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  1. Even if you accidentally clicked the "repair" button - there is no way to abort/cancel this check. omg what the?!!! how it can be?! how you did it, dear developer?? Does it bother yourself? Or you use a trick to skip it?
  2. Hope you someday stop just wearing out our discs: my APB Regular and APB Beta launchers: How often have you seen games that force you to scan your disk? At the same time, this procedure is not of any benefit. None at all.
  3. client crash at start. Have no motivation to try to start it because launcher still forcing scan for me.
  4. Icemoon

    focre scan skip

    you can update your client with launcher. Next step inevitably starting scan. You can clouse launcher - stops scanning. And then can start apbprogram.
  5. the game changes the time of day. Lighting changes. Noticed that maximum daytime illumination gives me the lowest FPS. Is there anyway to switch off the change of time of day? AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition 1090T, 3200 MHz (16 x 200) I also constantly remove the brightness slider. It’s too dark at night for me, and I put slider maximum to right. Then It's too bright for the day, and return slider to 4/5
  6. what should to do? Wait for someday will be fixed?
  7. with config edits? I don't know how to do. But it is easy way to click few checkboxes. Great way - include this options officialy in game client
  8. I was not able to make FPS stable using the temporarily valid launcher (AMD Phenom II X6 Black Edition 1090T, 3200 MHz, GeForce GTX 660, Win 10 x64) But I use some tweaks from forbidden launcher: And I was not warned, didn't get week ban. But any way I have to figure out how far I have moved from the valid tweaks. Does this mean that the EAC considered thay my changes is insignificant? Or reason is something else? It seems that shaders was not replaced and game was not (massively) hacked. Can I get an official answer from the developer? I wouldn't like to receive a concise answer "no, just do not use the forbidden launcher". The current situation with an outdated game engine requires a versatile contemplation. Thank you Looks like that "optimiation" checkbox doesn’t affects anything or affects slightly. I don't know if it affects the camera shake checkbox. Tweaks "run without holding shift" and "crounch on hold" - just must have everyone, must allowed by official game without any launchers. "3D scenes" substantially slows down start of client. I'd really like to draw the attention of developers to this. When you don't need a scene with the character creation - you can significantly save time on client start. Why waste the time of your dear users? I am almost sure that this option is in development.
  9. Icemoon

    focre scan skip

    the new developer has implemented this. There were no problems with this before. The game client crashed, okay, no problem. But don not loop a scanning process if it could not be useful. Launcher have a good "fix" button if it seems that client could have problems. Now you can remove this good button, because users are not asked if they need to fix or if they do not need. Start the fix anyway. APB . exe in the binaries is small solution, thank you. But the scann process is postponed and inevitably starts later. And ther user got waste time and waste HDD. Consider please a way with the skip of force scanning. Thank you.
  10. Icemoon

    focre scan skip

    Could I skip the scanning process? Periodically by using "alt+tab" the game get a critical stop. Then offered send or not to send a report with details of error. Then Launcher starts a scan-fix process and then happen... nothing. The Launcher just every time drive out my HDD and everytime nothing happens. No errors found, nothing to fix. Just some periodic "alt+tab" critical crash, which may one day be fixed. Or will be not fixed, because the reason is in Windows 10 or in some of my drivers/hardware, or somewhere else. (I heard that other players rarely get this error) But obviously it is not a reason to grind everytime my poor HDD. Thank you
  11. Yes, it's true. And sometime I use it. But it is a longer way, trust me. I press F9, then i must take mouse and choose line. Then I take a keyboard and finally can start to write. Oh no. I choosed wrong channel! Start over Instead of writing like you all do
  12. Icemoon

    lighter theme

    would you explain
  13. Icemoon

    lighter theme

    Can you consider an adaptation of some more bright theme.. This is too contrasting for me. Unpleasant ripples in the eyes. Maybe for someone else too. Thank you
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