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  1. NERFING these weirdo guns > Put them on new contact > People have 2 way of getting it one armas (obviously faster) // New contact (Way longer but worth it). So people have choice to spend money to get a weapon faster, or can do it via the free2play system. GN
  2. Unknwz

    More slots on server ?

    Sorry was mostly meaning 50 in each side it was kinda late for me. I'm gonna edit this rn thx.
  3. Hello, What do you think about more place in one server, because 40 - 40 is not really big, before APB was using servers with at least 50 in each side. I mostly feel like when i join a server there is like half of the "map" not used and it look like it's "empty". Could we get like before more place ? Thanks.
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