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  1. when x does y to me and it makes me feel z, you're a tryhard. but when i make you feel z because i do y and i am x, i'm just playing the game. this was posted by the "i haven't actually played the game in over five years" gang
  2. and yet it was posted here and therefore i made it on-topic, as in accordance to the forum's rules to keep threads on-topic. those things you wish the moderators to, you know, moderate. Removed insults ~@mayii
  3. >"this focus became a place of negativity and makes me avoid it as good as i can" >posts anyway >"while others are farming their post counters with content that have zero value nor contribute to anything" >literally posts just to complain about the people complaining, and somehow having even less of a point except 'abloobloo my precious sensibilities' ok my guy. you can't sit on that high horse while beating it's carcass at the same time. kind of have to pick one or the other. as a former forum moderator on these very forums, unless LO has drastically changed many of the forum rules and guidelines - not a single rule has been broken and no moderator intervention should be necessary. are people a bit heavy-handed with their comments? yes, that's always been the case however. there is literally nothing wrong with people being iffed about the winning submissions. in fact, considering the sheer amount of negativity towards this specific topic, one could make the correlation that something being framed as a community event had rather little to do with the community outside of the submissions themselves. but that'd be crazy, right?
  4. gatekeeping isn't necessarily bad, but in this case it's not even a matter of gatekeeping. it's a matter of having any amount of standards for what's being released. if we're going by "community created" outfits then go by the ones that the community actually voted for. even in a vacuum of naming it "community created" it doesn't make any sense how some of these outfits were added since it's pretty obvious that the community do not agree with these choices.
  5. why is one of the outfits literally just one purple swamp stamp smashed onto the dress over and over, with no consideration for how the dress stretches the textures when there were far better options to pick from why
  6. 2v2 VIP/VIP in general was a major contributor to me refusing to play mission district with anything less than a 3-man group.
  7. maybe this is LO's way of saying we are their valentine a bit late, but appreciated
  8. i've only started playing the game more from like 3 - 4 years of basically not touching the game and even i know that if you actually stop, aim with the crosshair and fire with an OPGL then you're probably not that proficient with it anyways. you get more momentum from sprint shoot-jumping and if you don't have a dot then you simply just know where you aim. if you have 8000 hours in the game, then you should know where the center of your screen is without a dot, if not then i think you should genuinely recuse yourself from the discussion altogether because you're not at liberty to talk about anything in-game related. if you know all these things, then it's a terrible example and you have no clue what you're actually trying to say. .ini fixes does not produce better players, it provides a smoother experience in a game that desperately needs it.
  9. claims gunplay is garbage, compares it to 2 games of completely different genres outside of "shoot the enemy" while stating he's barely played the game and yet feels the need to insert his opinion on a matter that has more depth than almost every F2P shooter out there. gaming journalism, everybody.
  10. or you can realize that it's just a word and it's meaning literally only gets power as long as you get offended by someone scrambling letters together and creating the dreaded "N-word". "b-but this word has h-history!!" okay, but i am roughly 98.5% certain none of that history applies to anybody playing this game, so why get bothered by it. use /ignore and move on.
  11. its pretty sad when i can go into a 2014 porn game and have higher expectations of graphical fidelity than in this game. that's not even bringing up the customization of ILLUSION games that are on par, if not superior to APB.
  12. That's assuming the Obeya/HVR are just sitting in the open. HVR wins at range if the HVR has any cover. It's taking into account any hypothetical situations - HVR has generally been seen as only TRULY counterable by another HVR simply because it's the only weapon able to pull out the amount of damage in that short span of time. Forcing a stalemate. At mid-long range with favorable set-up and all that, sure, those weapons aside from the STAR counter an HVR. But these days, you're not gonna find a HVR that's either not QSing or out of cover. Not to mention, that's not even taking into account the enemy team outside of the HVR - or more HVRs. I mean, my personal go-to counter to the HVR has always been a brick in the face since they usually don't see it coming but I'm always laughed at by my team for using them. Yet it keeps giving consistent results.
  13. In most other games, the respawn process don't take nearly 20 seconds and usually puts you in a pretty bad position if your car spawner's blocked which is why 1 hit kill is more alright there. Here, it becomes a 50/50 situation where you either get hit and rushed by a teammate of theirs, or you get hit and you are literally forced to sit and wait until you've regen'd your health because in a lot of cases it's really not precise when you can run out again after an HVR hit outside of the full-health sound. Therein lies the issue, you're forced to effectively be a waste to your team until you can move again or hope that you support from low health. But if it's the case of a takeout mission then you really can't afford to hope to support with low health, you're pretty much forced to just sit down and wait. That's assuming the HVR lad wasn't close enough to throw nades at you now, or a flanking teammate of his. I already know who you are, and I know that you've stated that you've pretty much never played any other weapon than snipers, so I'd say you have a heavy bias on this subject. At least feel like that's worth mentioning to understand your point of view. The HVR has been complained about for as long as I've played the game and I'm on my seventh year now - yet I'm not even close to being as old as some other nerds here and they've all said people have always complained about the HVR, pretty much.
  14. Difference is, you can hear the rockets and dodge them preemptively, OPGL requires a fair bit of understanding how to use grenade bounce to use well in a higher skill scenario. HVR is the fact that you plant your patootie on a corner and pop out for a millisecond and you've hit someone for 850 damage and now you can sneeze at them and they'll die. Not to mention it has incredibly accuracy in close quarters from the hip, you can QS with it and so on. Snipers as a whole aren't the issue, the N-HVR is. It's oppressive and the only real counter to a HVR is another HVR and that's not how game design works.
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