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  1. Without the slavs this game would be dead tbh, I mean it already is but at least they're spending money on name changes
  2. Going to be weird having 4 max rank enforcers with the same name.
  3. Make threat hidden and de-segregate districts, the population is way too low to segregate threat let alone have four separate threat tiers but we all know nothing like that will ever happen and the game will continue to bleed population lmao.
  4. Can only imagine the kind of hell that is APB on a console, lol.
  5. A game mode 0 (zero) people asked for is dead, wow, what a shocker lmao
  6. Desegregating threat would go further for both servers in regards to opening up the few viable districts still available on this 400 pop game, but we all know it will be another year at least before they make any movement towards fixing threat despite it being one of the biggest issues with the game. There is 0 (zero) reason to have segregated districts on NA for example when there is barely enough people for one district, just let the remaining population play with each other. At least the dethreaters will get stomped by regular players again instead of them wiping out the rare new player to the game which causes further population drop.
  7. LO doesn't have the ability to prove without a doubt that they gateway minors from accessing their games and their marketplace, it isn't like a casino where you can ID card someone at the door. If this bill passes it would probably force LO to alter their business model to stay within the standards of the law as would many other companies using RNG lootboxes as a source of revenue.
  8. The fact that the current regime knows how to operate a twitter page proves it isn't Tiggs
  9. It honestly blows my mind how this company hasn't gotten rid of threat segregation on a 400 pop game
  10. What's with people from the third world being obsessed with this mysterious boogeyman known as the "macro"?
  11. IMO it's not really worth playing as someone who usually plays on NA. Weapon balance is still a mess, threat still hasn't been removed so people are segregated into two districts forcing you to play one map depending on how people feel that day, the game is still horribly optimized for newer computers, car game play meta can get exhausting to deal with, and the lack of a player pool means you're either slamming new players off the game or getting farmed by 40,000 hour cyborgs which makes player retention even more difficult to maintain. On the plus side the new owners seem vastly more competent the previous administration, albeit inexperienced with shooters. You have to give them credit for taking on the challenge that is trying to keep this ship floating despite the glaring holes in it. They've added an anti-cheat that so far (to me) seems effective as I've not played a single cheater the few times I've hopped on these past few months, but that is just anecdotal experience. I am waiting for the engine update like many other people here I am assuming before deciding that maybe it's time to shelve APB for good. For many, the engine update is make or break for their wallets. tl;dr don't play until engine update
  12. imagine thinking changing gun balance would alter whether someone is botting or not lol
  13. After all these years I genuinely can't tell if OP is one massive shitposter or not
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