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  1. Let's cry about the problem because that will fix it quicker. Anyone that's been here as long as I have, isn't phased by any of this.
  2. I inform to regret you, APB is deleter, much sorry
  3. The virus otherwise known as Colby exe has infected the new servers. Degradation is inevitable.
  4. The thread is basically, "I don't feel like playing in the bronze district," *sticks fingers in ears*. I'm silver so I'm playing in the silver district, who cares if the majority of the OP there is GOLD and way better than me. I could have better games in the bronze district, get more wins, and more standing, and everything will be better, but no, I want to sit at the grownups table.
  5. Make all the claims you want but opponents aren't messaging you and telling you to go to bronze, your own teammates are doing that. Why not just go to the bronze district where you will be more help to your teammates and not a burden?
  6. I was perm trade locked because I used a popular VPN service and some other person that got banned used the same VPN service. Like going to jail because you moved into a convicts house and now have his old address. No evidence of a crime.
  7. Yeah, inform to regret you that APB PC is deleter
  8. This isn't the first time APB has been down for multiple days.
  9. To get banned you would have to get caught intentionally dethreating, not reported for it.
  10. Because they think they are good at the game and that all golds just cheat. It's blissful to think one is really good and that everyone better just cheats.
  11. Because dethreating means it is intentional. Dethreating is the intentional loss of games for the purpose of losing threat.
  12. Don't talk about farmville until you play competitive farmvillel
  13. There will still be dethreaters. They like being able to put more players on their team by being bronze.
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