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  1. Sorry i don't take request because i stop to use prenium since many years. So i can just duplicate nothing more.
  2. Hi Spuzva, I don't know if i can hide some pic whit a "spoil" link or something like that, may be you can try to do that at the first time... Let me tell you something, like many other creator i am here since the close beta under RTW (since the first day of this game). We create music, pictures, vehicles... for years. We are actively promoting this game, but whenever a "manager" change, our post, trades posts, creations posts ... are removed. You deleted some active post (including mine) that had more than 20 pages back and hundreds of thousands of seen. This is not what I call showing respect to the community that makes this game (still) live. Next time, before censoring my trade post sent me a message so that we can find a common solution. I had already put the images in the smallest possible format to perform myself censorship. You had to click on the links to go to an picture host that does not depend on your company that you have censored at the same time... By the way, I doubt that you have the right on your profile picture ... You should perhaps censor yourself at first, right ? A good word
  3. 03/01/2019 Happy new year ! Full restock
  4. Machette


    I found (for me), i clean my tempory file yesterday. Visibly battleeye need it for load : C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\4OZDDU4K (or an other name file) If you dosn't save removing file, you need to do a quick restoration. Or may be re-install battleeye.
  5. Machette


    Same here, an other problem with alienware user ? "Windows can not access the specified device, path, or file." "You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."
  6. 04/07/2018 Full restock on market for 24h.
  7. Hi Citadel, You can find my creation on market... when i pass on the game. Beware an error is slipped into this topic. Cars : 0 sloted car : 50k - 60k 1 sloted car : 110k - 120k 2 sloteds car : 290k - 310k 3 sloted cars : 590k - 610k Vegas : Punk Vegas : Legendary Vegas : Sound Racer Vegas : Red Victory Vegas : Hatsune Miku Vegas : EVA 02 Vegas : [removed image -Spuzva] [removed image -Spuzva] Jericho : Black Rock Shooter Jericho : Hatsune Miku Jericho : Red Bull Jericho : [removed image -Spuzva] Just a cat : Cisco : Anime Nismo Cisco (3 versions) : Yoko Cisco (3 and 1 sloted versions) : Anime Girl Cisco : [removed image -Spuzva] Racing Cisco : Flower Girl Cisco : F.U Racer Cisco : Vaquero : Jurrasic Park Vaquero : [removed image -Spuzva] [removed image -Spuzva] Pioneer : Ergo Proxy Pioneer : [removed image -Spuzva] Moirai : Taxi Driver Moirai : Clothe (just some shirt and t-shirt for female) : Dreblin shirt : 10k Guevara T-shirt : 10k Tiger T-shirt : 10k Pictures : Erza Scarlett : 40k - 60k Nami : 10k - 15k Terror in Eye (different version) : 10k - 15k I don't sell cats... and i don't take request.
  8. Seriously, that not to us to delet some file on us comptuters and worse that not a useless file. I hope dev fix theire shit very quicly.
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