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  1. yeah i get that logic but then you should get witnessed even if you kill one pedestrian without having anything stolen, i would vote for that tho xd
  2. No matter what ram raiding needs to be changed in a way that it is playable on full districts cuz being forced to play in empty districts for this to work kinda ruins the experience. Believe me i want it to be risky it makes it more exciting i dont like the idea of playing late at night on empty dist. I said risky, being witnessed after 2.500 is not risk, you're doomed to get witnessed and enfos don't even need to patrol to catch you stealing they can just wait in money laundry and see the dirty cash in your pockets with their x ray eyes.
  3. Do you understand what general discussion means?
  4. Because social district is general discussion we can even talk about your toxic behavior and its still allowed.
  5. Another polite answer why are toxic people allowed in the forum?
  6. Rolpack said exactly what i said but you answered politely and you attacked me?
  7. Yeah i made 200k today by delivering 25k's with not.5 many times but you can only do that if you are lucky enough to find an empty district and i dont think playing "offline" is a solution And who said anything about risk free guys dont you read the text? Its fine if they catch you stealing isn't that risky enough? But witness you if you aren't doing any crimes and just driving? That's dumb
  8. You cant even make 3k tho, enforcers are camping at the money laundry in groups this has to change ram raiding is non existent.
  9. Being seen while you load your van with stolen items is still a BIG RISK if you have lots of money on you, but being witnessed by just existing is unplayable
  10. yeah but still thats not the solution to what i mentioned above.We have a 6 day premium 4th of july event and gold servers are full of people looking for ram raiders even late at night. You rarely see someone ram raiding and thats because of all these problems i stated and this should change so ram raiding will become an actual feature again.
  11. i believe everyone agrees with me that enforcers being able to witness you without seeing you commiting a crime just cuz you have more than 2500 is ridiculous, how can they know if you got money on you what are they wizards?. i know there are other priorities but this should change it ruins the whole ram raiding experience and thats why people go to empty districts to ram raid.Another suggestion is about losing your money if you dont deliver it to the drop off like.. it doesnt make any sense.. you have money on you and if you dont deliver it to a place it dissapears magicaly? Make it so if the enforcers dont take your money in 4 minutes you win.
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