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  1. Not sure about RTX cards, but I have an XFX AMD 6800 and only had issues with alt-tabbing from the 3/15 patch. Basically only happens while fullscreen exclusive, I'll go and alt-tab and when I tab back in no actions work; such as: clicking, keystrokes, etc. Game acts like you're still alt-tabbed or something.
  2. I agree that the HVR changes your playstyle probably the most out of anything in the game, I personally have a very radical idea of the hvr and I would personally just delete it from the game... but I'm not gonna get into semantics of the HVR, doesn't relate to the post. Mainly what I'm referring to is that when you play against a player, people who have the TTK of weapons down very well, do callouts, etc, you have a situation where a car is ultimately thrown at you. I'm not sure if this happens in bronze districts, but when I fight premades of people that I'd say are at the same experience as me. There's a whole lot of game RNG that goes into this that makes complex situations vastly worse than they seem. (IE: Spawn locations suck) Most of my anecdotal experience comes from someone driving a car right at me, (A pioneer or espacio with explosives 3) you either have to trade the kill and try to TTK someone as fast as they do to you, purposely avoid the car but forget about the player, focus on the player but forget about the car, or you do both. In my personal experience, 9/10 times with a situation like this, you end up with the same results with slight variances. All it would relatively take in a situation like this is any minimal damage from a car and you are gonna automatically lose. Plus, I don't use concs because they're quite difficult to use against an a-typical shotgun player, which tends to be a lot of gamers nowadays. The only good situation I can see me not dying is situations where a person flat out doesn't even know how to use remote det. Spawning a vehicle next to a spawner does not work on me and maybe did years ago, but I'm referring to situations where there is NO cover. You are fighting on a highway and perhaps sometimes you spawn LOS of where they are and they see you, so then they go directly at you with remote det and you die anyways because you not only don't have enough time to conc the car, but if they get out and brick it well before you nade the vehicle. They will still shoot you while you have 0 cover and have a nade in your hands, thus you die regardless. All the scenarios you end up dying regardless of what you do, you either die by the vehicle or you die by the player in an equal skilled environment of people that I typically play against or even my friends.
  3. Remote det requires the person who is on the receiving end to play a specific way. When a person can use car det to manipulate the situation and playing into their aim, you will die. I used to play with someone who used car det for this specific reason to his advantage. It's not about the face value, it's about the strategical value of how remove det is used... Which was actually stated earlier by @Nite that you refuse to recognize for some reason. I think Nite's opinion is good and would like to see you refute either of ours.
  4. ^This. Not to mention, someone could switch to cardet mid-mission, and if their scores don't update, it won't even show them having car det equipped lmao.
  5. I agree. It'd be cool to use skins on the ntec-7 above all others specifically because it has no skin, it's just a unique crosshair and the gun is flat grey lmao.
  6. Shaders for crosshairs have been bannable for years, yeah - but people currently use crosshair overlays.
  7. Pretty sure it was said Tiggs was here, but not in the public eye - doing training and such behind the scenes.
  8. This isn't OOB abuse, you can literally spawn there if you have captured that area. It happened to me 3 times.
  9. This is happening to me currently. Spent 3-4hours just trying to get a win today and last night. Won 2 matches and it didn't get completed. Hopefully this gets resolved today because my daily is for the Bat skin, so hoping for this to get two skins today.
  10. Yes, this infact happened to me on a recurring basis.
  11. Hello? Half of what you said literally did not even make sense. I get horrible missions regardless of which faction I'm on, lmao. If anything, once you are maxed you should be pledging to low level contacts for better missions.
  12. I really don't think you understand the issue. Do you have any idea how many times I had opp where the full team went AFK during VIP or Creme de la Crime, because of the mission? (The whole time) Me and my friend(s) would basically be forced to just run around for 10+ minutes talking about random things or be forced to spam out of the district if we don't want to wait.
  13. They aren't even aware of the fact the game was recently purchased by another company... soo... ?
  14. I used to play with mouse accel on csgo, which I did for years, including CSS. It's all about how comfortable it is and how you play.
  15. I don't understand. Are you saying they should be changed in a different way, stay the same, or are you solely just informing?
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