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  1. Flight

    Fix servers LO

    We are aware of the issue, and it is being handled. Sorry about the trouble!
  2. Flight

    Outlaw mc themed charecters

    It seems this thread has run its course. I will be closing it for now.
  3. Flight


    Are you still experiencing this issue?
  4. This has been noted to be a community interest. I believe Matt said it is being looked into, since there may be issues with rights, etc.. Meanwhile, you may enjoy this creation by a community member: https://nostalgia.apbvault.net/
  5. Quick update, it was already added to the original thread but I'll repeat the information. Submissions are not posted to this thread, they go here instead:
  6. Flight

    Login problem ?

    Servers should be back online now. Let us know of any issues.
  7. Flight

    Login problem ?

    Servers will be restarting. Let us know if you experience any issues once they come back online. Edit: Servers will be down for about 30 minutes, starting now. Edit 2: We're taking down all servers - NA, RU and EU.
  8. Flight

    Login problem ?

    The team has been notified, thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  9. Hi! Like I stated in the other thread: please refrain from accusing other players of cheating, and please do not insult other users on the forums. Take suspicions of cheating to support, and report instances of insulting/harassment to the forum moderators. We'll deal with it instead! Publicly shaming other players is not constructive in the long run. Have a nice day everyone! :)
  10. Hello everyone - while this is a fairly controversial thread, please refrain from directly attacking/insulting other users (including the original thread poster). If you are unsure how to respond to something, or how to comment on a topic - please have a read through this before posting: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/guidelines/
  11. Worry not! We are aware of this issue. It is being investigated. Refer to this thread, which contains most of the ongoing discussion related to this bug: I will be locking this thread.
  12. Flight

    Radar tower bug

    Moved to bug reports. This issue has been noted.
  13. Cleared a few off topic and in some instances aggressive posts. As always, please stick to the topic and be nice to each other
  14. Flight

    Dog ear broke

    I have moved this thread to the solved section. This issue should be resolved in the upcoming 1.19.6 patch.