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  1. Pretty much exclusively an EU thing; haven't seen a cheater on NA in 3+ months.
  2. Idk how long do you think it will take for people to cry about how APB is unplayable because there's too many cheaters?
  3. I have a strange feeling you don't understand what QoL is / means
  4. Because they aren't advantages, LilyV3 is just a brick wall
  5. There is no way certain people genuinely think that not having to hold shift is giving players a significant advantage over others. Like I actually refuse to believe that level of delusion exists. It's not changing any numbers, breaking mechanics, or effecting gameplay. It's a QoL enhancement, nothing more.
  6. As long as the actual tournament takes place after the release of Battleye. I always wanted tournaments like this in APB whether official or run by the community. Hope it's successful and we see more tourneys in the future
  7. Not sure I remember that one... I do remember there was some sort of bug / exploit involving the actual kiosk you used to purchase clothing where you could edit someone else's clothing if you bought the same clothing piece
  8. I think it would be cool to implement the ability to give other players access to things you have created (symbols, clothing, cars, themes, etc.) People have already been doing it for years now, but given the chance to avoid the murky waters that are account sharing I think it would be a cool way of expanding these creative outlets.
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