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  1. Basih

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Yup it is, good thing too. The issue needs immediate attention!
  2. Basih

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Just what is happening right now, All the imported Russian hackers are immune to being reported and we've seen no results from any anti-cheat software used by APB.
  3. Basih

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Hiya, Since we now have a swarm of Russians on Citadell it's time to address some real problem with them, their names. Some of them have names consisting of Cyrillic letters which totally breaks the /report system. Cyrillic characters is not recognized by the form so you can't press the blacked out report button. This is the most pressing issues regarding Cyrillic, though it doesn't diminish the annoyance of seeing district chat full of characters I can't read or write. I have 2 ideas for this problems, firstly flag all characters with Cyrillic names for a free rename. Secondly introduce a option to disable Cyrillic for us westerners.
  4. Being 255 makes no difference. It is as people here have said earlier only an indication of how long you've played. Truth be told 195 is the real max rank because it is the last rank in which you earn something that gives you an advantage (Purple mods, Low yields etc. )
  5. and this is one of many reason why I believe they should remove the support for Cyrillic letters in all video games.
  6. Don't know if it's been documented before but the Mobile Shield consumables can't be dropped anymore apparently..
  7. I've just tested the RFP changes on district A and I can conclude that it still has the same problem, too much range. Limit the normal RFP-9 to 30 meters and have the fang go up to 38m. Also, in order to make the Talon more viable you should consider to revamp the Pistol Silencer mod so that firstly, it doesn't remove effective range, secondly it doesn't reduce magazine size. EDIT: Also remove the automatic kick when you teamkill on the testing districts so we can try stuff properly...
  8. It's better to just have a testing district on the LIVE servers because the population is so low that a OTW wouldn't yield much results.
  9. Look, the Obir has a worse TTK but it isn't meant to be used in a outright TTK fight. It is a weapon you use to peak out and kill your enemy with and it damn good at it. The Obeya 762 is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, if it wasn't because of the ridiculous state of the N-tec this weapon would probably be the king of mid-long range. As for long range Sniper Rifles should dominate, but they are to polar opposite of the 762 for being unable to adapt to different situations. As for the ACT44 and RSA, yep they suck and need to be totally overhauled.
  10. The problem with the RFP is that it is a secondary that has a similar role but better TTK than the primary versions (FFA/OBIR). With these new changes, a RFP wouldn't statistically outclass the primary but I think they should increase the bloom drastically to make it more of a challenge.
  11. I mainly use the Coywolf, it is amazing except for three sub-par statistics. It has very limited cargo space of 2 (!?!) which means you can't carry the heavy objectives that require 5. It also isn't very fast with a top speed slower than the Pioneer, although it has very good acceleration. Lastly, it has below average HP for a vehicle which is why I use High Burn Fuel in order to not get killed to often. I love it though and you probably will too.
  12. I'm skeptical about anything related to the "engine upgrade".... A GM presence in the game would solve the issue for now, not in a distant future when the engine upgrade i released. (if it ever will be released). If you're banned wrongly you can always get your account back. Though to be honest, maybe GM's should only be able to suspend players for up to 3 months maybe.
  13. The only cheater I know to be banned was a speedhacker I recorded and sent to support. The /report system isn't even used seeing how I've reported the same cheaters multiple times over 6 months and they still continue like nothing has happened. If anything, a GM needs to be online at all times and also given the ability to suspend cheaters, if not even ban them outright. I'd say it is better to ban a few too many than none at all.
  14. Many vehicles needs buffs to make them equal to pioneer and vegas meta. Coywolf needs more hp and more cargo capacity for example. Pioneer also need a reduction of top speed to perhaps 18-19 m/s.
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