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  1. people dont see my chat messages therefore shut the game down
  2. you guys are allowed to vault shitty mechanics you know that right?
  3. i like smalleer res cuz its like a smaller guy u know ?? ahah yeah idk why ppl use potaot graphics tho mionotrs are 1080p and 4k nowadayes so it doesnt make sense you spend like 500 dollars for a monitor or sum sshits and u play 640x480 resolusion like bruh damn... ur lose i guess homie mising out on good looks and graphics >>>> tryhard to win all game and sometimes when u really think abt it like game makers from the start of games made it for the facts of fun and eterntainment and that stil truthe to this day so y u are not dont playing for fun like copany wantes you 2 do to o(`__`)o
  4. Damn... That Sucks I Hope You Get Yo Account Back Soon Homie Good Luck With Support Haha.
  5. hit tab, click name, check ignore... phew almost broke a sweat
  6. dang that oca shits like a replicka of an mp5 thats 9milimeter doe should be firin fast like a chayn gun not none dat stapler shite dawg wtf? ?
  7. top jericho streamer poundofflesh ??
  8. better than anyone at team play relative to the bronze district though right?
  9. were they in the bronze district too?
  10. make every gun have 0 bloom and pinpoint accurate, rebalance weapons around this idea. wow that was hard
  11. i agree with queen of love like we need more content like bro where tf my dragunov sniper at doe and i need a fresh fit for my gengster crim whats the deal morons u having hard time drawing up legendary blueprint in paint?? ahaha fr fr the new legendary box pretty lit doe i copped it last night doe got that new ntec7 its litness
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