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  1. TruZealot

    Inactive name wipes?

    So can we get a long overdue name wipe on inactive accounts so those names become usable again? I'm talking accounts that haven't been active/even logged into in 2 or more years. Obviously excluding names from accounts that where banned for good reason of course.
  2. TruZealot

    Faction neutral vehicle kits.

    I would pay double the normal cost of a kit for the Enf Bishada kit as a crim.
  3. TruZealot

    Bring back the Colby sub forums

    #colby4lyfe ^^^^^ Missed one
  4. To lazy to space these all out, also don't want to take up the whole page so heres an album of all my pre-2018 stuff (including customs made for other people) https://imgur.com/a/XzFsu
  5. TruZealot

    Can the Coroner get some love? :(

    I think they need to up its range to about 50m before damage falloff, remove the broken recoil, double the fire rate, make it have a 10 clip and be a 4 shot to kill. But also leave the "IRS" alone because its perfect.
  6. TruZealot

    Shame on Lil Orbit

    For some reason, some bronze players are not able to join mission districts after the patch the other day. He was in social ranting about this for 4 hours this morning and it took about 20 other people coming in with this same issue for us to figure out he was having the same issue.
  7. TruZealot

    quick thought, stunt district

    I wanna see something like this but with some areas opened up or cleaned out, and then they turn said areas into like car show lots and fashion runways. Where there is just a mailbox and car spawners but you cant get into your car while its on the cars how pads, and they act like solid objects so people cant grief them while they are on display. (so you can have much bigger car shows without having to use dump trucks security and pack everyone into tiny lots with only one car entrance)
  8. TruZealot

    Personal/Clan Quarters/Apartments

    Because people want to change this beautiful disaster of a game into CS:COD 5
  9. TruZealot

    Let's talk non meta weps.

    OH BOI!!! The LCR Its low firerate, lack of spread and recoil even when moving, and its extended range over the base STAR make this thing the anti sniper to end all anti snipers, not to mention its just in general good at taking out anything over 35m away in a couple of shots (as long as you learn to tank 1 more shot that you would normaly be willing)
  10. I'm not losing to no percs "Percs suck and only bad players use them" that's the point when players use them they usually getting trashed in chat and recieve hate people that use them it's not helping them with their skill it's sloppy way to kill, there is no need for percs they hold no real value to the game. I've mained percs for 4 years and here is why. It pisses people off, they do instant often decisive damage in CQC as your enemy ducks corners or when you only manage to get half your sidearm shots on them, it pisses people off, they are weaker than every other nade and half the time you end up popping one on yourself because lag is bad and I find that funny as hell most of the time.
  11. My sister plays with a phone hotspot because its better than her normal internet (she gets like 200ms on her hardline and gets 60ms on her hotspot)
  12. Spent a good 5 hours today fighting mostly players from Brazil and was having those same issues. A lot of no hit reg on them where they where getting impossible shots on us (got 2 shotted by a JG from 30m/ish away while the guy was running away, as an example) Had 2 VIP missions where the VIP was basicly immune too everything except self damage, its just a bit frustrating is all. I do understand the bad ping though, when I first started playing I couldnt get above bronze because my ping was constantly in the 250ms-350ms range and it suuucked, the moment I got proper internet jumped up to gold in like 3-4 missions XD. On this note i'm excited to see all the new/old players, but I do hope you'll get your own free servers soon. More so you can enjoy the game at playable ping than so i can quit bitchin about your ping causing issues with hitreg. (although I'll always fuzzy bunny about lag causing hitreg issues soooo :P)
  13. Has anyone else noticed 1. the increase in players from Brazil (this is great honestly, the more people we can bring to the game the better) and 2. the fact that they are untouchable gods who can get away with the worst kind of lag abuse ever? I just wanna make sure its not me whos running internet that keeps me at about 25ms-35ms and that everyone else is also noticing this.
  14. TruZealot

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    "The Car Show Guy"