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  1. send me your discord in pm i will try to help you
  2. Next time save the private code and use "Authy" not google auth
  3. So, the cap in apb live is 121, and in OTW it's finally unlocked. will it be on apb live ?
  4. MsRaccooN

    server down

    hjad 200 packet lose with 200 ping what's going on?
  5. Great list, thank you so much for posting it!
  6. lovely pets !!! all of them are so cute! thanks for sharing!
  7. Here is my doggo dog its a golden retriever mixed with border collie
  8. Finally i understand what happend. my router have a custom firmware from the isp. they are blocking the "Port Triggering". thank you so much for your help ElectroStingz ! Please lock the thread :]
  9. Thank you for the help mate! i have the D-Link G256DG and for some reason when i try to open the ports it says: External port end "65565" is invalid. Edit: port 65535 is working but not 65565, and i cant set the same ranges on both ip's because it says "External Port you added has existed" i'll try them too, thank you!
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