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  1. Rather than crucify LO for trying something new I'm willing to give it a shot assuming it comes out with the Engine Update, why not? The game has been the same two maps for years now and barely anybody plays this game, something fresh shouldn't hurt, even if most people only play it for a week or two. Change isn't always bad.
  2. Are there tracers in the new build by any chance?
  3. How are you so sure they're even cheating, maybe your reports did actually work but the person was judged to be playing fairly? We might be entering a new phase of hackuzations where people need to realize not everyone is hacking anymore.
  4. While I agree that more bodies being thrown at testing is a good idea, especially with some kind of PTR functionality that is maintained and updated, I also know this is a tiny company with an equally tiny player base which means they need to look hard for competent testers. SPCT strikes me as some sort of volunteer QA team that works with the one or two actual paid QA members of Little Orbit. This provides the company with (hopefully) active testers who are willing to put in the technical research behind changes made in the game and evaluating them as objectively as possible, plus they're volunteers who are doing it because they love the game, not for money. Also, as flattering it is to be called a "known player", that doesn't automatically mean I provide the necessary prerequisites of being an effective tester that Little Orbit needs right now. It takes a lot of time and usually pretty boring research into changes once they go live into a patch, something very few people will do even in the short term, especially as a volunteer. People should be happy the SPCT is back, even if some of the people may be more of 3D boob crafters than actual APB frag gods. You don't have to be a pro to test a mechanic or change to the game, only time and a willingness to come back for more work. They will provide this game with a lot of eyes on behalf of the community when it comes to future changes to the game as well. I would rather have that than no team at all. Old Matt Scooter should probably make an official discord if he is going to use that platform to meet with the community. Just my two cents about the whole thing from someone who doesn't know anything.
  5. What? Not really sure how that is related to what you were arguing but clearly you've given up.
  6. Adding barriers to login, or a paywall on a F2P game on Steam usually won't pan out very well, especially on a game as deserted as APB. At this point of it's life, the best thing to do (in my opinion) would be to continue with what they're doing. More staff presence and communication in-game, and a better tuned anti-cheat is arguably their best path to success in combating cheaters. Besides, cheaters aren't nearly as much of a problem these days, or from what I saw when I was active during the summer, as they were back in say 2012-2014 when we had essentially zero anti-cheat. I think I played maybe one or two cheaters in my anecdotal experience of roughly a month of playing during July/August. Both we're on the EU server, unsurprisingly, kek.
  7. Once again, BattlEye is THE anti-cheat this game uses and would be the method used to implement your "suggestion" of HWID. Why are you discussing something you have no technical knowledge of and using/falling back on repeating the fallacy "argument", it's really harsh man lmao. For the third time, HWID spoofing takes <10 seconds to do, it isn't an effective method of combating cheating and never will be. Fine tuning BattlEye and having a larger in-game presence from Game Masters will have a much larger impact than something like HWID bans (which once again, don't work). Most modern cheats even come with a HWID spoofer on their launcher which makes HWID entirely irrelevant. What is next, you're going to recommend LO require photo ID to login?
  8. You realize BattlEye is the anti-cheat this game uses, right? It is entirely relevant to what he is discussing and his points. Just because you're unhappy about it, doesn't mean it isn't relevant. Point is HWID doesn't really deter anything, because all you have to do is open a registry file and change three numbers, something that takes little to no time at all, we're talking seconds. What you're trying to argue is the equivalent of telling firefighters they should be using buckets instead of firehoses, not really rational or relevant to the discussion at all.
  9. HWID takes <10 seconds to spoof, anyone who goes out of their way to pay for cheats or cheat is going to know how to change those files. It's pretty much not relevant at all, a better thing to do would be to continue to aggressively fine tune the anti-cheat and have a bigger in-game presence, along with a more stream lined report system.
  10. @Kempington on the up, congrats gamer.
  11. Waiting for the Engine Update (lol). No real point in playing atm for people who have years and thousands of hours already in the game, nothing is new beyond broken weapon balance, which isn't really that new if you think about it.
  12. Pretty hilarious how that one Russian who had his mic enabled with the trigger bot still isn't banned, kek. Slavs man, zero self awareness.
  13. This was my biggest issue with G1 adding numerous weapons to ARMAS, they didn't seem to care about how it was going to effect the overall meta of the game let alone the difficulties that come with trying to balance an ever growing library of weapons to choose from.
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