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  1. Car spawner should be limited to 120-150 meters at least. 30 meters is game breaking
  2. I'd rather get 10's 1vs1 in a row than 2vs2. In 1vs1 I rely on myself, I decide what and when to do and I don't have this illusion that other team mate knows my thoughts and gonna flank when it's obvious moment to do it. To be honest tho most spots are balanced for 4vs4
  3. Clandestine

    LO is doing a great job.

    You must be missing old G1 with no news, no patches and ocasional empty promises
  4. Clandestine


    Ddos ain't gay. Gay agenda has more important things to do.
  5. Clandestine

    Shotguns are great.

    Inb4 Oca on last video had dialup kevlar plated connection
  6. since few days always on joining district for the first time
  7. Clandestine

    What's going on Little Orbit?

    Too much Chernobyl is not good for any network/servers
  8. I wouldn't jump on it so fast. They probably made some research on it and it might be that people who never spent money on this game or do it occasionaly won't do it even if the prices will get ridiculously low. Majority of APB population resides on Citadel which constist mainly of 3rd world countries also many underaged people without any income or bank account.
  9. Clandestine

    So many used character names

    Not really. Why not Matt, Mike and whatever are names of current/past devs? Just shows how fucked up she really was. Using her nick on all social medias but in her job pretending that she's trying to hide.
  10. Clandestine

    So many used character names

    and Diane is still a bad word
  11. How much of those "250" are actually buying anything? 10 bucks for a gun seems more realistic with huge population but not when dozen of people spend their money.
  12. Clandestine

    Event Daily's Broken?

    My kills also didn't reg for the tracker