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    Player Collision

    Hiya, I just thought of another thing that could be done to minimize the effect of lag, it is quite simple really. Turn off player collision for players on missions. They cannot be pushed or otherwise interacted with by players outside of the mission. This would resolve the teleportation bugs that so often puts off the aim of whomever is shooting.
  2. So I got a pretty solid PC and internet connection. I'm around 100 fps at all times and around 20 ms to the new EU servers yet I can't figure out why the game feels worse than it did with the previous servers. Lots of lag, people teleporting and general stutters. Are the new servers not up to the job or is the game too old for them to handle?
  3. Hitreg seems to have taken a long vacation but it's nice to have normal ping in Financial/waterfront (20-35ms)
  4. They are quite specific with it being the action districts moving to Europe... what about social? Not that it matters really as action districts are the only that you need good connection on.
  5. With the action districts being moved to Europe I assume we'll get our 20-30 ms ping back... question though, is it anything remaining on NY servers after this move?
  6. Last year I made one of these polls questioning if LO will release UE 3.5 before Cyberpunk 2077 (April 16th 2020). Since that is obviously not going to happen, shall we take another guess? Will LO get EU servers back up before Cyberpunk 2077 release? Guess away! I know what I'm voting for!
  7. Classic example of the APB withdrawal symptom
  8. Threat segregation better be gone for good. How are bronze players gonna get good if they only meet scrubs?
  9. 130 ms is horrid. Quite good ping is around 40 ms. Really good ping is below 30. Considering weapons like the Ogre having a 0.4 second TTK while whined up, 130 ms makes you almost dead before you even see who shot you. It is unacceptable to host servers with this bad connection.
  10. I'm starting to wonder what else they sent with those servers that got caught in customs.... They better not take that long to get proper servers up..
  11. Yo, Can we get an update from LO on the EU servers? You've left us in the dark for too long now. Edit: Update from Twitter
  12. My citadel characters won't load either... NA seems to work fine tho.
  13. It seems strange that the servers would get stuck in EU customs... which country will the new servers be based in?
  14. So for how long can we expect the 100+ ping for EU? I don't really enjoy NY servers that much. Please move them to Germany.
  15. Try again, it worked on my second attempted.
  16. By the way... Why is NA prioritized when EU stands for a clear majority of the playerbase?
  17. Very specific wording on this... does this mean that if I redeem a premium code for 15 days that I got from a loot box I won't be eligible for compensation?
  18. What I don't get is the point of selling the brand.. why not just license it for UNIT GAMES? They would've been able to make a APB title while LO holds the rights.
  19. Macros are not something that LO can detect since pretty much all gaming mouse comes with software that you can use to create easy macros. There is nothing the game can do to detect the difference of holding a button and clicking it manually. I'll give you a tip, if you can't beat them, join them.
  20. It appears that the repeated forum threads about Cyrillic finally reached LO. Looks like good changes to me
  21. Basih

    Cyrillic is a problem

    Yup it is, good thing too. The issue needs immediate attention!
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