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  1. Worry not! We are aware of this issue. It is being investigated. Refer to this thread, which contains most of the ongoing discussion related to this bug: I will be locking this thread.
  2. Flight

    Radar tower bug

    Moved to bug reports. This issue has been noted.
  3. Cleared a few off topic and in some instances aggressive posts. As always, please stick to the topic and be nice to each other
  4. Flight

    Dog ear broke

    I have moved this thread to the solved section. This issue should be resolved in the upcoming 1.19.6 patch.
  5. Flight

    Sniper Silencer Limits Range to 85M

    I have moved this thread to the solved section. This issue should be resolved in the upcoming 1.19.6 patch.
  6. I've removed from off topic posts and cleaned some toxic replies. Please stay on topic everyone, and please be nice to each other!
  7. For anyone wondering about this issue, who also overlooked the stickied thread: I'll be closing this topic
  8. Flight

    No reply to tickets

    You can see the current ticket progress here, updated weekly: Wait patiently, and your ticket will be addressed eventually - though I do understand your frustration. The team has been, and are still putting a lot of effort into optimizing response times.
  9. We're aware of Vivox being down, we're looking into it.
  10. Flight

    thread not visible.

    The thread was hidden for now. I believe the issue with that given subforum is being corrected, or the thread will be posted elsewhere. We'll keep you updated!
  11. Flight

    Buff S1-FA 'Frenzy'

    I have gone ahead and cleared a bunch of replies to this thread. They were mainly insults towards other users, or name and shame. Warnings were handed out, but I must remind the rest of you that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated. It is entirely feasible to have a discussion without resorting to insults.
  12. We will indeed be handling old tickets that were submitted prior to this change in policies. Locking thread.
  13. Flight

    APB is fun!

    These changes are not final. We'll continue to search for the right values
  14. Flight

    Missing messages.

    Moved to the correct section for reporting bugs. This can occur sometimes if you are typing too quickly, I believe that is intentional as a form of spam protection. But I have also experienced some messages getting lost - usually being related to the server being on mitigation.
  15. The nature of your ticket matters a great deal. This might provide you some insight as to the overall status of CS:Though you should expect to see an improvement soon, because we will no longer be handling scam related tickets which currently take up a huge portion of time.