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  1. Toxic refugees from Innova. I stopped playing because I couldn't even do an obj without getting TK and getting flooded by shit in cyrylic.
  2. I don't think that even on EU there's more than 1 or 2 people spamming the join during prime time.
  3. I wonder how many people stopped playing because of lack of the que system myself included. Many times when I wanted to play and had to spam it was ending with quiting the game for weeks or months.
  4. There was a bug exactly like this few years ago. It was fixed in few weeks back then but oh boy the trolling that I had with it was quite fun.
  5. It's allowed as it was asked somewhere around be implementation
  6. I felt like headless chicken just going after the spawn codes, arming the devices but the only reason for doing it was the curiosity as it was my first playthrough. Maybe it's just me but it all feels like chaos without any objective, motivation and on top of it going everywhere on foot with no enemies to shoot at.
  7. Play Dead By Daylight and start having more vivid APB dreams
  8. Imo they commited themselves fully to finish the 3.5 and Riot. New content can be already in the pipeline but it's probably tied to new contacts and that won't come without 3.5. Compared to what G1 has done since 2011 LO did monumental job. They could've as well just buy the game, flood armas with garbage and Techmech us with blogpost/sale festivals.
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