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  1. So, the cap in apb live is 121, and in OTW it's finally unlocked. will it be on apb live ?
  2. MsRaccooN

    server down

    hjad 200 packet lose with 200 ping what's going on?
  3. MsRaccooN

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    'RaccooNZilla' please
  4. MsRaccooN

    Make APB Great.....for the first time: A list

    Great list, thank you so much for posting it!
  5. MsRaccooN

    Second wave of unbans

    what have you done?
  6. MsRaccooN

    Post your pets!

  7. MsRaccooN

    Post your pets!

    lovely pets !!! all of them are so cute! thanks for sharing!
  8. MsRaccooN

    Post your pets!

    Here is my doggo dog its a golden retriever mixed with border collie
  9. MsRaccooN

    APB Roadmap

    Wooo hooo ! Thank you
  10. MsRaccooN

    Disconnects FIX + Help

    Finally i understand what happend. my router have a custom firmware from the isp. they are blocking the "Port Triggering". thank you so much for your help ElectroStingz ! Please lock the thread :]
  11. MsRaccooN

    Disconnects FIX + Help

    Thank you for the help mate! i have the D-Link G256DG and for some reason when i try to open the ports it says: External port end "65565" is invalid. Edit: port 65535 is working but not 65565, and i cant set the same ranges on both ip's because it says "External Port you added has existed" i'll try them too, thank you!
  12. MsRaccooN

    Disconnects FIX + Help

    thank you, i'm still looking for a method to fix this problem
  13. MsRaccooN

    Better players.

    so, battleye ban a widescreen hack?
  14. MsRaccooN

    Disconnects FIX + Help

    Hey everyone! i experience some random disconnects from the game every 40 +- Mins. i found a solution that might help you, but... there is still a problem if you are playing with 2 pc's on the same router (please help me with that !) so the thing that solved my problem only per 1 pc, is opening a DMZ host computer feature on your router. i can say that this fixed it 100% for me. that feature does this: "The DSL router will forward IP packets from the WAN that do not belong to any of the applications configured in the Virtual Servers table to the DMZ host computer." it opens almost every port that exist on your router, and then for some reason the game is not disconnects anymore i've tried to open some ports for apb but with no luck there, because there is no info about any apb port ranges. Thank you for reading!
  15. MsRaccooN

    Random District Disconnections

    Try to open DMZ on your router