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  1. Which server do u play on? add me and i can explain u how some things works im NIKOLAY96 on game too
  2. Brazilians are the south american Russians, they dont speack spanish and only play on Brazilian guilds, i like brazilians and russians tho But yea some people see them like this
  3. So before we cry because there was none admins on apb, now we cry because they take 1/2 district slots, dont be a hysteric BIACH And let them be
  4. Yea i think that too so lets leave this post slowly die since it wont get anything positive from now
  5. No shit... are this 2 guys like this on every post? Cuz hly crap whats the point of 3 hours about public fighting that i doubt anyone would even reed
  6. thats kinda wierd, try to repair apb through the launcher! maybe that can fix it
  7. I ask a friend to create my tattoo on APB and she did an awesome job , she is rlly talented, her name is Blackmoonlight on Citadel server just in case someone is searching for a good symbol designer
  8. OR just add something simillar for criminals, that would be even better, but yea that shit is op as fuck :D i recorded some gameplay of it long time ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im5xC0A83ho
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