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  1. Firstly, am I able to link my pc account with the ps4 account like tiggs promised? Secondly, is there an aim assist function? Thirdly, the graphics are not what I had hoped for, no anti-aliasing, pastel colours, bad shadowing, no anti-aliasing... I see why this version wasn't brought to pc. Now I know it's a work in progress and I'm hopeful still, but at this point I can't see myself starting over just so I can play a worse looking version. If I was able to link my pc account I could see myself getting into streaming it. But it's definitely sub-par compared with the pc version.
  2. Your english is fine, more importantly you are exactly right.
  3. You don't actually have to pay steam anything for trading cards. You are basically printing money out of thin air, all they ask is to have a percentage of your trading card profits. A quick google will give you the code needed to enable trading cards, as well, announcing updates on steam is free. I'm glad you see that taking advantage of steams devs tools would advance the marketting quite a bit. Edit: I have no actual clue how the trading cards work these days since the steam greenlight section was revamped. But I'm sure it's the same. You basically insert a code with a timer that dispences trading cards, it's super easy.
  4. The problem is they want to stick with their own distro platform (I think). Going against steam is like trying to swim up river. Also enabling trading cards takes about 5 minutes in photoshop and 2 lines of code. The steam achievements are more complicated, so it won't detract from work already being done.
  5. Just copy and paste the website to a new domain, and make gamersfirst.com redirect to it. Then drop the domain after a couple years. The fact that all these companies coincidentally come from Irvine california and are related to a less than ethical korean based company is very... interesting?
  6. Well, buying up affiliated domains is a good move, and a redirect is only one line of code on the index page, so it would probably only take them 10 minutes of work. I just think gamersfirst needs to be put to rest. When people see that company name, they think K2 Network, and all of its little associated umbrella companies. It really, really shot itself in the foot over the years. In-fact when little orbit took over I just expected it to be another shell/umbrella company. Glad I was wrong.
  7. I like the idea of a Battle Royal mode. But from past experience with BR games, it will likely get dominated by LAN centre teams and internet cafes. You will need to assure that people can't arbitrarily team up.
  8. The name is basically cursed now due to almost a decade of complaints. Just saying.
  9. The new website looks good, but the amount of better business bureu reports, bad reviews, and customer service snaffus will not attract new players. I suggest you come up with a new name for your distro department or just make everything little orbit. Not a good marketing move imo. Also get some steam cards on the go.
  10. Bumping the thread. I am working full time again so I don't have a lot of time, plus I had some weird jaw/brain infection... yes infection that's it... Anyways I'll cobble together a website for us soon. Just taking it easy this time, nothing serious, just keeping the clan casual for now. May start streaming, we'll see.
  11. Me and what's left of the clan had a lot of fun. @MattScott @Lixil Thanks for taking it easy on us
  12. Agreed, I bought the killer bee just for fun but it's really awful.
  13. Thank you for mentioning the loyalty rewards, I too am holding back until I see something additional added. Perhaps 2 free character slots.
  14. Thank you for taking the time to type that up. I'm sure somebody will read it.
  15. I agree with this proposal, it would be nice to incentivize it though like blizzard and steam. Maybe give people a free gun for using it.
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