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  1. Does someone else actually realised the Issue that the Valentine's Guns currently does not count for any role? E.g. Speeddater Kills currently does not count as Shotgun Kills and the Weapon itself does not show in the Shotgun Tab when you switch weapons same as all others of them
  2. "legit players werde getting banned and blatant cheaters werde still running around" when i read this i get literally cancer. No Offense but when those players got caught again after their unban i dont have any humor for it. they broke the rules several times under tiggs/FF got now their ....th Chance and still cant play fair which results they got caught again
  3. @SpuzvaBobYe.. But in every other Game you have the Game which is rated 18+ there is the Forum rated as the same (even subforums) because of reasons (which you normally should know) thats what the age verification is made for
  4. No Offense @SpuzvaBob but why should Images be PG-13 when actually the game is PEGI 18? Players under 18 actually shouldn't play this Game, fyi thats the whole point
  5. Thats exactly what i mean... Before BE you saw them blatantly cheating (few got banned but got unbanned due LO) which results in a blatant reroll. BE got implementet and they disappeared or went HVR/Osmaw/Opgl and played Bad af. 1 Week later after BE you see those hacker groups again and surprise they're like gods again Hit every Single shot on any range, gain perfect ttk all around and i dont even wanna mention their perfect knowledge about enemy positions
  6. tbh "We are banning for hacking and cheating" i dont see any of these since there litearlly STILL closets and blatant cheater out there. I mean we fought many YEARS those blatants and closets. In my opinion those guys doesn't even deserved a 2nd Chance since there's alot of videoproof material where you was easy able to see that they went blatant even while streaming (no i dont mean ***** but there was alot other ppl ) or even some of the cheating Clans which are now back and cheat again the shit out of the game. BE might be fine but the "investigation" needs way too long since there plenty of bypasses out and the "Temp Ban" Solution is a bad choice. You break the ToS of the Game? So you have to be punished for it. They've broken it once and got their (undeserved) 2nd Chance and do it again. Punishing this with a Tempban is a worse idea because they wont learn it when they even fk up their 2nd Chance
  7. I even talk about the Mailboxinventory because you cant use that Option in the Mailbox so you literally have to scroll up the whole list to find (for example) the JMB Guns which are spread over the whole Inventory or best Example Mods which get all together Char/Weapon/Vehicle Mods so when you wanna put smth into the Marketplace or send it to a Friend or a Alt. Char you have to search your whole list to find those Mods because they're together where you literally cant sort it
  8. Hey LO and Forumlurkers What do you actually think about giving us a Option about sorting our Inventory. Many Players have TONS of weapons in their Locker and mostly it takes long time (when the Supplybox is open) to search them. There could be a Function about sort our inventory yourself or setting up Weapons as Favorite so they appear on top of that Weaponslist. Or (if possible) saved Loadouts where you can save several Weaponloadouts like we have it already with the Clothings
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