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  1. Red mods ruin the gun Because you're suggesting 3 mods when he said no slots or 2 slots. If you have two slots then HS3 and MS is the optimal loadout.
  2. If I had nothing from Armas and $200 I'd buy the following (all weapons are account wide) 3 Slot Oscar 2399 ISSR-b Dog Ear 1999 RFP-9 Fang 1499 (might get a nerf but whatever) VAS R-2 Crown 2199 (because I like silenced guns, but you could do the 3 slot ntec as well) Obeya CR762 2399 (or OBIR if you prefer the burst rounds) OCA 2399 (or PMG if you prefer the slower fire rate) Colby .45 AP 1499 6 Months Premium 2636 (assuming you're gonna play for a bit) That is around $170. With the remaining $30 you could do joker boxes, vehicles, or clothing that you find appealing. I'd personally spend the money on guns since you'll use them the most. The guns I listed should allow you to be competitive in most situations. Enjoy your spending spree.
  3. Just wanted to bump this. I have a 2080ti and I was getting the "out of memory" error within a few missions of playing APB. Setting my graphics to minimum did indeed fix my "out of memory" issues. I have been able to play long play sessions two days in a row now without a crash. Thanks for the tip. Hopefully @MattScott and the little orbit team can start there.
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