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  1. I'm really curious how this update will turn out for APB. For DBD going to UE 4.21 was a disaster however that dev team is special.
  2. You can't but you're free to inject cheats
  3. Not for me and my friends. Also games that depend on steam to login are down very often.
  4. Where did they leak this? 4chan? Don't tell me they did it here coz that's just braindead.
  5. Yes you can count on russians to fill the servers and at the same time make quit half of the west EU
  6. Holy shit I was out for 2 weeks and forgot how bad this game looks
  7. Probably a car in some other, non rus, western game.
  8. Am I the only one who can't look anymore at the same old map since 8 years?
  9. AHAHAHA. If this will be as reliable as Steam itself then it will be really worthy protection.
  10. They're still not migrated? And I already deinstalled a week ago. Now I'm playing vs lagging rus killers in dbd. Oh irony.
  11. Many people left after innova was brought to Citadel. Now many more will leave. Lmao you can't infinitely keep replacing your population with non paying customers. To make people spend money you have to make them happy. That in MMO largely depends on other players and I've yet to meet someone who will be happy surrounded by toxic cyrilic spam. Other games separate them for a reason.
  12. I was enjoying my time after my unfair ban back in the days
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