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  1. Matchmaking is and has been a pain in this game for years and we all know it needs to be fixed asap. Playing solo as a gold is difficult due to the game matching you against premade golds and silvers beside you (don't blame them it's the game's problem), let alone being a newbie in this game. So, wouldn't it be the best to disable factions and have 100 people pool instead of 50, 'till we get a proper matchmaking? I know it is highly unlikely, but still wanted to ask.
  2. I’d not like premium to get removed, even if i don’t buy it, so LO can get some financial support by it, yet i’d like to get f2p updated or premium nerfed a bit (removing customizing limits for f2p, etc.).
  3. Jumpshotting mostly ends up with dying if the one getting jumpshotted can track them on the air
  4. You have to put your crosshair on their chest or you’ll miss a lot of shots, yet i still feel rng is too hard on these guns
  5. You’re totally right. It’s not even fun playing against new players and some clans’ players are dethreating everyday. It f*cks up the game for new players, their teammates while they’re dethreating and the players matched against them, so it’s a bit f*cked up situation going on here and maybe banning them for 1 week could decrease it a bit. I am getting matched with low ranked players in silver district recently, so dethrating shouldn’t be the excuse for bad players ( they can get matched with silver players in silver district ) they have to try harder not bang new players
  6. I think active GMs should check dethreat reports frequently and ban them for 1 week or month, so they won't harass new players and gain exp easily
  7. I think RD needs a little buff it can be cooldown or an increase in the time after used (+x second to blow the car)
  8. It could be good for the new players who want to end the match withouth quitting the game and i've opened this topic due to this:
  9. All the games have cheaters why can not apb has some?
  10. Wallhackers and bad matchmaking there are so much obvious wallhackers
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