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  1. Flight

    [GUIDE] Mitne Basic Newbie APB Guide

    Superb guide for beginners. Nice work!
  2. Flight

    favorite font?

    MS Gothic is the key to success.
  3. Flight

    Need help with account

    You did the right thing by reaching out to support. I can't give you an estimation as to when you will receive a reply, but all you can do for now is wait.
  4. Flight

    Chat channel in russian verison

    Hi there. I've moved your thread to the correct subsection
  5. I approve of this. Happy birthday SKay!
  6. Flight

    Sugestion for a skin on NTEC URSUS. It has none.

    Moved topic to the correct section. Great suggestion too! B-But.. I love the Ursus! Why not both?!
  7. The issue has been forwarded to the team. Edit: Reproducible steps would be highly appreciated. So far other users have stated that this only occurs on the first character that you log onto. Double edit: The issue is being investigated.
  8. Cleaned up some random bits of spam and irrelevant comments. I feel as if this thread reached a conclusion. Closing. Edit: Refer to Matt's post.
  9. Flight

    g1c taken but purchase unsuccessful

    Hi. This is an issue for support, not the official forums. https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us
  10. Flight

    GM can bite me.

    Comments were noted. Closing this thread for now.
  11. Flight

    A warning to fair or new players.

    I think it's about time that this thread was closed. Unsure of what this turned into, but hopefully someone got something constructive out of it. That's all folks!
  12. Very constructive posts. Keeping a close eye on this, feel free to continue your discussions and ideas. Will be keeping this thread in the social section for now.
  13. Hi there. You would be much better off taking this issue to support. The forums are not the right place for reporting other players. I encourage you to attach some sort of evidence to your ticket - as users stated above recording the behavior could be a solution. The team will look into the matter.
  14. Flight

    Autumn Assault!

    Quick update. GMs have moved. They're now hosting on: Financial-3, Financial-4 & Waterfront-3. Also moving to Waterfront-4 quite soon. See you there!