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  1. How to survive 5 nfas shots from 10 meters everytime while your enemy doesn't miss? How bad my net needs to be? Or do I need to live in NA and play on Citadel in order to achieve this ridiculous amount of lag armor? Your game is shit. Fix your fucking net code and stop boosting lagers. And nah it's not just me there were other people to confirm that certain enemies are a bullet sponge. /rant
  2. Why so serious? I often hackusate people for anything when I play on alts.
  3. Sure because no one was reading past blogs and they only kept sharing that one famous, buggy pic between themselves.
  4. Before LO doesn't count it's like UFOs on paintings B.C It's all about news, updates on progress not just screenshots however those would be nice even with some critical bugs.
  5. That's still more than 3.5 on PC
  6. Even existance of UFOs is better documented than your statement.
  7. Did just just assume it's gender?
  8. I really doubt that majority would be happy to stay R255 with nothing new to do, get, achieve and see.
  9. It's just that it took G1 7 years to do almost nothing to put this game on a new level. Unless ARMAS counts as game content
  10. compare it to what G1 did in 7 years
  11. I'd rather see other cars getting buff to be as dangerous instead of removing fun of ram vegas.
  12. I'd love seeing buff to Bishada and Jericho. Those cars feel and act like they were made out of explosive cardboard.
  13. And it all turned into cheat fest >>> looked like APB during regoated days only a little bit worse. You were lucky if you got into racing lobby without cheaters crashing it. Once you got in there was probably at least one either closet or blatant speed hacker. I wish this game stayed alive tho. All they had to do was solve the cheating problem.
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