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  1. In other words they actually buffed it, by giving the IR3 no downsides on the weapon. not that it really matters other then you can ADS run with it with no downsides now.
  2. I like the STAR 556 LCR..... why nerf my babe? still the most relevant gun in 2018!
  3. i can't see that anything wrong with the server, that's just normal APB gameplay.....
  4. 100 total per district, 200 per social. with RTW and early g1, right now it is 80 per district and 160 per social if i'm not mistaken
  5. We are in desperate need of a Wankel rotary powered car. think of the Dorito power!
  6. The user above me is not part of the Shark mouth movement.
  7. Just chillin, Killin.
  8. Oh hi Babe how you doing :3 give me some of that love.
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