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  1. LaQuandra

    Frog 'Kokoe'

    It is a really fun gun to use, but then you're 10m away and you die and switch back to the FBW.
  2. LaQuandra

    APB Theme Assistant/Automator

    I guess your friend giving out call outs on discord is cheating also....how else did you know he was cooking a nade?
  3. LaQuandra

    Meeting someone from the game irl

    I've met a couple of local APB players before. We game when they come over. APB and SOS Classic LAN party at my place. You bring the pizza though. PS- On a side note, I did see someone wearing an APB tshirt back during the RTW times. I was going to mention something but I didn't.
  4. LaQuandra

    Why you only need a 4x4

    It isn't worth buying unslotted cars. Any newcomer should hold off until they unlock some slotted versions. By then they should have money. A whole team rolling around in one car is generally a bad idea. With the mods it's nice to have a car spawner and a mobile radar tower or two. The whole car meta from the cars themselves to the mods need a rework.
  5. LaQuandra

    Why you only need a 4x4

    If the car is going to be a tank, I prefer it to be slooooooooooow. If the car is going to be zippy, I prefer it to be weak. I don't think you're going to get car balance like weapon balance. You can keep tweaking the stats until all the cars are equal and then the other difference is the car model. 3 things make the difference when picking a car: 1. Is it durable? 2. Can it to get to the point quickly 3. Can I transport big items The Escapio and Pioneer do all 3 and they provide a nice wall of cover to shoot behind.
  6. LaQuandra

    Use Other Vehicle types for missions

    Not a bad idea, not sure if they can do it though. #NPCfeelingsmatter
  7. LaQuandra

    Why you only need a 4x4

    The disadvantage is that you have to pay 100$ to spawn it instead of 25/50$. And the big cars dont need a nerf. Its the custom ones which need a buff. just make the cisco and kurai double as heavy as they are and the moirai half a meter shorter and him him some suspension Are you kidding me? Nobody should be concerned about spending $50 or $100 on their car spawn. The cost of the spawn is hardly a deterrent to which car you're going to pick. If you win the mission you're going to receive upwards to 2k-5k depending on premium per mission. But why would I pick the Cisco over the 4x4 even if the cisco was heavier? I am going to drive faster, handle better, have more durability, and have the same amount of cargo space. The meta cars are the meta cars because they have no disadvantages.
  8. LaQuandra

    Mods on h-9 curse?

    If you're not looking down the sights on the curse or the manic you're doing it wrong. I suggest not using any red mods on either of the two guns. Best setup is probably Hunting Sight 3, Mobility Sling, and Extended Mag 3.
  9. LaQuandra

    Why you only need a 4x4

    Yes, the car meta is often ignored. You're generally at a disadvantage if you're not using one of the big 3 (Espacio, Pioneer, or 4x4). The highly durable cars do not have any disadvantages. They can start there.
  10. I've known new players who have enjoyed the game. New players shouldn't expect the game to be tailored to them, they need to adjust to the game. Either you like it or you don't. APB isn't for everyone just like WoW, LoL or CSGO isn't for everyone. Impossible to make all players happy...new and old. Nobody is hacking on NA. If they are, they get banned quickly. Use ignore and don't hide district chat and you will eliminate 95% of the toxicity in the game. ALL games have toxic players and nice players. APB is no exception. Jericho has been playable as of late. While it isn't perfect 100% of the time LO has acknowledged it and it working on it. They had made some progress and the cries of DDOS are occurring less. The current condition of Jericho is playable more often than it isn't. If you enjoy the game, then play it. Don't stress about the things you cannot control.
  11. Except why would other items get more expensive? Legendaries would just have to be put in as obtainable in a different way; gambling is a serious issue. Drunk Driving and alcoholism are serious issues as well. Do you support banning alcohol? Just because gambling is a serious issue for some does not mean it should be removed for everyone. The countries that are proposing these bans are starting to head down the slippery slope of being a nanny state. Let consumers decide how they want to spend their money, not the government.
  12. LaQuandra

    Rank on OTW

    Marquita and LaQuandra
  13. LaQuandra

    LtL Feedback

    Remove stamina damage from all nades beside the stun nade. Perc-PIG is a broken over used non intended mechanic in the game. If enforcers want to LTL they shouldnt be able to prenade with yolos and other nades to make you more vulnerable to stuns. The movement speed penalty when you get hit by the PIG is way too much also. Very difficult to be able to move into cover or even fight back when you're so immobilized. Perc-PIG was never intended to be in the game and has been abused too long. Don't let people crutch on broken mechanics.
  14. LaQuandra

    Color codes

    That is a nice little site. Generally if I found a color I wanted I would open it in MS paint and use the color picker tool, select the color and then go to "edit color." You will see the values there. Then in order to convert it to APB colors, you'd divide the numbers by the following: H/7.74 S/34.3 L/16 You might have to play around a little bit/round some numbers with the final result but it is pretty close.
  15. LaQuandra

    Let's talk non meta weps.

    It won't be another ISSR-B though. It doesn't have nearly the same amount of hard damage. The Oblivion has much better range as well. Not sure how you like using the oblivion currently when changing to your secondary puts you at such a disadvantage. It seems like the balance patch should at least allow you to use the weapon close/mid range and be able to instantly switch to your secondary when needed. The gun will still be very different from the ISSR-B. It will be 100% viable at that point.