable.com/2f3ei
  4. I had that a few times too when running an unstable memory overclock on my gpu. Might be worth a shot to turn the clocks down a notch.
  5. Im pretty sure Matt mentioned that removing muzzleflash is not okay. I can't find the post right now though.
  6. 2FA fucked aswell. Servertime seems to lag behind like 30 seconds, forcing you to enter your code after the timer already ran out. EmErGeNcY MaInTeNaNcE
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