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  1. I'd rather have 1vs1 back. It would help to lvl up waterfront.
  2. First they should fix lagarmor. Nothing feels more satisfying than shoot first, die first.
  3. Spamming in chat no longer results with kick, spamming with /cointoss is not working anymore as well and allows to flood the chat. I swear this was the most useful feature that was added in recent years. Fix pls.
  4. Clandestine

    Sudden Instance Shutdown

    Have you run your tracert yet?
  5. Clandestine

    Sudden Instance Shutdown

    Same times as NASA cut ISS feed? Fishyyyyyyyyy
  6. Lol good luck with it tho when majority of citadel is rus. Unless you wanna get constant kicks. I know I wouldn't. Certain people enjoy wasting my time knowing I won't play with them. They will rather lose than kick me so thank the universe I still can unplug the net cable or realize it's better to loop pallets for 5 gens in dbd than partcipate in this dead cesspool.
  7. K. Cya at /pop 100 then
  8. Been there, done that? Been like this for 8 years. Let's make a revolution. I was stuck today in a mission, spam didn't work and guess what? It turned out I didn't bother playing APB today and probably won't for days again. GG easy let's give people even less reasons to login.
  9. I don't see where was the problem with people just leaving. I see problem with people trolling in lalaland 1000m away for most or entire mission. APB has backup system. It's not mission in the void where you are down by 1 team mate for entire mission. This just reminds me shotgun/ir3 fiasco that no one asked to touched.
  10. Well it's not dead by daylight. There is backup option just for that.
  11. Oh well I can always unplug the net cable.
  12. Tossed 200 times more and still no kick.
  13. Clandestine

    gm no help???

    heff 2 joiner sociale for jumps
  14. Clandestine

    Stop giving away 3d glasses

    They are busy with 3.5 you could forgive them. Besides game is dead and I doubt they're even making any money out of it. I have 3D glasses, not even sure how I got them, but I'd rather have a working and alive game than more events with some rare colectibles.
  15. Clandestine

    Stop giving away 3d glasses

    There's a solution. Let's make new rares.
  16. Ye thanks. With 8 alts I'm sure I won't buy anything without account wide variants.
  17. Still no account wide variants for every sold item and right now it's hard to even figure out what is char and what is acc wide.
  18. Clandestine

    Joker Ticket Minigame

    Would be nice. Not everyone is into fightclub and current mission activities suck
  19. Clandestine

    Was it necessary GM?

    Somehow I thought those two relate
  20. Clandestine

    Cupid hunting why?

    I probably won't play but I really like this idea.
  21. I'm still waiting for personal ambulance truck smol
  22. Clandestine

    February 2019 Newsletter & Blog

    I really hope that everything will get account wide option to purchase.
  23. Clandestine

    Toxic Teamates

    Tell them that they should be able to carry whole team not only you if they're really that great at the game. Cryers are mostly noobs that would welcome a shawcopter in their team just to get that ggez