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  2. You'll have to wait for support to get back to you - we can't help you through the forums, sorry!
  3. I have escalated the question to see if we can get an official response to this before the engine upgrade launches. Do not use anything that modifies game files or renders anything ontop of the game (excluding Steam, Discord, etc..) if you wish to be on the safe side.
  4. Due to a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation it felt necessary for me to do a quick writeup of what is currently happening. I will dump information in the format of a Q&A. (a chunk of this is admittedly just paraphrasing - will add more later if it becomes relevant) Does this mean Little Orbit will no longer develop APB? No. The sale concerns the APB franchise, but Little Orbit is still able to develop APB: Reloaded as they please. Does UNIT GAME decide what goes into APB: Reloaded? No. UNIT GAME has no creative control over APB: Reloaded. Does this sale come with new faces or people controlling the direction of the game? No. There will be no change in management or anything that the players would be impacted by. Does this give APB less of a life time? Little Orbit can run APB Reloaded indefinitely and still control all their own social media and web presence through GamersFirst.com. They dont have to do any content approvals with the new owners either. In short: What was sold was the rights to all future APB titles (the brand itself). Nothing current was sold.
  5. I suppose I could say from our side that not much has changed. We've been moderating under the current ruleset for quite some time, but we wanted to push an update to you guys for ages in order to have a higher level of transparency and clarity. Hopefully you'll barely notice anything has changed at all (beyond better understanding). There's nothing worse than being punished for something you don't quite understand. If there's anything that comes off as too vague, please do let us know and we'll try to elaborate or even update the rules if need be. I resonate with this a great deal. I like/thank a ton of posts and wish people could see that. Oh well! *** Thanks for the thread Cookie! A link for the lazy: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/announcement/3-forum-rules/
  6. @Weeb TheEpicGuyV2 Thank you for starting these threads. They spark discussion that is very valuable to us.
  7. I only just noticed this thread, but I couldn't agree more - I have the exact same problem. Neotokyo was a gem. Perfect Dark: Source was another similar Half-Life 2 mod which truly didn't deserve to die out - I could add The Hidden to that list as well.
  8. Perfectly understandable. I am being told that the issue was already verified and reported by the SPCT. /offtopic Hopefully I will make it for the event, I look forward to seeing a couple of you there
  9. I can assure you that we have nothing to do with coding. Us taking some time out of a holiday in order to have some fun with players will have no hinderance on development efforts. Different teams after all! My aim is not that good
  10. Servers should be back up now. Let us know if there are any additional issues.
  11. Hi everyone I quickly wanted to address a common misconception about option 2) listed in Matt's post. The second option would imply not having any anti-cheat within the game, seeing as BattlEye was already removed within this build. We saw fit to delay the patch rather than release new content with no anti-cheat within the game. I hope this clears up some confusion. Edit: I have updated the original post to reflect this.
  12. No problem! Thank you for letting us know of this issue
  13. If you make yourself look like Sonic you can run so fast that people won't be able to make out any details on your character design. Just never stop running. In all seriousness there are some good tips in here. The one I use the most is detailing my characters' faces by making symbols appear like freckles or additional blush. One way to make this look more natural is by using opacity. For a more detailed approach use the gradient looking symbols with the masking effect applied to them. This will allow you to fade out your symbols in a more natural looking way. These symbols can also be used to fake shadows. Fake it 'till you make it!
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