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  1. The GMs aren't there to make someone a better player. They are there to help out new players, answer questions, and make sure others are not breaking the TOS. You also realize LO would have the ability to allow GM accounts to access any district regardless of threat. The threat level does not make a bit of difference.
  2. Check and see if you can log in. Most account have been unbanned. If you cannot, send in a support ticket.
  3. I was vocal when she was around to defend herself. Fact of the matter is, what's done is done. People asked for BattlEye...now you have it. Right now it's not fair to pass judgment about who has been banned and who hasn't when BattlEye has been around for less than two weeks. Is it fair to wait a month or two and then start questioning the effectiveness of the anti-cheat? Okay. I will go back to playing the game fair and honest like always. You can continue to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. I tried to help.
  4. All are unnecessary except stealing the van. Point is, bad behavior can drive people away from the game just as easily as cheaters, dethreaters, etc. If you want players to stay around and enjoy the game like you claim then you should exhibit exemplary behavior as well. At the same time, that type of behavior is expected in all online games, just not APB. People can either stop playing the game all together or choose to overcome those annoyances and enjoy the game for what it is like I have. The point again is that these annoyances do not exist, but the community over blows them due to entitlement and selfish reasons. People use them more for excuses for their shortcomings.
  5. How is it harsh? I quoted you. You said you can be pretty horrible....it isn't harsh to say "don't be horrible." Be a good person regardless.
  6. Yeah, Little Orbit backed me up considering I've been unbanned. Yeah, I have plenty of things to back it up. What do you have? A quote from Tiggs? Ok. Stop being toxic in the community and being horrible in general. I was never toxic nor horrible in the community. There is no point in debating it. Little Orbit now runs the game, they said a lot of bans were questionable to say the least and echoed my sentiments for years. Good enough for me.
  7. You also had the chance to socially outcast people Tiggs had an issue with that weren’t cheating yet she lied and claimed they were cheating. Who really looks like the fool there? You were celebrating false bans as if there were legitimate reasons for those players to be banned. Is it too much to ask that the playerbase log in, plays missions and just let the anti cheat do it’s thing? It is possible the “cheater” you dislike so much isn’t banned because, oh I don’t know, they aren’t cheating?
  8. LaQuandra

    Old weapon drop system

    I think for a particular game mode it could be viable but I don’t want to see it in regular action districts. I think players should be forced to change their weapon if they choose to do so.
  9. I don’t play in bronze districts. If 75% of the bronze district is dethreaters then there aren’t that many new players to begin with so what is the issue? New players will either tough it out and get better or they will continue to be bad and quit regardless. Nobody still has answered how long a player needs before the training wheels should be taken off. Like everyone else, I was once new to the game. I had to learn it. I had to take my lumps. Heaven forbid I learned from my mistakes and got better. I should be the norm, not the exception. Too much entitlement If you lose consistently and you’re not having fun find a new game or a new hobby rather than expecting people to change for you. Seems like some people want to stay in bronze district forever and not improve.
  10. I have 6000 hours. I’ve played on all servers. I’ve played at noon, 3PM, 7PM, 3AM. You name the time and I have played. Again, I am not saying that dethreaters don’t ruin the experience for some players, but I am not going to buy into the fact that the bronze district is full of them. You never answered my question. At how many hours can we take off the APB training wheels for players? Sooner or later everyone just needs to play the game without being entitled to a safe space. Not saying this is you, but if you have like 1000 hours and you’re crying about dethreaters, they aren’t the issue.
  11. I am am not a developer therefore I cannot ignore the issues that brought the game to it’s state. The biggest issue is lack of content and server performance. Last night a few people I know stopped playing because the lag was annoying. We didn’t face any cheaters in the 5+ missions we played. I am glad you admit some might be banned for “stupid reasons.” Seems like a good way to kill your playerbase. Tiggs needed grow up and not be triggered because someone said they were 12 or made a shirt for Epic Goat. And yes I think many were falsely flagged and lost their accounts unfairly. I think that is pretty significant considering many then quit the game, stopped spending money, and wouldn’t recommend it to other people. That matters. Again, I can only speak for myself but never have I played APB for a long play session and encountered unique cheaters consistenctly. Either I am lucky as the other poster suggested or it is overblown by the player population. If I have been that lucky for 6000 hours I am booking a trip to Vegas this summer. Honestly though, take emotion out of your feelings about the game and you will have a different perspective.
  12. People having been saying that for years. It isn't a new phenomena. I am not saying there aren't people dethreating and such, but there does come a time when there are silvers and bronzes who have been playing the game long enough that they should be matched against people of all skill levels. How many hours of game time does an APB player need until they are considered a veteran? When I played in the bronze districts for a few days with my new friends we had legit matches most of the time. Sure we had the occasional rank 255 silvers with Volcanoes and whatever else, but you suck it up and you play, win or lose. Sooner or later you have to point the finger at yourself and accept that either you need to get better or accept the fact that others are going to be better than you. Your skill will never increase if you're playing bad competition all day. It's just hard to take these threads and comments seriously when you hear "everyone is cheating." "everyone is dethreating" "everyone is using a trigbot," etc. What makes me so unique in my 6000 hours that I don't encounter these issues on a daily basis yet others do?
  13. I introduced some new players to APB a little over a month ago. I played with them in the bronze server on a newly created account. I saw a lot of bronzes and silvers. Play the game long enough and you should be able to compete against most players. It takes time. There is no innate advantage one player holds over another. Takes a backbone and some patience like everything in life.
  14. LaQuandra

    Pick Up mission phase

    Just going to lead to more dethreatening so people can post their “everyone is cheating” threads.
  15. If you truly think that then the game is dead. You’re not going to get a new action district map and new missions. It isn’t going to happen. All games have have bugs and people will abuse them. However there are no huge game breaking bugs that a team can exploit and guarneteee victory each time. There are only a select few and most of the community isn’t aware of them. How can you say G1 has a high tolerance for cheaters when they banned so many people? Why do you think they put on name and shame? They did it for Lily’s of the world. Even though they banned anyone with any type of skill people were still convinced everyone was cheating. The Lily’s of the world would be satisfied if they are the only player left on the server because it would vindicate their belief of “so many cheaters.” I don’t mean to sound rude but if you think cheaters are the big issue in APB you’re simply not good enough.