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  1. Farquaad

    Sorry guys

    Please get some genuine help. No good for anyone.
  2. Good luck, though I have seen progress with Lixil coming to Social yesterday on Jericho. I wouldn't say a filter would really help but only limit the game, because if we are to start putting filters and censors on things it would result in most of the contact descriptions would need to be altered in order to conform.
  3. I think is a great idea just wonder if it is possible.
  4. Okay... Valid point.. Hold on a sec! *thinks of a better joke* Okay!~ It would be beneficial to have another so you get it slower!
  5. All I see is : LF qt to come to gold with me and help me get this because im #desperate.
  6. I would like to see this happen but I think their focus is mainly of getting the existing supported systems stable. So perhaps in the future if it is really that requested but it's mostly a time situation.
  7. It's just funny to me because Car Thief is one of this first ever achievements I acquired!
  8. We are very good clan I swear
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