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  1. I tested this once time and I found that EM3 did not help. I was able to reload and blow up cars faster without EM3. It might work for some of the smaller cars. I suggest HS3 because you'll be 100% accurate and can even do jumpshots. I've used the Dor Ear and bunch and tried all the mods and always go back to HS3.
  2. ISSR-A is also fully auto while the ISSR-B is semi auto. ISSR-B is the superior weapon between the two. While the ISSR-A is fun to play with, it is out classed by all the other assault rifles for the most part. I know the ISSR-B Dog Ear is available on the Joker Store as the Wisp if you want try it out....not sure if the ISSR-A is on there or not.
  3. Fight Club is bugged, so if they didn't count when you were in Fight Club that is why. If you want to use the FBW in Fight club to increase your role you will have to use the silenced or "sight zero" FBW to progress your role. Hopefully this gets fixed soon along with a million other things.
  4. Red mods ruin the gun Because you're suggesting 3 mods when he said no slots or 2 slots. If you have two slots then HS3 and MS is the optimal loadout.
  5. If I had nothing from Armas and $200 I'd buy the following (all weapons are account wide) 3 Slot Oscar 2399 ISSR-b Dog Ear 1999 RFP-9 Fang 1499 (might get a nerf but whatever) VAS R-2 Crown 2199 (because I like silenced guns, but you could do the 3 slot ntec as well) Obeya CR762 2399 (or OBIR if you prefer the burst rounds) OCA 2399 (or PMG if you prefer the slower fire rate) Colby .45 AP 1499 6 Months Premium 2636 (assuming you're gonna play for a bit) That is around $170. With the remaining $30 you could do joker boxes, vehicles, or clothing that you find appealing. I'd personally spend the money on guns since you'll use them the most. The guns I listed should allow you to be competitive in most situations. Enjoy your spending spree.
  6. Just wanted to bump this. I have a 2080ti and I was getting the "out of memory" error within a few missions of playing APB. Setting my graphics to minimum did indeed fix my "out of memory" issues. I have been able to play long play sessions two days in a row now without a crash. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully @MattScott and the little orbit team can start there.
  7. Why do you feel "bad" for the F2P population when it's their choice to be free to play. I am generally curious. I currently do not have premium active on my account...you honestly feel "bad" for me? I'll take the empathy I guess and if you can spare any mods for an ole buccaneer I'll take that too.
  8. It doesn't work like that. I assume OP is principled then and does not take advantage of the reduced cool downs while in missions.
  9. 86120 G1C= $1,076.50 Add on another $50 or so in retail packs back when newegg had them for $2.99-3.99. So maybe around $1,126.50. I have played since APB Reloaded launched closed beta opened in Q1 2011, so that is 8 years ago. That means I have spent $140.81 a year on APB since it first came out. $11.73 a month to play APB. According to steam I have 6,330 hours. However, it wasn't on steam in closed and early open beta so let's say I round it up to 7,000 hours. Comes out to 16 cents an hour to play APB. Not really a bad deal considering gaming is my biggest hobby and I have spent probably $4000+ in computer parts during those years. Best purchase: Everything Worst purchase: any joker box that gave me a 3 day ALIG.
  10. Yes. But we aren't talking about needs or wants. We are talking about advantages and disadvantages of a premium sub. You don't "experience" APB through weapon skins nor do you experience "more" of the game by having premium. Exactly. Why are people pissing and moaning then? You get to play a game for free while other paying peeps front the bill. Are people seriously that upset about losing that they will take to the forums, insult the company because someone used spotter 3 times in a stage? Little Orbit is a company. They want to make money. This is so crazy that you can use their product without paying but you're gonna fuzzy bunny and complain about their product? Maybe, um, don't use it? Or......pay money and get the advantage you claim others have? Or is it principled where one doesn't want to pay money because the game is f2p or that Little Orbit/G1 don't deserve their cash? Either way, people have a choice. Why people insist on having things conform to them and their personal preferences is beyond me. Get in line and it's a long one. I am not denying that it is "better" to be able to use spotter, blowtorch, nitro, etc more frequently, however I am not going to put it into the "pay to win" category of say a one shot sniper rifle that is only available to paying people. If they made a cool down timer reducer available on the joker store for joker tickets is it no longer "pay to win?" Sure, but I have to assume that most people who claim p2w or are upset about any premium features are going to be free to play players. We have seen it with this post, posts asking to increase free customization, increase in rewards, etc. The message is the same...."I want what the paying players have but I want it free because "FAIR." Little disclaimer- when I say "you" I don't mean Bxnnxd or anyone specifically, just "general APB player."
  11. Sure Armas exclusives and cosmetics need to be purchased with money but they don't prevent you from playing the game. I don't need an American Flag skin on my gun in order to play APB "the game.' I don't need the Misery or a "IRS" in order to play the game. Why not just fall all the way down the slippery slope? What gives me a bigger advantage? 45 second cool down on spotter or the fact that I have a i7 4790k clocked at 4.8 ghz and a 165hz 1440p monitor and can maintain 144+ FPS a majority of the time? Should we just have government issued computers so everyone has the same hardware? The issue boils down to people wanting the game to be "fair" whether or not you pay. Sorry, but that ain't life. If you're poor you're not going to be able to afford the better lawyer. If you're poor you aren't going to be able to afford the nicer car or the fancy house. It's the way life works. We aren't going to make things 100% "fair" all the time based on everyone's financial situations and decisions. Again, to say premium players are more likely to win because of the cool down bonus is just absurd and it's cheap people putting sour grapes on the San Paro dinner table.
  12. Okay, a 100 million dollar developed game that cost $60 on release and a $9.99-$15 monthly sub is now free if you're willing to take 75% of the game. Is the 25% free players miss out on the cool downs? Come on now......... As a free player I can still: 1. Create a character 2. Customize my character 3. Customize my car 4. Make symbols 5. make themes 6. Use the marketplace 7. make trades 8. Play action districts 9. Play fight club 10. Play in events 11. Use all the mods 12. Make APB money 13. Gain contact standing The only thing I can't do is use Spotter every 45 seconds or whatever. Again, the title of the thread is garbage and sensationalized. Honestly....cool downs are "pay to win?"
  13. Do you really honestly think the cool downs from premium are the difference between a win and loss? "OMG, I would have won if his nitro was still on cool down!" The ONLY advantage would be Spotter but the issue is with Spotter itself and not the cool down. Maybe Blowtorch also, but issue is the blowtorch itself, not the cool down. There are basically two types of "video games." Free to play and paid. If you want to play APB for free you can and you can really experience 90%+ of a pretty impressive "free to play" game 100% with zero cost to you. I don't understand the mentality of gamers who think if a game is "free to play" they are fools for investing any of their money into said game. "It's free! I want to play the game for free and have the same experience as the people who actually fund the servers and keep the game alive because I am either too poor or too cheap to spend my own money." The title of the thread is beyond sensationalized. I agree with the sentiment that some of the community is a bunch of whiny born out of wedlockers.
  14. Even if what you say is true, why do you want to bring someone back who abused their power and banned people who weren't even cheating? I'd much rather have cheaters roaming around in district rather than lose my account because Mama Tiggs didn't like me. No anti cheat is going to stop 100% of cheaters. I'll take the "ineffective" BattlEye over a corrupt GM any day of the week.
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