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    WTF Laggy names

    Now that's just rude. If anyone else is experiencing this issue please do let us know. Up until now it is the first time I hear of it. Moving thread to bug reports.
  2. Just a bit! We are in the process of awaiting more information, there's currently no ETA for the downtime but we're getting that information. Edit:
  3. Brilliant. Do let us know if you experience issues again, hopefully it is not something major.
  4. That is certainly not the intent. I know that the issue was forwarded to engineers a while back, so we should see a fix pop up at one point.
  5. I believe that is related to Nekrova, or at least some of the Russia based servers.
  6. Where are you connecting from? Feel free to privately message me the answer if you are not comfortable in stating it publicly.
  7. You are absolutely correct, and your criticism is valid. In the future these things need to be clarified way ahead of time.
  8. Quite a few people are impacted by this - I've already escalated it as a potentially larger issue that needs to be addressed. But thank you for highlighting it.
  9. Thank you for moving this thread. Thanks, Flight
  10. Flight


    Moved to Off-Topic
  11. You'll have to wait for support to get back to you - we can't help you through the forums, sorry!
  12. I have escalated the question to see if we can get an official response to this before the engine upgrade launches. Do not use anything that modifies game files or renders anything ontop of the game (excluding Steam, Discord, etc..) if you wish to be on the safe side.
  13. Due to a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation it felt necessary for me to do a quick writeup of what is currently happening. I will dump information in the format of a Q&A. (a chunk of this is admittedly just paraphrasing - will add more later if it becomes relevant) Does this mean Little Orbit will no longer develop APB? No. The sale concerns the APB franchise, but Little Orbit is still able to develop APB: Reloaded as they please. Does UNIT GAME decide what goes into APB: Reloaded? No. UNIT GAME has no creative control over APB: Reloaded. Does this sale come with new faces or people controlling the direction of the game? No. There will be no change in management or anything that the players would be impacted by. Does this give APB less of a life time? Little Orbit can run APB Reloaded indefinitely and still control all their own social media and web presence through GamersFirst.com. They dont have to do any content approvals with the new owners either. In short: What was sold was the rights to all future APB titles (the brand itself). Nothing current was sold.
  14. I suppose I could say from our side that not much has changed. We've been moderating under the current ruleset for quite some time, but we wanted to push an update to you guys for ages in order to have a higher level of transparency and clarity. Hopefully you'll barely notice anything has changed at all (beyond better understanding). There's nothing worse than being punished for something you don't quite understand. If there's anything that comes off as too vague, please do let us know and we'll try to elaborate or even update the rules if need be. I resonate with this a great deal. I like/thank a ton of posts and wish people could see that. Oh well! *** Thanks for the thread Cookie! A link for the lazy: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/announcement/3-forum-rules/
  15. @Weeb TheEpicGuyV2 Thank you for starting these threads. They spark discussion that is very valuable to us.
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