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  1. I actually got a headache and started to feel dizzy after playing the beta for a few minutes only. Colors all seemed to look wrong. The whole game seemed to look wrong.
  2. Consider player experience. The longer you play, the more you learn about the game and the more you know about the game, the easier it is to make the "right" decision in a situation. I feel you. I usually try to find someone in the district to group up with. Gives you a more "stable" team during missions and you have someone to chat with between missions. Helps me keep my sanity in this game.
  3. In my opinion a big problem of especially the alig and AV weapons in general is high burn fuel. Good players will always get out in time and then use the car wreck as cover and fuck you up. Just make it so that using high burn fuel makes your car wreck disappears instantly. Would give high burn fuel a little downside and make heavy AV weapons more rewarding to play.
  4. Serious question: How does network performance affect server ms? As I understand, the server is working with 30 ticks a second so the server has ~33ms time to complete all the necessary calculations for each tick. When server ms rises, that mean the server just simply cannot process all the data in those 33ms anymore. So at 40 server ms we have only 25 ticks instead of 30. So how do network outages play into this?
  5. Still happens, even when setting smooth down to to 135 It does limit my fps but I still get the sliding.
  6. Which file would I need to edit? And I would have to repeat after every update, right?
  7. Since quite a while I noticed that my character keeps moving when standing still. Sometimes its just a short moment and sometimes its quite long. During this "sliding" I have moving accuracy which is really bad when playing guns with bad movement accuracy like lmgs. Any ideas how to fix? https://streamable.com/2f3ei
  8. I had that a few times too when running an unstable memory overclock on my gpu. Might be worth a shot to turn the clocks down a notch.
  9. Im pretty sure Matt mentioned that removing muzzleflash is not okay. I can't find the post right now though.
  10. 2FA fucked aswell. Servertime seems to lag behind like 30 seconds, forcing you to enter your code after the timer already ran out. EmErGeNcY MaInTeNaNcE
  11. I think he means this. Its an old video but the same thing still happens sometimes when you switch from tapfire to keeping the mouse button down.
  12. That's only for titles which use Steamworks for networking features. APB doesnt use it, as far as I know.
  13. Sometimes it wouldnt show enemies even if they stood right on your car. Had that happen quite a few times lately.
  14. @MattScott Citadel has very bad server performance and everybody is warping around for quite some time now. Server ms and my latency are normal though. Seems worse in wf than in financial.
  15. Could load chars now, but infinite"Contacting World Server..."
  16. Can login but cannot load any chars on Citadel neither.
  17. Hi guys, I can't login and get error code 9. I cannot find any information about this anywhere on the forum? Only login server seems to be affected since people are happily streaming the game right now. Anybody know whats going on?
  18. Where was it announced then other than ingame?
  19. I also curious, as a quick look in the forums didn't show any restart related posts.
  20. This account is currently in use from another client (error code 100004) :S
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