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  1. Clandestine

    alien invasion car

    I'm non human and I'm entitled to get it for free however after seeing it no thanks. It's ugly.
  2. Record your gameplay doing it for your entire play session. Every single kill, every mission. Oh and by the way do not miss your shots.
  3. True. I had to play with full 180+ degrees snaps, autofire and triggerbot for weeks and ask everyone to report me in oder to get banned (oh and wait for Tiggs to have holiday break to log in and ban manually XD). Playing with closet settings and going full rage only few times resulted with no ban at all. FF would be good for APB if it was implemented properly. Idk how hard can it be to detect someone snapping 180 degrees every single mission and not missing a single shot.
  4. Do you really believe that G1 (which is still mostly same old devs that gave us all cancer) can implement anything properly?
  5. It looks like nothing will change no matter what anti cheat APB will have. As long as this dev team will work on implementing them. I don't believe in coincidences that go for years. You can get full auto FF bans which will ban legits (again this dev team) or you can have manual FF bans which take time. FF was on manual up till LO took over regardless what lies Tiggs spew on the forums. It took long weeks, full rage and dedication to get banned.
  6. Clandestine

    APB needs new players. Ideas? Little Orbit?

    Visit bronze financial in Citadel on a new account, pretend you're new af and answer yourself.
  7. Clandestine

    Merry Christmas everyone....

    yea happy holidays...
  8. Clandestine

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    I refuse to play with ruskies, vs ruskies, vs lagers and known closets. Frankly I enjoy my driving around gameplay when I log once per week just to piss you all. Kek
  9. Clandestine

    True ogre

    It's seriously underpowered. That's why most switch to it when they are losing.
  10. Sounds like you didn't adapt to high ping and you had to git gut
  11. Clandestine

    Anyone having issues with hit reg?

    Looks like your opposition doesn't have best ping... I used to be immortal on Han with 300ms while my opposition kept magically dying behind cover.
  12. From personal experience my own and my friends. Also from asking immortals on Citadel where are they from and what's their ping. Yeah it doesn't work everyday but it does most of the time. I remember playing on Han with 300ms and when all my targets kept dying behind cover. Kinda explains why I keep dying behind cover sometimes with 50ms...because this game is full of lagers that live in denial. Everything close to 100ms in a shooter is a lag
  13. Clandestine

    APB Uses BattleEye....

    I visit those forums few times per week and play games with 40k+ /pop
  14. Yes. Most of the time when I played on Jericho with 180ms I was immortal. I've seen enemies tracking me and shooting but barely anything was hitting me. No one here will admit it tho considering half of Jericho is now playing on Citadel with their HP hack lag armors and another half is connecting from Russia with dialup.