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  1. Armas should be updated as of a few hours ago. Let us know if you are not seeing the Easter items.
  2. This option refers to the various billboards throughout the maps that may show real world adds. It is enabled during this test and should show an image saying TEST and another referring to the 10 year celebration of APB.
  3. Rather than starting an entire thread I suggest that you speak with the moderator who issued the warning. Locking.
  4. This is starting to turn into a flame war. Stay on topic and stick to the forum rules. Non-contributory replies will be removed.
  5. The only thing you can safely use is the advanced launcher, which you can find here: https://media.gamersfirst.com/gamersmedia/apb/Advanced_APB_Launcher.zip Modifying game files is not permitted and can have severe consequences for your account. While no fog has been marked a grey zone in the past, I would highly recommend avoiding it since there's no official source. If you install something you have no way of knowing whether it does more than it should. I have hidden all other replies stating otherwise, as they are in direct violation of forum rules and also the terms of service.
  6. Well, we can't have everything in life. Resupply Boxes were priced lower than intended
  7. No issue with that - same goes for 'hold to crouch'.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone! Closing.
  9. In all seriousness.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_valley Super applicable to this. I get goosebumps looking at some of the pictures.
  10. I had a bunch of old friends return to the game after being gone for years. I've been playing missions while catching up with them and sharing old stories. It has been a lot of fun!
  11. You may use the Advanced APB Launcher as long as you acquire it from the official source: https://media.gamersfirst.com/gamersmedia/apb/Advanced_APB_Launcher.zip
  12. Suggesting new articles of clothing is not the purpose of this thread. For now we're interested in what currently in-game clothing items or accessories are particularly loved by our community Devil horns in my case. Definitely devil horns.
  13. You'll want to create a ticket with our support team here: https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us The most recent support response time is stated here: Sadly we can not be of help to you on the forums. Best of luck!
  14. The beta was up for a few hours on the given day. It was not meant to be a long term test.
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