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  1. Breaking: This just in! Most pianists found to be using performance enhancing macros in order to keep up rhythm and tempo. Scientists are baffled!
  2. No comment! Hello there and welcome to WASP Sakebee!
  3. Quick side note. The images posted were just updated to new ones. Turns out I had anisotropic filtering completely disabled, giving all textures a blurry appearance. Thanks @Ketog x)
  4. Loading times are much much faster than current APB. I believe this is already a thing? Time progresses and the lighting/skybox is affected.. Soundscapes even change to crickets at night when you are close to certain foliage. Console doesn't have this yet, but PC has had it for years.
  5. Addresses this - but yes, the draw distance (LOD values) can be higher than on live, as seen on the screenshots.
  6. Citadel is usually like this during prime time.
  7. I think it's known as pixel skipping. RJN tests for this in all of his mouse reviews. I never encountered the issue in APB but I used to get it all the time in Overwatch.
  8. For now I don't believe that we can comment on any specifics beyond the measurements already released. Sorry The only way we can get a true image of this is by opening up for public testing - so I hope we get to that ASAP.
  9. Sure but this would require rewriting the code. I was approaching potential changes from the perspective of not changing code. I am sure that they will overhaul the entire system eventually.
  10. G1 supplied those binary dumps before Little Orbit.
  11. No. Why? The site is constructed using binary dumps originating from Little Orbit - and it is an amazing piece of work. You don't see people complaining about thottbot, wowhead.. etc... No.
  12. I think that is the intent once the engine upgrade is stable enough to do so. Another factor is that the average player wouldn't be able to look past glaring issues. Imagine getting builds with terrible frame rates (this is often the case in game development) would you be able to look past that in order to identify things of importance?
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