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  1. old troth system was finest for Apb becuase u really mean what ur throth is now this days its fricking fake golds detrhoting at bronze districts but thanfully its no trtheth system at the monument
  2. haha my mans i fux with this ish heavy yall aint even kno how bad i been waiting to cop a armas sales specialy after them servers was offline #separateteamsftw
  3. convoluted deployable ammo box grenade resupply rate versus grenades no longer classified as ammuniton and now having cooldown timers
  4. i think i might just quit this laggy apb server and go back to retail apb
  5. yeah my hubbys giving me black eyes but its chill he puts food on the table and lets me buy cat ears from armas
  6. when comes the new car, he says.... lord remmy save us all...
  7. theirye not bad at developing and managing the game they are just not sweaty tryhard developers like AAA title developers and they actually like to have FUN when they manage the game have u ever thought about it like that ???
  8. how is that wrong , it looks so sick and one of this reasons i want these gun man AND it is there own design too
  9. man i cannot wait i have been saving up for a gun just like this one
  10. Mate its funny bro u literally whuld get knocked flat on ur behind taking a .50 cal round in real life balance or not bro 850 damage is been generous but its like w/e i get games need balance and what not so i mnot too concern they did there part and did no quick switchs im fine with that honestly thwe gun can still be used how it shuld be thats about all i got to say about the hvr , dueces - Majuler
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