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  1. It's funny how Enf's still trying to hide the True about the unbalanced game. Keep doing this guys it will helps the Game alot!!! Ey and don't forget to balance weapons instead of Mission belancing or to rework the respawn System.
  2. Can someone edit are naked PoundOfFlesh photo behind Kemp's microphone?
  3. Do you still remember how G1 NERF the car spawners? ...after this Nerf the crime cars spawner has only become useless and the most of crimes have taken remote detonator not because they wanted it, but because it was so unfair. The Car spawners are still unbalanced. And for people who think Apb is not pay to win just take are closer look at the spotter ( Standard 90 sec, Premium 45 sec!!!!!) every 45 sec for 8 sec Walls is just joke and one of the best exemple why a unbalanced game nobody will play anymore. How about are Cooldown for the spotter for 60sec Premium?????????? keep it up and you'll find out one day that nobody wants to play crime anymore. I mean it is already so every stream plays cop wonder why. Make the game fair to play!!!
  4. wasn't it the same troupe that messed it up weapon balancing? ( do not have a good feelingaaaaaa in the thing ) but I wish you much success!!!
  5. Why do you think I started with this sentence ''You've ever noticed that when a station...'' because some things you noticed years later because you did not even pay attention to this. just try to pay attention next time when you play. Yes, I think I have to make a video about it.
  6. This thread is not about who believes what I mean you do not even bother to do it yourself for you to prove if it's right or wrong what I'm saying here. or you can not objectively take the matter? You just say its the same an that's it and give false information you can not even confirm.
  7. I have tested it and it is definitely so and you can test it too and then come back here and talk about it
  8. Yes i don't care who its technically working I pointed on are defect in the CarSpawner but if that means for you this is are trolls thread then I'm feel sorry for you. I do not necessarily know how something works I just know that it is not right or has some errors.
  9. Maybe you can help us to answer your own question......................... . Why u thing this is are troll thread?
  10. Okay than sand me the link of the past information about the problem I described above ..and yes I am also on the internet 6 foot 6 Instead of insulting people here in the forums and make fun off it you should rather use your enegy and have eye of it to make the community bigger not smaller.
  11. Yes I would then know exactly that it is so but I already know that LO does not confirm that although it would only take 5 minutes to take a close look at this then we could discuss further here. Me first of all 6 foot 6 Rambo which would surprise you with a two finger technique to your nose flipping u back to america. Oh yes and there is are very big gaming industry who know exactly how to develop games properly like Fortnite this game running smooth and silk from the first day on or how about The Witcher do you want more how about Shadow Warrior 2, Painkiller and so on how much good games has bring out germany in the meantime?
  12. Maybe that the coding is the same but I'm not so sure about that is there any proof of that somewhere? can LO confirm that I'm sure they'll read this? You want to kick me in the trash can Fortune Runner if you would stand in front of me you would be shitting yourself. Come to Poland i will show you some kicks.
  13. I do not care how it works ...then the cops have the possibility to respawn a longer distance there is something wrong you can all test it yourself try it if you do not believe me
  14. have you already tried it with your friends on a blank server? before you say anything that you have not even tested, say nothing. there is a difference we tested it multiple times
  15. You've ever noticed that when a station is finished and one of your teammates is on their way to the next spot with a Crime-Car-Spawner and this more than 60 meters away from the old spot you can't spawn in the Crime-Car-Spawner why is this blockade there? Please do not tell me here that an enemy was nearby that triggered the respawn blockade because I have already tested it with a few Mates. On the Cop side u can respawn almost always unless an enemy is nearby. LO could you take a closer look at this and test it yourself? because it is really a very unfair advantage.
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