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  1. Yes that was my assumption. I am sorry if that was not representative of your opinion. I was trying to be helpful.
  2. Right - I am asking because this thread alone doesn't make much sense, but I would put that on Little Orbit for not communicating properly. People will generally have split opinions on this thread's question, because they are actually having different experiences. I want to prefix this by saying that I am not talking about FPS or stutters. In this case I am only talking about input lag/latency. If you are on Windows 10 and you have not updated your operating system in 2020 you will have terrible input lag akin to playing LIVE APB in windowed mode. It's absolutely unplayable. If you are on an updated version (2020) of Windows 10, you will have less input lag on the BETA client than the LIVE client in fullscreen mode. Yes, windowed fullscreen is better than exclusive fullscreen. It sounds like heresy, yet that's the world we live in. You can read more about this development in technology here: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/demystifying-full-screen-optimizations/ Note that this article was written in December of 2019. So if you feel the beta client performed terribly then it might mean that it's time to update your OS. I asked @KyoukiDotExe about this and he suspects that you should at least be on build 1607 to get these optimizations, but support for this mode is constantly updated so you might as well fully update your OS. There's a source on that here: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Windows#Windows_10
  3. For the people who voted that live feels better - what operating system are you on? If you're on Windows 10 do you have updates disabled?
  4. They are not patch notes - they are the actual designer value diffs. They are not there because they were never applied to the real weapons. The values for frampdistance are not relevant/representative if the weapon uses Unreal curves.. which is the case for carbine. They tested it - the changes never went live OR they were never applied to the real guns, only the test varieties for the prototyping districts.
  5. No - those changes were reverted. There have been no frampdistance changes (incl. Unreal curves) to any rifles since at least 2016. And no curves were changed either. No marksman weapons had their ranges nerfed after the Improved Rifling changes were reverted. The accuracy of the OBIR was not changed either. fradiusattenmetres has not been changed since at least 2016 fmarksmanshipmodifier has not been changed since at least 2016 PMG is indeed easier than Carbine. The curve system for damage drop-off has no impact on bloom. They are not the same range. They have roughly the same damage drop-off, but you are ignoring accuracy and time to kill. All of the SMGs have insane ranges (drop-off) on paper, but their accuracy is much lower: fradiusattenmetres or fradiusattenmetres * fmarksmanshipmodifier. A high base accuracy (fradiusattenmetres) means a very inaccurate gun, which results in them being less effective on range. Here's an example: OCA - fradiusattenmetres: 36 - fmarksmanshipmodifier: 0.98 effective accuracy: 35.28 CM Carbine - fradiusattenmetres: 24 - fmarksmanshipmodifier: 0.6 effective accuracy: 14.4 CM So.. the OCA is much more inaccurate at range. You can do the same math for the PMG and you'll see the same result. Even though the carbine has roughly the same damage drop-off, it will be much more effective on range because you can hit your shots consistently. Your argument is simply not valid or correct. So, no. Anything else I can correct you on? sources: https://apbdb.com/changes/ - lists all changes in every single patch since 2016 (including "hidden conspiracy changes") https://apbdb.com/beacon/items/Weapon_Rifle_JokerCarbine_Slot1 - raw weapon values for the joker carbine https://apbdb.com/beacon/items/Weapon_SMG_OCA - raw weapon values for the oca https://apbdb.com/beacon/items/Weapon_Rifle_OBIR_Perm - raw weapon values for the obir
  6. This is not possible to do by macro. That's the most ridiculous claim I have ever heard. Have you ever actually played this game? Physics are calculated server side. That is not possible to do. These are extremely easy to pull of manually. You learn this week 1 of picking up APB. Have you ever played shooters before? I think a macro would be a hindrance if anything. You come off as somebody who is very bad at the game, but at the same time you're trying to lecture people with thousands of hours. Your lacking knowledge of how the game actually functions speaks volumes. Most of your posts are complete nonsense to the point where I think you are deliberately playing stupid in order to troll people. If not, then this whole reply is just... Sad.
  7. They are. They are. And it remains as one of the best guns in the game, never falling from meta usage and works in every imaginable situation in every imaginable range. Except none of these things were touched under LO, or even in the last few years. N-TEC 5 begins to become less dangerous at around 60 meters and on (add 7 to that to account for IR3). It has always worked this way. But you have to slow down your fire rate a lot to achieve this - which is where rifles will win. Well no. They can't. Not any longer. That's a huge part of what this patch is fixing. Try and read through the changes perhaps? Jump shooting prevents guns like the NTEC-5 from being all powerful, and actually encountering situations where your secondary pistol should be preferred. APB is about choosing the right weapon for the right situation, hence why you have so many different ways of changing your loadout during missions. I think we could have changed the ammo capacities without you noticing, if we refrained from adding it to the patch notes. I am almost certain that it won't cross your mind again this time next week and onwards. That's exactly what was done. Read the descriptions along with all of the numeric changes. Carbine/Oscar and SMGs are not the same ranges. Not at all. I don't think you read the changes or understood what they do. Merged. Your worry was addressed in the first paragraph of the announcement. (..) it is important to stress that what you see here is part of an ongoing effort to dial weapons in to a healthy place. We are committed to cultivating a dynamic meta where each weapon style has a use. We've missed some weapons in the past when we've tackled this issue. It is likely you will see some weapons that aren't addressed this time around either. This is a process we will continue to iterate on, and your feedback is an important part of that process. This is not the final weapon balance patch. Many different approaches were used to reach these changes. If you read through the changes you'll notice that not just the carbine was changed. If you scroll up and down there are a lot of other changes - some of those affect guns that you don't see a lot, others affect guns that you see all the time. What you are asking for is already being done.
  8. That has nothing to do with the mission system. But eehhhh.. Maybe.. The only complaint I have is that spawns are not taking stage context into account. They are just distributed around the average location of objectives or players on the mission (in case of takeouts). This becomes extremely annoying in scavenger or drop-off stages when the enemy team spawns in front of the attacking team's vehicle which is carrying the item-to-drop. There should definitely be a rule to prevent this, which instead forces the enemy team to spawn at their base. The issue largely comes down to where the spawns are distributed according to the context of the stage - not so much the spawns themselves. Most issues I see streamers whine about is them picking brainless spawns. Agreed. That has nothing to do with the mission system - but agreed. None of the rivals of the OBIR (same range/role alternatives) can achieve the same thing. By comparison it is extremely overpowered. With the bolt timer the OBIR can still defend itself in close range. 55 damage is a lot for a single very fast burst. The only difference is that you are required to wait approximately 0.3 seconds longer before you switch to your pistol. Assault rifles have not been changed. The jump shooting modifiers were normalized according to changes (N-TEC 5 nerf) that most of the community seemed to be very happy about. You can't have one gun that is absolutely terrible, and every other alternative be drastically better. Things need to make sense within the individual categories that weapons reside in. Nothing has been made clunkier or slower. You're just forced to use your secondary, as intended, when engaging a player in close range. This is a constant never ending effort. Just because bans are no longer broadcasted doesn't mean they are not occurring or that player reports are not thoroughly looked at. In most cases the player you are reporting is not cheating - people spend literally thousands of hours to get good at this game, some even caused serious instabilities in their lives by dropping out of school to reach that level. It's depressing but it's the truth. "This first mission pass is intended to provide as much improvement as possible to the APB player's experience without fundamentally changing any of the existing missions you know and love. Our efforts here were focused on reducing pain points, like unwieldy timers, odd group sizes for missions, or awkward objectives." The first pass on mission changes involved re-enabling old missions then going through each mission in the game (243) and manually adjusting the timers of every single stage (approximately 1500 stages) to scale with objective count, objective distances and type of objectives. Last stages were also revamped to focus on points required rather than time limits, in order to further focus the mission experience on group skill rather than objective location randomness. Bonus time missions were also revamped to prevent stage time pooling and overall make them more balanced for the attacking team. This and many more minor changes to improve quality of life. --- As a side note: it was never stated that any of these things were finalized or forever finished. In fact, Little Orbit has assured the community many times that everything is an ongoing process based on statistics and player feedback. Stop panicking and assuming the worst possible thing.
  9. No recoil - sure. Definitely possible. No bloom/spread - impossible with APB's implementation, just like I said. It was possible in very early versions of APB but it was later patched out. My SPCT status has nothing to do with this - this isn't a matter of discussion or opinion. Everything I said is objectively true. There's no reason to continue the trend of making a fool of yourself.
  10. False. You can not remove bloom, this is calculated server side. False. You can not remove damage drop off, this is calculated server side. Sure, but you can report the players - even though none of the above is possible with cheats. You're starting to sound like the guy who writes several pages of drunken ranting usually concerning shadow governments - in an attempt to compare it to Little Orbit. That's great and all, but I am not sure why this belongs on the forums. How is this related to cheating in a video game? Go to Reddit or /pol/ perhaps? Why would this be taken down when all you're doing is making a fool of yourself? Just report them through the support system, how hard can it be? The real problem is the flood of false reports that you are sending in that the support team has to filter through before they can get to the real ones. You're reporting things that are by definition impossible to achieve with cheats. There is a problem but you are not being helpful - you are just uninformed and overly paranoid.
  11. Absolutely no. And I am saying after having beta tested the new engine for almost a year now. 1. The APB community is not remotely mature enough to comprehend and accept what alpha/beta means. There are patches where the game soft locks, reaches sub 30 fps or is barely playable for other reasons. If you want a playable game that's additional development time for each patch where the developers have to make it "playerbase friendly" - because if they don't there will be an outcry on the forums exclaiming that the world is ending. 2. There is no new content. APB 2.1 is current APB on a new engine. That's it. There will be new content down the line but to my knowledge that will not happen until far after the launch. 3. There is already constant feedback. That's why the SPCT exists. Concentrated testing when necessary without the community upkeep angle. This is a case where the famous words apply: "You think you do, but you don't" I am absolutely sure that testing will gradually open up more and more as we get closer to release - but for now this is the best way to handle things.
  12. On behalf of the SPCT please enjoy this patch. Remember that nothing is set in stone. Don't forget to post threads and comments airing your thoughts and opinions, the good and the bad. See you guys tomorrow on the open beta
  13. This. This. This. This. This. This. And why do people continue to believe that this is the end of all logic in the world. Clearly LO are focused on anti-cheat. Do you really think that they would willingly leave BattlEye outdated, or refuse to look for alternatives if the need should arise? Right now things are good, and if that changes LO will react - just like they did when they decided to go for EAC. If all hell breaks lose they now have a legitimate (but expensive) solution to the problem. This is a good situation to be in.
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