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  1. the lag varies for each person, and even that variety changes sometimes. some will lag and teleport every second while others will be fine with teleport spikes every 5 minutes or so.
  2. im in the #3000s and still waiting over a month
  3. Uqe

    Hmm.. Snapping

    guys just trolling, he "snapped" to the south while Pride is to the East on top of the ladder area.
  4. Uqe


    uhh just curious, what skin is that? edit: nvm, just an lmg-e exclusive
  5. Uqe

    Let's talk about FC

    yes pls remove low yields and hvr thanks!!
  6. Uqe

    Next Sale?

  7. i hope they figure out a new solution to mitigation or w/e cuz its unplayable atm
  8. Uqe

    How about a buff instead?

    ya buff those mf'n perCS! !!
  9. Uqe

    Packet Loss Since Update

    its been happening before the update too, its just ddos mitigation prolly.
  10. wait so all the content/lines under those buckets, u replaced with from the original compat?
  11. custom desktop logo should definitely be fine as it doesnt interact with the game. thats why u need to be in borderless for it to work. im curious moreso on programs that actually interact with apb being fullscreen like overlays from play claw, overwolf, or mumble.
  12. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, there are ways to remove ambient noise and muzzle effects. Im not taking any chances so I'm just gonna reinstall the game and only transfer over APBCompat and BaseInput