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  1. And now its working for me in missions .. wtf
  2. hiddengamer56

    Gunslinger role

    I made a new character and doing kills with fbw but when i pressed J then roles, gunslinger role do not register kills
  3. But you still bad after 8 years of playing so you should upgrade and try to get some skill
  4. WOAH n1 in the game know the bolt (aka PMG DUDE ITS A PMG HELLO) is op
  5. This gun have been in the game for years but G1 didnt uploaded it, so LO didnt even made a new gun for twice now
  6. Im using playclaw as crosshair I am using playclaw as crosshair overlay
  7. We will be able to continue to edit games files with EAC ? + is crosshair overlay will be detectable with EAC ?
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