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  1. Hiya, I saw the post from Matt Scott that the "feature" was actually a bug that shouldn't occur in mission districts. He said they were going to adress the issue but I cannot help to feel sad by this as this was by far the best feature of the patch. I might even go to such an extent to say that this is one of the best features ever added to APB in post launch. Let me first start with why this feature should stay permanently. 1: It can be seen as a balancing feature that will bridge the gap between veteran players who have thousands of hours of game time and the newer players who haven't started to unlock stuff yet. An example of this could be a R255 player who got themselves killed and drop a weapon with a purple mod which requires R195 to use under normal circumstances, in this case players below that can pick up the weapon and fight on even terms. In Matt Scott's post he said something about some other balancing feature which could come eventually but until we actually know what it is, weapon drops should stay. 2: Leading into my second point, weapon drops will probably promote sales of Armas weapons and Joker boxes weapons due to the ability to test them out before buying. (I've also requested a testing range in social which seemed to get positive feedback). This actually happened to me today, tried and tested the Showstopper Thunder and the VBR 'Huntress' and I liked it, now I will definitely get them for myself. 3: Important to note is that the weapon drop system actually replaces your equipped weapon unlike how it worked with Valentine weapons which simply added another primary to your load-out. This eliminates much of the abuse potential of switching weapons mid fight. I've opened up polls on the matter seeing how Matt Scott only opened up polls on keeping it in FC. I'm also genuinely interested why some people seem to absolutely hate this feature so if you feel like it, please explain why you don't like the feature (or why you like it ) I hope this feature is here to stay and that Little Orbit reconsider their statement. //Basih
  2. Keep weapon drops across all districts and game modes. It is actually fast growing to be my favorite feature ever implemented in APB.
  3. My thoughts on the latest patch: RIOT is actually quite fun and finally something new and unique is added to APB. I also really like that they introduced weapon drops in all districts. The new joker weapon is a joke though, it is a reskined ursus that you can't hip fire with accurately and it is horrible ttk at range. EAC seems to do it's thing better than any previous anti-cheat, the startup sequence might alone scare of kids wanting to hack. Overall this is a solid patch and I hope more like it will come
  4. I guess it would be a relaxing schedule for the devs at least.. I fear that we won't get a screenshot until maybe the end of this year, doubt we'll ever see UE 3.5 in 2019.
  5. Yes, they went down 9 AM UTC = 10 AM CEST which is 8 hours and 31 minutes as of writing this post. If they did it with the OTW successfully I see no reason why it should be any different with the live servers since they are essentially the same.
  6. I just don't get why they don't test deploy their latest patches on the OTW.... They would be able to identify problems there and fix them before taking down the live servers. A normal major patch deployment shouldn't take more than 2 hours max.
  7. Hiya, Spotter is currently one of the best character mods, if not even the best character mod. I think there are a few things it needs changed however, first of all is a small kill assist reward when you use it successfully to let your teammate kill an enemy. Secondly it is in it's current state a bit overpowered due to the spotted enemy not knowing when and how long he or she is spotted. The solution is simple, make the spotted icon appear above the head of the spotted person much like how tagger works. This would also help reducing the number of false hacker accusations as well. Anyway, that is my suggestion. Take care.
  8. Besides, with or without a anti-cheat there will always be cheaters in APB and it doesn't matter if they can't get detected for a week. In my opinion they should've done option 2 without telling anyone that EAC is disabled.
  9. Little orbit can't even ban blatant speedhackers so I don't think you have to worry about a crosshair mod.
  10. Marcos can't be detected by a anti cheat simply because you could always click just as fast. Obeya 762 for example has a 195 ms delay between the shots and you could easily click at that speed, maybe not with perfect aim but still doable. Furthermore, I think that every gaming mouse now days comes with software that can make macros easily so it is readily available so there really isn't even worth trying to "catch" the macro users. The problem are triggerbots, aimbots and wallhacks which are proper third party software that makes the game easier.
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