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  1. From personal experience my own and my friends. Also from asking immortals on Citadel where are they from and what's their ping. Yeah it doesn't work everyday but it does most of the time. I remember playing on Han with 300ms and when all my targets kept dying behind cover. Kinda explains why I keep dying behind cover sometimes with 50ms...because this game is full of lagers that live in denial. Everything close to 100ms in a shooter is a lag
  2. Clandestine

    APB Uses BattleEye....

    I visit those forums few times per week and play games with 40k+ /pop
  3. Yes. Most of the time when I played on Jericho with 180ms I was immortal. I've seen enemies tracking me and shooting but barely anything was hitting me. No one here will admit it tho considering half of Jericho is now playing on Citadel with their HP hack lag armors and another half is connecting from Russia with dialup.
  4. Clandestine

    APB Uses BattleEye....

    This game should just drown and die taking G1 with itself. They both didn't deserve to be bought.
  5. Clandestine

    APB 2nd wow

    Go and visit bronze district in Citadel and you will find out.
  6. Clandestine

    Citadel down?

    Lags af. Truly russian quality.
  7. Lmao farewell APB. Imma play non rus B2P games then. Enjoy your Charnobyl in Citadel
  8. I guess you should try to play with them and communicate. Or just wear pink on male and keep homophobic rage whispers coming. Chances are the latter will come in inglish.
  9. Back in the old good days people used to wait at drop/ending stage. Nowdays people are willing to wait every stage. Sometimes that might be 5 minutes*5 stages a mind blowing 25 minutes of doing nothing! In that time matchmaker would likely dispatch them vs another team of "waiters". I don't wait at all and if I do it's on the ending stage. If I get team killed for doing objectives then I make sure they do it 5 times or I simply play like green when the opposition arrives. You grief and you get griefed.
  10. They should rather IP block rus and force them all to play on Nekrova. If every rus from Citadel would stick to his own server it wouldn't have low population. Inb4 racist first learn what racism means instead of jumping on a mainstream pleb cart. There is a reason why many games keep rus on seperate servers. Anyway that merge is good to kill what's left of Citadel. I expect seeing more EU people quiting.
  11. I feel sorry for them. They have no clue how to run an MMO, they bought 2 dead games and there's no way they're even breaking even on them and they're surrounded by smart geniuses from old G1.
  12. Clandestine

    s1ck event

    Rus game what did you expect
  13. Clandestine

    The wait for crims/cops 2018

    This pretty much. I'm like /t you have damn drop this stage they tk and: /t афы вфощвф фщрцфу (random wheezing in russian)
  14. Support is probably busy trying to decode all those rus tickets
  15. Fill your houses with furniture above cap and decorate later, get Blade of Woe from Gold Coast and costumes from Wrothgar if you don't have those DLCs. oops wrong game Just design your cars/clothes/tattoos and that's it pretty much. APB doesn't have much to do.
  16. Nah unless it would have /d chat displaying on my phone. I'd probably never have to start APB again
  17. Clandestine

    Autumn Assault.

    Very nice splash screen. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with rus/muslim game.
  18. Clandestine

    You're not Excused

    something, someting go nekrova, something.
  19. Clandestine

    harassment ban question

    If they will start to perma ban people for rage whispers then this game will have /100 pop at peak.
  20. The whole purpose of the car spawner was to let people chose more strategic spots and to avoid spawning straight in the HVR crosshair etc. But 30m limit is just too much.
  21. Car spawner should be limited to 120-150 meters at least. 30 meters is game breaking
  22. I'd rather get 10's 1vs1 in a row than 2vs2. In 1vs1 I rely on myself, I decide what and when to do and I don't have this illusion that other team mate knows my thoughts and gonna flank when it's obvious moment to do it. To be honest tho most spots are balanced for 4vs4
  23. Clandestine

    LO is doing a great job.

    You must be missing old G1 with no news, no patches and ocasional empty promises
  24. Clandestine


    Ddos ain't gay. Gay agenda has more important things to do.