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  1. Basih

    APB's Chat UI Quality

    Some good suggestions there, though to be honest it isn't just the chat that needs a rework but the entire UI. Inventory management is terrible, the menus are worse, the style is simply outdated and lacks customization.
  2. Speaking of vehicles in need of love: Han Veo & Coywolf. It needs slight health buff and Coywolf only has 2 cargo space (seriously wtf). 10-20% more hp and either 5 or 10 cargo capacity and it's just perfect.
  3. Disable Cyrillic on Citadell and it's fine..
  4. Basih


    Here is my reasoning on the subject: I don't mind Russians as long as they can't type in Cyrillic on a european realm. I also don't mind Polish people typing in polish, I don't mind Germans typing in german; all because I can very simply translate it to a language I understand, like English or Swedish if need-be. They use numbers and letters that the entire world understands. You also have to consider that most poles and germans also speak very good English whilst the great majority of the Russian population does not speak any another language than Russian. If the Russians want to play with us Europeans, they should have to use the same alphabet. I really hope the characters on Nekrova that are in Cyrillic will be forced to rename when they are merged so that I can have a chance at pronouncing them and communicating with teammates about who is doing what and where. If Little Orbit doesn't want to remove the support for Cyrillic I at least need some sort of option to filter out Cyrillic on my client, I don't want to see it as it just clutters the chat with complete with gibberish.
  5. A reveal but not quite a reveal... I see... Would've been nice to actually see more about the mode rather than just a poster.
  6. I'd suggest you do what I do, take a note of the name and clan of every cheater you report... From what I can gather, most cheaters are members of a few very prominent cheater clans, so whenever I see one of these clans I immediately get suspicious. If LO want, they could probably get rid of over half the cheater problem by investigating the members of these clans tbh.
  7. I personally increased the length of my character slightly to make it easier to estimate the length of the hitbox, even though I don't really like tall characters. Maybe the hitbox could have a middle ground between largest male and smallest female models. It is kinda ridiculous having a hitbox the size of a whole head above you...
  8. Exactly, though it does support Cyrillic and unique Germanic letters (å, ä, ö, etc). Tbh I would just remove the support for Cyrillic in district chat. If Russians want to chat they can do it privately with Cyrillic or use latin alphabet for public chatting.
  9. Hiya, For the past weeks I've noticed a seemingly huge increase in the amount of cheaters I get matched up against. It is now at the point I'm getting surprised if the enemy doesn't cheat From what I can tell It's been everything from macros (which nearly everyone seems to use), to real speed hacking, triggerbots, aimbot and wallhacking. Maybe this was to be expected now that the entirety of the Russian playerbase will now be playing on Citadell? Considering how few district actually are up would it be too much to ask for active GM moderation on the districts? Because I feel like the anti-cheat isn't doing it's job properly. Anyway... anyone else noticed the same trend? //Sweezt
  10. Great.... as if there wasn't enough cheaters on Citadell.. You guys need to remove the support for Cyrillic while you're at it, it causes nothing but problems for us Europeans.
  11. Basih

    Switch Version?

    Considering Xbox and Playstation have much more powerful systems and the game still runs very poorly, You'll have assume that it is totally out of the question.
  12. Problem with making LTL weapons better is that you'll have a legion of crim players complaining.
  13. Server and Instance went down a little while ago, when is it coming back up?
  14. You forgot one of the most ridiculous things ever... Coywolf only has 2 Slot cargo capacity meaning it can't carry heavy items. If you get a radar tower or ammo modificaton you theoretically get -1 slot. Considering it is a Sedan body with a pretty huge boot/trunk it should have somewhere between 5 and 10 base size.
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