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  1. But even then, you can't use your weapon or grenades. So it's kinda placing you in enemy range to kill you.
  2. About the kicks. I had this same issue. The only solution I found, is to delete everything connected to your mouse. For DeathAdder elite there should be a program to control the LED lighting, delete it. I've done the through Control Panel, searched for Razor (windows 10) and deleted it. Now the game doesn't kick me. About the latency, as I know, if your latency is higher than 300 (or even having some spikes/jumps in latency), the game will kick you or you'll have seriously lag for few seconds.
  3. Ram Raiding is easy money. - Go to full district. - Start Ram Raiding. - Deliver the cash. In full district, people are mostly in mission or just fooling around and just not noticing you. It's not like in empty district enfs looking for you. Made about 500k without witness or anything, just 1 whisper from enf (Message: "WTF? You're ram raiding in full district? Leave and make a space for people that wants to play missions!!" )
  4. Small advice. F*ck everyone, live the life you want to live. Was in your shoes (as says) and I just stopped thinking about becoming someone else or trying that for someone. Now, I don't care about most of the things and they are going pretty good (even great I would say). Be yourself and if the person hates that, f*ck that person. He's not worth the trouble. Do good, receive good. You'll be much more happier than you think.
  5. My opinion on this: - Baylan = Stay. - Asylum = Go aways.. shu shu.. - OC = BE GONE EVIL DEMON!! New game mode (optional choice): - Racing. - NO BATTLE ROYALE!!!! No.. just no... - Shooting range for social (it's a bit off-topic, but still... ) to test new weapons. All weapons can be taken and tested inside of it (Armas / Legendary / Contact) with all mode of your choice. - Duels - 1vs1 / 2vs2/... .... ... /10vs10 (for clans to show who's the kind /queen). Baylan should be good for such mode, not too big and not too small. That's my opinion, if you don't like it, send me your in-game name (citadel only) and I'll send you a symbol. :3
  6. You get this amount of money when you start the mission from 0. But some times, you get called into a mission (as backup). Your team wins and you get 1.5-2k or nothing xD
  7. That would be nice. I've deleted 2-3 weapons (1 loyalty and 2 armas), by mistake and game lag. Wanted to deleted 10-day contact weapon for space.. but made a huge mistake.
  8. You can delete any weapon you want. But don't. But in the worst scenario, sell Legendary weapon. Which will give you APB$ to buy another one or will open a free space for Armas / Loyalty weapon.
  9. Penguin club is more hardcore and brutal than APB:R. It's not for kids.
  10. He already got the Answer he needed. /Close thread.
  11. Maintenance will last for another hour or so.
  12. These bugs really sucks.. But there are way more such bugs, I know about 5 or 6 of such bugs (this will be 7th). Fix for such bugs, can be easy. Make this spot/place with penalty (10 seconds countdown, after it will teleport somewhere within 150m radius). IMO, never use or run with item to better defended place. Just take and drop at the exact same spot. **NOTE** If you're a runner and in my team AND you start running with item, I'll help enemy team to stop you. Volcano4Life!!
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