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  1. Citadel today. Logged in, half of oca into one, died in sutter, got 0 assist. Seems legit -> exit apb
  2. I asked GM about changes when those prototype districts went live. He had 0 idea. I think that they're there just to make it look like some "gm" without ban powers is hanging around.
  3. #hardfacts #artifacts Aight. I think any overhaul of upcoming events would be good.
  4. Dood what events tho. There are no events in APB since over a year.
  5. Clandestine

    Population crisis.....

    That's because of the upper management. After some time they simply decided to monetize every possible work hour. Devs probably had much better intentions but it wasn't up to them to decide what to do at job.
  6. Now I can sabotage my rusnning team? fantastic
  7. Clandestine

    Population crisis.....

    You can also thank Tiggs. Those people (including me) that remained banned for months and years learnt how to live without APB while being hardcore addicts before.
  8. Clandestine

    i hate the new system trade

    better no system at all then?
  9. Clandestine

    Population crisis.....

    I stopped playing because I got bored of those "half clip, nade and fuzzy bunny still alive" scenarios. Population on Citadel is still pretty healthy to support threat districts.
  10. I'm failing to comprehend how is LO losing money this way? What's the difference if someone is going to pay 20$ for FFA or will buy it for 5mil APB$?? LO doesn't get any profit either way. To be honest it would be cool if we could sell legendaries and whatnot on steam market.
  11. Clandestine

    So this is a thing now

    fix one thing, break 2 other engune apdetuet where is you
  12. Wow that's a lot of work. I would rather use the Esri City Engine or some freeware generator, base it on base layout and then do props and interiors manually. I hope your work will get used by LO.
  13. Clandestine

    Breast Cancer Limited Weapons

    Prostate cancer for which month? To be honest let's just do cancer awarness special without favoring any gender...
  14. Clandestine

    Bring Back Beacon!

    Bring it back but first fix the shotguns or not...beacon with current shotguns would actually look kinda funny