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  1. Basih

    Fragile needs a buff

    Hiya, I really love fragile. The problem is that it causes you to be absolutely useless in any type of fight .It causes you to be a two burst kill from Obir and a 5 shot kill from N-tec. My point here is that no modification should lower your health, since that will inherently make it unviable. It could however have another effect instead, what if it caused you to take more explosive damage? It would still have the running speed bonus but without the game breaking health loss, while still having a "bad side" to it like most mods in this game does. Current Stats: +14% sprint speed +14 % run speed -14 % health What I had in mind would be something like this: +14% spring speed +14% run speed +14% damage taken from explosives This would really make it a viable option if you don't want Clothing Agent 3.
  2. Basih

    Unban Wave plzz

    It was a mistake to unban cheaters in the first place. If you cheat, get caught and then banned, that is on you. If you're unfairly banned then go through support, not the forums.
  3. Basih

    Severe HUD Bug

    I just had this happen to me, had to restart the game to get rid of it.
  4. Basih

    Make consumables permanent

    I would honestly prefer a new currency in that case, Joker Tickets are a pain to get as it is. Though I must confess that the idea to be able buy the ones you need is tempting. Maybe even open them up for trading with players.
  5. Basih

    Shooting Range in Social District

    Hiya, Quick suggestion, I think there should be a part of the social district where you are allowed weapons, grenades and consumables and with target dummies to shoot at. Could also be a zone where you are allowed to test any weapon of the game. Obviously you shouldn't be able to kill anyone else besides your teammates of course Anyway, take care //Sweezt/Basih
  6. Basih

    Rework the OSCAR

    If I'd change anything about it I would nerf the bloom so that it is much harder to use it on long range without using marksman mode.
  7. Basih

    Make consumables permanent

    Simple thing really, remove the stacks on consumables and make them permanent with the current cooldowns. They are really important and it is just an annoyance when I run out of them.
  8. Great to have this transparency with the community, keep up the good work!
  9. Dog Ear isn't that good though, sure it can make most cars smoke after 12 rounds but many other weapons can do the same. Try the dog ear and blowing up cars on long range becomes a hassle due to the bloom.
  10. Basih

    Is the Raptor OP ?

    I miss the good old Yukon :C
  11. Basih

    Tactical Holster Pad bug

    So the solution would realistically be to have two different versions of the holster pad, one for tighter clothing and one for baggier?
  12. Basih

    Tactical Holster Pad bug

    If it is a technical limitation than I'm assuming that is something that could be addressed with UE3.5 or UE4? Anyways.. I hope LO gets around to fixing this.
  13. Basih

    Tactical Holster Pad bug

    So... this is kinda weird looking.. This happens when you equip a Tactical Holster Pad (left and right). Would be great if this bug is fixed.
  14. Basih

    Make APB Great.....for the first time: A list

    I can get behind pretty much the entire list except high TTK, sure Ogre might need a nerf but Yukon is already nerfed and the problem isn't that obnoxious.