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  1. Thank you LO for responding and taking action quickly, these forums are so toxic because of you people, yes the game is down, this shit is over 10 years old with barely any changes it is expected for errors, stop whining find something to do and wait until they update us, and if you cry even more which i know you will just remember that g1 would of take fucking ages and wr would be left with tiggs updating us 10 hours later, be grateful its still alive even tho if you dont like LO, and if your not just dont be toxic, it doesnt help anyone, have a great day/night bye!
  2. no this is to waste our free premium and scam the other people that already had premium, by not giving their's back as a bonus, instead they give us all 7 days...
  3. The clan is called D E V I L S, its fairly new and fresh, feel free to join any threat, please be respectful and no trolling or toxicity, i want this to be a fairly friendly and nice community with plenty of new people to play with and become friends. Citadel Must have discord and microphone. https://discord.gg/pNzwGa expires after 1 day.
  4. Nerf the cancer gun ntec, its wayy too strong for a rifle, also too much range and dmg. Most people wouldnt be shit without that gun, strife is bad as it is even with cj3, its hard to hit when it acts like a snail.
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses now im hyped to get this apu, also Im from Lithuania and prices here are pretty high, im gonna get it this weekend and update the thread on how it preforms for future refference
  6. The 3400g is 50% better than FX8350, but what i want to know is if the vega 11 can get any decent preformence in apb xd Why do you want to know that? Im from the eu, and i only want to spend 300 euros, i am buying my parts cheaper from a family member that knows peoole, i also already ordered the parts and they are on the way, i just want to know how much fps can you get with the igpu vega 11 on apb i am planing to buy an rx570 or 580 in a few months
  7. I guess you missed my point, im building an entry system because im on a budget, yes they are not great but its better than nothing and i dont plan on playing too much especially triple a titled games and the ryzen 5 3400g is a great cost because its a capable cpu with the best igpu in the world (igpu is just a bonus while the cpu costs less than the 2400g while having better preformence) , while vega 11 was designed not just for Office but also light gaming like esports titles and such, anyway all i wanted to know if anyone played apb with a ryzen apu or vega igpu and wanted to know how was the preformence, i dont care if it varies it just gives me more of an indea, because i cant find any information searching the web. Btw this is my main account, i forgot the password but i reset it
  8. Hi, anyone that wants to play together? Maybe also talk on discord (not a must) im pretty friendly and chill, i can get a bit toxic but mostly justifyingly, im the type of person to support my team first instead of trash talking about them (unless you're trolling) im R255 gold/silver, came back after a long break so im in betweeen. I can also give some tips to new players and show some fun glitches like the infinity nade. IF YOU ARE A TROLL SKIP THIS POST PLEASE. Have a great day to anyone whos reading this :3 Either enf or crim, citadel (thank you Fortune Runner)
  9. 3 max ranks in bronze against 4 golds, hmm i don't see anything wrong about that, oh wait.
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