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  1. IRL frustration. Usually coming from people with little sexual organs
  2. It's been A vs B not cops vs robbers since G1 took over
  3. Lul. Most of my friends that checked this game out on Steam said it looks like garbage and that was enough for them to not try it. Same people can play Minecraft tho. Go figure.
  4. If someone dethreats to green it's either for personal achievement (because it's a lot harder to get than gold) or is doing it because this game doesn't have any content at all. You can derank to bronze threat and green district is already opened for you. Idk who would spend extra weeks to get green just for that.
  5. Explosive weapons should follow. There's so many dethreating groups on the roll with surfer+osmaw. Or just lazy high rank noobs spamming the opgl at trainees because they play with 1 FPS and blabla. It's just not fair.
  6. It used be popular among people that can't control the recoil. I guess it doesn't work anymore
  7. I love this funky design. I'd only make it saturated by maybe 5% more but other than that it's looking good and fits APB.
  8. Won't work when they just drive around 1000+ tiles meters away
  9. Just to see more tryhards striving for their trivial goals?
  10. With random 0-10 JT per mission all JTs pool and cap should be account wide
  11. This should be a thing when JT were released. 200 per day is minimum 20 missions. It's random so it's likely 30-40 missions or more to reach the cap. I don't know anyone who would play APB that much in 2019.
  12. Nice garage stream. I know streamers with 0 viewers that put more work into their image.
  13. G1=RP=LO. Same devs are working on this game.
  14. Not 12 year olds? I guess you're right. Citadel average is around 10. I want working voip but only with unlimited ignore list.
  15. How about enemies dying in 8 shots when it's 8 shots to kill? Especially those with cyrylic names. I think that would be a nice start when it comes to game health...
  16. Being able to use rus characters in a nick while you can't do it with any other languages is not special? Wow. At this point just keep replying to yourself. I won't waste my time on ignorant.
  17. This will be probably swept under the rug and moved to suggestion like rest
  18. You just said it yourself. Russian is no different than any other language but it's been given special treatment
  19. Then you allow other cultures letters in your game??? That's not respect. That's favoritism.
  20. They could just send them free name change and force them to use it but naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah let's lick that rus butt. Let's be fully politically correct and ban me for writing the truth.
  21. Be grateful for the merge. Other games would tell you to reroll instead
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