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  1. Flight

    issues buying gun mod from contacts?

    Moved thread.
  2. We appreciate the support. The server issues are being handled to the best of our ability - with an improvement to the mitigation on its way (as mentioned by Matt). So hang tight, as frustrating as it is!
  3. This seems to have run off topic quite a bit. I will be closing this thread for now. We do apologize for the issues that players have been experiencing, Matt spoke on the subject here:If you wish to discuss this topic further, the above thread might be a good place to start. While we recognize that issue can be highly annoying for players who just wish to play, spamming threads like this one is not constructive. Be sure to check if the ongoing issue has already been reported, before posting - just like you'd check if it's your own connection that is at fault.
  4. Flight


    This goes to support https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us Not on the forums. Locking
  5. Flight

    Can i be banned

    Trial Game Master! They have a pink tag: <TGM>
  6. Flight

    Can i be banned

    Whoah! Colorful! We are indeed not very fond of dethreaters. If you see any GMs or TGMs in your district, feel free to request a private conversation with us so that you can point them out. We'll work something out
  7. Hi. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this sort of behavior from other players. This is something we are working to eliminate to the best of our ability. Please capture evidence and report these players to support, so that we can handle them. Locking thread for now, as it seems to have derailed quite a lot. To summarize.. Behavior like this: Not tolerated.
  8. RMT is a bannable offence. If you stumble upon situations like these, please capture all the evidence you can and send a ticket to support painting an accurate picture of what happened. Scamming. Posting about it on the forums might start a decent debate, but it will not help the situation until we have proper systems in place to handle things like trading, etc. /report should not be used for cases like these. Until there are proper systems in place: Do not trust middlemen, history has shown that trading right now does more harm than good for people. Be careful out there, it's not fun losing your stuff. Locking the thread. Please use support in the future
  9. Just a quite note for you all, to confirm something that has previously been said: This goes for forum accounts only. This is not related to any in-game accounts.
  10. Flight


    We are dealing with continuous DDoS attacks switching between Citadel and Jericho. Mitigation has been on or off to deal with these issues. A more permanent solution to these problems will follow soon.
  11. These would be brilliant examples where forwarding these links/videos to support would be of much assistance to us We wish to see a clean APB just as much as you do!
  12. Even if BattlEye is in "observation mode" as you called it, it is still preventing cheaters from cheating. It is simply not banning them.
  13. We do try and estimate whether the current population are interested in playing an event, before we spin one up. We realize that it is also significant that we don't overload mission districts with events because: 1. They are mission districts, the main objective is not to play minigames - though it can be fun. 2. The minigames would become stale, and nobody would play them. See it as an occasional diversion from day-to-day missions, that you can choose to participate in. The spontaneous ones will be quite rare, but in the future I believe most of them will be coordinated and announced on the forums ahead of time. It is not our intent to annoy people and so far the reception has been largely positive. The main complaint that we get is that people wish for larger prizes.
  14. I believe your interest in bringing back this screen was heard by Matt (Q&A). I agree that it would be quite nostalgic!
  15. Thank you for making us aware that this is still ongoing, though the entire team is not preoccupied with responding to tickets! We are aware of the issues plaguing the servers at the moment and are dealing with it, it is just as frustrating to us! An administrator will post something when there is an update. Sorry about the issues