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  1. You get this amount of money when you start the mission from 0. But some times, you get called into a mission (as backup). Your team wins and you get 1.5-2k or nothing xD
  2. Maintenance will last for another hour or so.
  3. All you have left to do is send a ticket to support and wait for positive answer. It's a 50/50 chance in your case. Because: a. You haven't registered through website (gamerfirst back then). b. LO doesn't have access to Steam accounts. Hopefully this will resolve in the best way for you. Ohh, send a support ticket with any detail of your account. How many characters you have, names of characters, in which clans they are (if any), last purchased items and such. With this info they'll probably will have the access to the right account, I think so...
  4. New title. Love Lost Level 2 Title: It's Complicated.
  5. It's everywhere.. It's spreading !! Kill it with Hearts and Kisses!!
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