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  1. https://i.imgur.com/MdVmNiH.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/ZzBVnI8.mp4
  2. I think my mouse life would be double if que was a thing
  3. I like to refresh forums to look at your tv head pics, I actually have a tv head drawing I made years ago in highschool
  4. I got a email an hour ago saying that my account will NOT be unbanned
  5. did you not read that I said the person that did the SAME THING as me got unbanned but I didn't
  6. also to note that the whole squad of is unbanned which was known as the biggest REAL WORLD TRADING group in the game
  7. if can get unbanned, I should get unbanned
  8. All I have to say is thanks little orbit for getting me and surely several other players hopes up for the game to be revamped, also thanks for telling me "you'll most likely be unbanned!" and then telling me that my account will be permenantly suspended after making me wait almost 2 months, It's also nice that you unbanned all the cheaters including all of their alts, also thanks for unbanning some of the people that did fraud payment but yet got unbanned, and finally, thanks for unbanning , he reported me for real world trading which got me banned in a instant, and then plinx got banned a month later for real world trading, yet he got unbanned and I didn't! anyways, I am done with apb, I am quitting the game and the community, the only way I'll ever come back is if I magically get unbanned somehow, I'm not going to put another couple thousand dollars into an account that'll probably get banned listed under "other" randomly. it's been a good run on this game for the past 8 years, time to hang up my carbine
  9. update Posted 21 hours ago (edited) mouse: steel series rival 300 headset: steel series serbia mouse pad: steel series QCK medium keyboard: esports prime Monitors: insigna, asus, LG projector (hooked HDMI) microwave: samsung
  10. I was ticket 167 and I'm still at no reply, not even my new email yesterday
  11. pretty much if you are unbanned, 95% chance is that you were a hacker and people are like "where's your main" and I'll reply with "banned" and they'll be like "you shouldn't have hacked" and I'll be like "if I hacked, I would be unbanned"
  12. hahahaha hackers only! ! ! and guess what 30% of those hackers that were unbanned are going to hack again! THEY UNBANNED HACKERS THAT HAD OTHER MAX RANK ALTS THAT THEY ARE GOING TO HACK ON HAHAHAHAAH
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