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  1. Let it stay dead. Thanks.
  2. LaQuandra

    Waterfront Contacts

    Yes the population on Jericho is bad and generally there is only one silver action district. However, there is enough population for 2 full districts and maybe even some over flows if threat segregation did not exist. I'd prefer disabling threat segregation over letting you level contacts in Fight Club. The purpose of APB and the main game is the missions part....if you let people level contacts purely in Fight Club you're going to kill the missions districts which are barely hanging on right now. If you allow cross district pledging, you're just going to kill Waterfront since it's seen as the red headed stepchild district even though it's the best district. Dramatic changes are not needed if the game gets updated and population comes back. The other night Jericho had 2 silver districts with population and over 300 players....hopefully that trend continues.
  3. LaQuandra

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    You can do open world stuff without readying up for missions.
  4. LaQuandra

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    The players do not control matchmaking. They can only play whoever they are matched against. Wouldn't it be more insulting for them to use just secondary weapons or whatever? Why should players give other players a false sense of hope? This makes no sense. If you dont want to get better then why are you complaining others are better? Why are some people unable to get better? I assume 90% of the population is able bodied and able to get better. If your choice is to not improve, then do not complain others strive and try to get better. It's a PVP game. You can't fault people for trying to win. If you're playing it for fun and randomness as you claim, then why are you complaining if you lose? Just have fun and enjoy the randomness, win or loss, kills or deaths. There are segregated districts that the really good players are not even allowed to go in. How are "bad" players "punished?" They get to play the game like everyone else. Why should "good" players be "punished" by reducing the people they can PVP against?
  5. LaQuandra

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    Any gold that is in the bronze district isn't very good. A true gold hasn't been able to touch the bronze districts in years. Golds have no choice but to play in the silver district. What about the golds who play for their own entertainment? Is it my fault my group mates are better than your group mates? Missions are always going to have a winner and loser. How do you expect to get better if you only play subpar competition and rely on poor tactics? Everyone played FPSs and APB for the first time. Everyone was "bad" at one point. Why should the good players be punished because others are not on their level?
  6. LaQuandra

    Lock gold to gold

    Hi. They tried this before....back when the game had a larger population. The gold servers were dead, not because golds wanted to avoid those servers, but because there are simply not enough gold players on at a given time. Your suggestion has been tried. It didn't work. Time for a new suggestion or I dunno, play the opp you get and try and be better?
  7. Why? Then everyone and their brother would be crying p2w even more than they do now when you use a yellow gun. Make them unique but keep them balanced.
  8. LaQuandra

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    If you join a district and ready up....play the mission.
  9. LaQuandra

    APB 2

    I heard it was going to be called "APB Also" and not "APB 2"
  10. Yup. Even when the opp was still. My partner had the same issue. Unloaded a full clip of the Oscar into a stationary target and got +18 Was DDOS protection running last night?
  11. Yes. Last night was pretty awful. Generally I don't complain about hit reg all that much but last night was super perplexing for me.
  12. GPUs generally do not make a difference in APB if your GPU is within the last 10 years. APB only cares about cpu clock speed. The more ghz you have, the more frames. Frame drops will happen regardless of your computer setup.
  13. The issue with this however is the game was developed in the mid 2000s and released in 2010. The technology behind APB has not changed. At one time his potato PC was able to run the game. The game hasn't advanced, just the poor coding and optimization.
  14. LaQuandra

    Racing Districts

    Should be out at the end of 2011 or early 2012. Social has banners in them right now that say "Racing district coming soon"