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  1. I wonder why nothing is happening with Xbox version?
  2. Wow, never thought about it. Unfortunately, don't have a keyboard, using only laptops. Is there other way to change the view if I don't have an USB keyboard?
  3. Would love to see an option to zoom in/out the camera view for the character and vehicle. I remember that on the PC there is an option for that, but on Xbox there is only 1 default view. Personally, I like to play with the camera a bit a way from my character and vehicle.
  4. No, you're not missing anything. Maybe Little Orbit was a backup plan? When RTW knew everything is bad...
  5. Gash, ofc it could be just a coincidence. Just something for deep thinkers...
  6. Real Time Worlds closed their company September/November of 2010. Little Orbit was founded January of 2010. Something for ''deep thinkers''. ... Best regards, FNEETC.
  7. That's probably true, but cmon, joining session everyday with max 10 players on financial, 8 of them criminals, 2 of them newbie enforcers that don't even know how to ready up and play the mission... I don't even want to talk about waterfront - always empty, fight club instances also empty... what xbox players should do? Like, it's literally unplayable because of empty servers.
  8. It would be very hard to play against PC players in one server, but in my opinion, merging console players with PC players in one server is the only way to make console users enjoy this game, otherwise, it's just unplayable. It would be very hard for me, and I mean seriously very hard, to not play this game anymore, because of my love against APB. Would very appreciate the answer from the team about the plans for console players.
  9. Hello there! So, I'm an Xbox One user already for few years, but I'v been playing APB since RTW times and APB is one of the most favorite games of mine. But for gaming I choose Xbox simply because I'm more comfortable with it and for work I'm using laptop, ofc I cannot play APB on a laptop. Since APB launched on Xbox I'm following all the news etc, BUT the population is very very poor. Like, almost every day I'm joining the district, financial, there max 15 players, 11 of them are criminals ofc and 4 of them are enforcers. Well, unplayable if you ask me. My question is, if there is any solution to that? Like, maybe I didn't understood right, but does your future plans are merging PC and Console players in one session/server? If not, then I don't understand, is this even profitable to hold/upgrade the console version of the game since the population is very poor? Thank you! Best regards, FNEETC.
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