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  1. LaQuandra

    how to retrieve apb folder after deleting it

    Why did you delete it to only want to access it 2 days later?
  2. No, there aren't actual AI players you can shoot. I thought at one point the "third" team was accumulating points automatically. However, the more I have played the event, it seems that every team has been human controlled. The biggest issue, which I mentioned earlier is that both enemy factions are colored red. It is hard for me to tell if they are on the same team or will fight each other.
  3. I agree there is too much information. There are times also when the opposition barrel hud just disappears. Or you're driving to a neutral zone and even though it hasn't been captured it just disappears. Finding the name of teammates is difficult because they do not show up either. Overall the HUD is pretty bad.
  4. I think it depends on the population at the start of the match, but yes, I have seen all 3 factions being player controlled. My biggest issue is that the other two factions show up as "red" enemies to me. I drove up to a location once and I saw like 6 "red" players and I noped right out of there, but then I noticed the red enemies were shooting at each other. Unless you're really close and can see the skins, I am unsure if they are two opposing factions, or if all 6 of those guys will be shooting at me. I enjoy when all 3 factions are human controlled.
  5. Last night we had a pretty epic battle one round in the central park. All the teams reached 100% and we battled back and forth destroying the barrels. It was a really good finale. However, that seems to be the exception. Too many times the barrel is too difficult to find or you just do not have enough time. With only 90 seconds, if you try and push in to find the opposing barrel and die, that is pretty much your only push. They need to find a way to make the finale more back and forth more times than not. If this becomes a full time game mode I assume the fog would be gone.
  6. Spawn protection already exists. Even if you wanted to camp the spawn there is a good chance multiple people will spawn with you. You are "gray" for a couple of seconds and will always get off the first shot. The poison damage makes it next to impossible to destroy some barrels because the area is so large to infiltrate.
  7. The poison gas zone is way too big. Numerous times I would kill a few on point and not have enough fire power to destroy the barrels before the gas gets to me. Obviously the players I killed will respawn in the zone and I am easy pickings since the poison gas has 85'd me and I can't get out of the zone in time. Remove the poison gas damage.
  8. LaQuandra

    This event to you

    The event is a little rough around the edges, but overall it's pretty good. Shame it didn't come out in 2012 when the population and clans were alive because it seems like it would be a fun clan event.
  9. I agree that they will grief if they really want to, but it would be super annoying to be gunned down right as the match begins. 5 TKs and you're kicked anyway, but as well all know, it's pretty dumb especially when you're TKing your group mates waiting for opposition. Overall I have been surprised at the lack of griefing so far.
  10. Just asking people to grief at that point then. Since the teams are random and the community is so small, people are forced to play with people they normally don't get along with. Last thing I want is some noob mowing me down because of issues they have from action districts.
  11. LaQuandra

    Matchmaking and Threat

    I tried to ask a bronze this once but it was obvious they were unable to use their keyboard and mouse in order to reply.
  12. I am pretty sure it was a sarcastic joke. It's Friday. Relax.
  13. 6000 Hours in this game and I still don't know all the mission names. I just don't pay attention enough. There are a handful of missions that I "know." Plenty of times though I've read mission names and it seems like the first time I read them.
  14. Wouldn't BattlEye just block the game from being launched if it doesn't like some third party programs?
  15. LaQuandra

    Frog 'Kokoe'

    It is a really fun gun to use, but then you're 10m away and you die and switch back to the FBW.