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  1. nice ps2 damn u really SHOWED HIM !
  2. it went from being a 3 stk at 40m to a 4 stk at 23m? Damn they actually did something
  3. why does the shredder have such a long range? I really don't get it man
  4. you honestly think the shredder is FIXED? A shotgun that 3 shots at 40m. Shotguns should not be doing any damage at that range
  5. for the shredder we ned a hotfix for all shotguns :,D I agree, but seeing how theyve already put it into live, it's pretty clear to me they have no idea how to balance, so at least fix something that's blatantly broken
  6. can we at least get a hotfix for the shredder next week, thx.
  7. yup, lagging in baylan for me, barely any registration at times, financial had me teleporting a bit too in a 1-2 pop also getting a lot less fps, others have agreed
  8. lmao, if this is the direction theyre taking with the game, people are just gonna start using unmodded weapons
  9. Does IR3 actually increase the burst interval now? If so, that was a stupid decision
  10. ur essentially advocating for it to have double of an effect on burst rifles...
  11. baylan is lagging bad atm in Jericho
  12. yeah its a little sad honestly, the whole idea of balancing mods around guns makes 0 sense, but whatever. guess we're going back to early shotgun meta days. honestly if they wanted to fix the ntec, they shouldve just reduced its modifier cap or benefit or whatever from hunting sight. would put it right beside all the other guns in the game. and people are constantly telling them a csg 3 shotting at 20m is too much, and they put it into live?? clearly, they arent listening in the slightest