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  1. it happened randomly now i cant trade or buy stuff from marketplace
  2. i guess that might be the problem i have msi geforce rtx 2060,i'll try and do what you said,thx for the fast response and i had everything on maximum i guess the engine cant hold it
  3. Hi,am i the only one that got like 40-50 crashes today in total?it always happens when im trying to pick a spawnpoint?
  4. i aint crying,just memeing,they havent got a backup plan when they're doing stuff
  5. dont remember a single video game company having threedays downtime after doing an update but go on
  6. anyone have an idea when districts gonna be back or :D?
  7. Can i get a date of when the servers are gonna be fixed im so fucking tired of playing with 160ms running thru walls and getting shot behind walls.
  8. good job,thanks for the hard work,is there and estimated time on the EU servers on pc :):):)?
  9. they arent paying you to play the game jeez xdd
  10. stop fucking crying,the world isnt ending today,have som patience,these updates are to make the game smoother game,gaming experience
  11. @quixxius what in the fucking hell is going on HAAHAHAH
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