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  1. dun make fwun of mah rustieness. But on a serious note, something came up and I was unable to progress further. I managed to hit level 4 with the contact. After i had free time again, the population dropped hard. And adding to the fact leveling up level 4 of that contact is like leveling a 195 contact, just makes you lose interest. Playing solo is awful.
  2. Alot of us don't have the time to spend grinding away in APB. Alot of us have school / jobs to tend to. The population tanked after a week it came out on NA. We simply did not have enough people to keep this going for too long.
  3. I'm just really, really disappointed I can't get the skin on NA. The population is too low to get the skin for me now.
  4. Wasn't really going for a sleazy type look tbh. I was more so going for "These guys have been fighting for 5 days straight and could use a bath soon" type look
  5. It's me, y'ah boy. I think distressed looking outfits are cool.
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