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  1. My citadel characters won't load either... NA seems to work fine tho.
  2. It seems strange that the servers would get stuck in EU customs... which country will the new servers be based in?
  3. So for how long can we expect the 100+ ping for EU? I don't really enjoy NY servers that much. Please move them to Germany.
  4. Try again, it worked on my second attempted.
  5. Will you get the servers up by tomorrow?
  6. By the way... Why is NA prioritized when EU stands for a clear majority of the playerbase?
  7. Very specific wording on this... does this mean that if I redeem a premium code for 15 days that I got from a loot box I won't be eligible for compensation?
  8. What I don't get is the point of selling the brand.. why not just license it for UNIT GAMES? They would've been able to make a APB title while LO holds the rights.
  9. Macros are not something that LO can detect since pretty much all gaming mouse comes with software that you can use to create easy macros. There is nothing the game can do to detect the difference of holding a button and clicking it manually. I'll give you a tip, if you can't beat them, join them.
  10. It appears that the repeated forum threads about Cyrillic finally reached LO. Looks like good changes to me
  11. Basih

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Yup it is, good thing too. The issue needs immediate attention!
  12. Basih

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Just what is happening right now, All the imported Russian hackers are immune to being reported and we've seen no results from any anti-cheat software used by APB.
  13. Basih

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Hiya, Since we now have a swarm of Russians on Citadell it's time to address some real problem with them, their names. Some of them have names consisting of Cyrillic letters which totally breaks the /report system. Cyrillic characters is not recognized by the form so you can't press the blacked out report button. This is the most pressing issues regarding Cyrillic, though it doesn't diminish the annoyance of seeing district chat full of characters I can't read or write. I have 2 ideas for this problems, firstly flag all characters with Cyrillic names for a free rename. Secondly introduce a option to disable Cyrillic for us westerners.
  14. Being 255 makes no difference. It is as people here have said earlier only an indication of how long you've played. Truth be told 195 is the real max rank because it is the last rank in which you earn something that gives you an advantage (Purple mods, Low yields etc. )
  15. and this is one of many reason why I believe they should remove the support for Cyrillic letters in all video games.
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