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  1. Why don't you go and do what women do? go scrub some pots and pans.
  2. This is not true, if the oca knows shotgun is behind a corner oca could just shoot the corner and while shotgun is peeking he will get hit, Oca vs shotgun both can win, it all depends on the player and the situation. I also feel that oca and pmg main purpose is not to be cqc guns but more in the mid range.
  3. I'm radical, you seem radical, c'mon lets do it. Lets go back in time and make every weapon op lets bring back hvr from the past before all the nerfs, it will make things more interesting if every gun will be op then everybody will have a chance, i'm tired of nerfing lets just buff everything to balance things out. Also bring back scout jump shots aswell as old n-tec, oca, pmg, and every other gun and buff the current guns to match them. Buff everything, make it fun again.
  4. Yes, i was labeled as too toxic and aggressive to other forum members, so i have to chill out.
  5. That is not true. You're still going to get killed if you don't use cover regardless if you have shotgun or not.
  6. Okay, what current problems you have with the shotguns?
  7. Okay, what do you think they should do? What is your current problem with the shotguns?
  8. I was double shoting most of the time before the patch unless enemy was laging. You were 2 shotting not most of the time you only were 2 shotting if you were hugging the enemy even the the shots might not always register, everything were mostly 3-4 shots.
  9. What do you want done about shotguns explain. Because it looks like "Make every gun i like powerful and every gun i dislike weak"
  10. What? you still need to aim the same way as pre patch shotguns aim never changed but the only thing that changed is now your shots actually count before patch it was inconsistent that's why only like 1-2 people even played with shotgun you needed sometimes 3- 4 shots to kill somebody at close range, unless you're like 1-2 meters away from your enemy then it might 2 shot but not always.
  11. Ogre and nfas right now are probably the most broken weapons in the game without a doubt, they're probably the only 2 weapons that really need a fix everything else is alright. Or do you think something else also needs to be fixed?
  12. So it's bad for you? True Ogre shouldn't even exist in a game or it needs to get that damage dropped.
  13. Yeah true ogre and nfas are the most broken weapons in this patch they need a fix. Everything else is alright.
  14. what's your problem? your n-tec is not working anymore? what's wrong? tell me.
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