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  1. The freeze on spawning screen I encountered happened to my friend who also died. That happened almost at the same time. Both of our games froze in the spawn screen. I'm pretty sure your suggestion won't work, since it happened on 2 different systems, almost at the same time. Both of us use nvidia graphics cards. Over the time I've played this game I noticed that the spawning screen freezes occur more on waterfront.
  2. Before the last patch when the game froze in the spawning screen you could just alt+tab the game it would minimize, then you would maximize and you could play the game, but now, since you can't alt tab you are stuck in the frozen spawning screen. Also, when you alt tab even when the game doesn't minimize the fps drops 30-40%.
  3. Abramusas

    buff TG8

    Give crims LTL guns and the ability to take enforcers hostage when stunned. Thank you.
  4. Not everyone understands the posibilities of a good player, cause they probably never encountered one. I just hate missions when there is an enemy team full of NHVR's. And for those who say "git gud". I don't want to be forced to take NHVR and tryhard the whole mission just to counter the guy who is using the Yukon and NHVR.
  5. A good solution to the standing up and crouching very fast and shooting tactic would be to just add crouch/standing up inaccuracy. You wouldn't be able to use that tactic if your gun is inaccurate now would you? Better yet add this feature to all weapons.
  6. As of what I know QS with NHVR was even before I registered and the equip time was nerfed back then too, I don't think that nerfing the equip time would balance the weapon.
  7. Can totally see that you like heavy snipers from your signature
  8. I was wondering, Matt mentioned that LO hired a designer for weapon balance testing. He also mentioned that there are a few weapons that need rebalancing. I would suggest to rebalance NHVR the heavy sniper by reducing it's clip size and damage. Make it so that it would have 1 or 2 bullets in a magazine and reduce it's damage to 70%-75%. Another neat thing would be fixing the Joker box Yukon bugged firerate when not aiming. It's like a pocket SHAW and it is a P2W weapon. Other weapons I think are pretty balanced. It's just these 2. The NHVR and Yukon combo is just impossible to beat.
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