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  1. I'll share an idea. Items with fun silhouette shapes to them? Something you can notice from afar even if it does not have a design? I'll share some examples. Pants
  2. Stop using someone else's IP to promote your shit. Make your own shit and promote that. APB has no value to it's name.
  3. Underwear. it's always auto-included.
  4. So what? You're thinking about this entirely wrong. Sit back and watch if they DO sell. If they do, increase the price of yours and people will buy it at that price. Price it a little lower (maybe 1000$) and undercut him. This is market research 101 friend. You're welcome
  5. love you guys for this. Thank you!
  6. Hey, i asked this before but did not see an answer. Do we need to have access to all this stuff? Like, are you going to ninjaripper our models to put them in the joker store? I'm just asking for those people who submitted alot of outfits, and might have lost a piece or two. Merged. I love you but don't. Save up that 5k for your future fam, you never know when shit goes feminine features up and you'll need it.
  7. look at this face. I want to buy illegal guns from this man. Please Matt, this is too good.
  8. Wait, i'm curious. Must we have access to these outfits? I'd imagine since you're going to use our characters around the store.
  9. Sure, i'll post something. You want a San Paro Citizen? Here you go, "Goabea" Detailed photos Nothing much is really known about Goabea, he's always seen wearing a mask so no-one truly knows who he is. Granted, who he is isn't important. But his big claim to fame is bootlegging clothing. Remember that very nice shirt you saw on the corpse of that slaughtered Prentess Tiger? How about the shoes on that random dead G-King? Or those super slick black jeans on that dead Blood Rose? (After all, the legs were the only thing they found of him!) He's made them all, by hand. He replicates alot of clothing from the outside. I mean the city is a Warzone with very little things coming in, aside from guns. And don't Forget, in San Paro. It's all about how you look first and foremost. Not how you feel.
  10. that looks pretty cool. Hey, any chance we can get a version of this that we can use in Wallpaper engine? I'd love to have this on loop as my wallpaper.
  11. Hello! I purchased the Key To The City pack a while ago, and one of the main things that made me want to buy it is because it unlocks all symbols, fonts etc etc. But it's been very weird about it. I'll get *some* of the new symbols and fonts, but not everything. What's going on? I purchased this to unlock "All" Symbols, and Fonts as it says on the page. Why am i not getting "All" Of the Symbols and Fonts?
  12. Don't spend your money right now. But do spend time with your family
  13. I know, i've been lurking Ebay for them every day, with 0 luck
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