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  1. The action districts work just fine to my knowledge, those are just not being stress tested at the moment. Asylum makes sense because there's a bunch of players close together being as laggy as possible. I recorded a video showcasing action districts last year. Since then performance, render distance, lighting and a ton of other things have improved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swskVY7XhFM Because they are clearly trying to catch a wider audience. Reddit is free publicly by upvotes and crossposting. Everybody has played APB at some point in time. The sheer amount of people who signed up for this game is so ridiculous you wouldn't believe it. Any amount of exposure is bound to bring people back for this event that has been talked about since 2012. The developers clearly read the forums, so of course you should be positing constructive feedback and ideas on here. But it makes sense to use other forms of media to do the same. YouTube videos are a good way of explaining things too. What exactly is out of control about this? This is 101 shit.
  2. I still don't think that you get it, but I happen to agree with the naming convention. Before No Man's Sky reclaimed their respect, they named their very first patch after launch "Foundation" in order to signal further improvements to the community. I like this concept. Not a bad idea. Although this quote from 404 summarizes it well. Which part of "engine upgrade" spells out matchmaking overhaul to you? The engine upgrade is needed in order to properly change the matchmaking system going forwards. We need district phasing, we need dynamic district allocation, we need a larger pool of enemies per district. None of these things are possible on the current engine.
  3. No they don't. You made this meme and you attached it to a forum thread that you wrote yourself. The only thing that the meme has in common with your thread is that it makes absolutely no sense and is a blatant lie.
  4. Except that it is, by definition, an upgrade to a more modern engine version. The whole point of the engine upgrade is to create a solid foundation for further development with modern technologies that doesn't involve digging in terrible code that is more than a century old. Better performance, more graphical options, plenty of optimizations and locking down several engine files that prevents players from getting an advantage over others by removing fog, particles or modifying shaders. Multi threaded rendering which completely removes stuttering. Modern DirectX. Better server performance. Potentially larger districts with more players. And the big one: 64 bit architecture which significantly improves the anti-cheat, betters performance, allows for more detailed models and textures and improves the usability of the backend development tools (especially the level design ones, judging by the struggles experienced during RIOT). A solid foundation for faster and more stable further developments.
  5. No they don't. They don't. And your image makes no sense. You hardly make any credits from playing missions. You hardly get anything from premium except slightly faster leveling - and I'll emphasize slightly. The ability to make more complex symbols is cool though. Great incentive since everyone is home and have the time to actually spend time on designing.
  6. inb4 social district boycott. It'll be fun to see them all play the same on new engine.
  7. And there's literally nothing wrong with using a config. If anything, Little Orbit encourages people to use them in order to get better performance. I believe they're even hosting a version of the advanced launcher officially. If people use shaders just report them and its bye bye. Nobody reports because nobody really cares.
  8. rooq

    Pixel skippy

    I've never had pixel skipping in APB, but try this. Anisotropic Filtering introduces a huge buffer that adds a ridiculous amount of input lag. Should be disabled on all Nvidia cards in games where you want responsive input. Low Latency Mode speaks for itself. Thanks Kyouki
  9. I dont think u have to wait for them to close the ticket. You can just close it and go do something else. a close button would likely do the same thing except it also prevents you from making further replies. You can also just not make further replies.
  10. This is an incredibly good video. I am very happy that you shared this, thank you. There are some scary parallels. There are clearly issues with the steep learning curve of APB, and as a developer you'd be inclined to dumb things down to try and smoothen that out, I've heard people use the argument "Little Orbit shouldn't design their game for the existing playerbase, their efforts should focus on the future players." - but the reflection at 6:55 seems to suggest the exact opposite. Perhaps rather than chasing the mythical retention statistics, you should utilize the intelligence of the veteran player base to identify what works and what does not. Maybe that will lead you to a more sustainable road. Very interesting. It's unlikely that everything is applicable to APB, but I can see a lot of things that make sense.
  11. No, it is not wide open for hackers - but file integrity checks or generally locking down certain files (which has been confirmed in engine upgrade) would help with some issues largely unrelated to internal/external cheats. EAC works pretty decently - so does BattlEye if properly updated and configured, which is harder to do compared to EAC due to the company's structure. Long story. Here's the reality of anti-cheat: No anti-cheat is perfect. No anti-cheat can be perfect. As long as sensitive memory is stored on the client, that memory can be extracted or manipulated to create cheats. That is just how data works. It is just more or less difficult to attain the rights to touch this memory while remaining undetected - but it is never impossible no matter what you do. Given time and resources entire anti-cheats can be reverse engineered and emulated seeing as they are just software after all. The only approach you can take to solve this problem is by moving the sensitive memory to the server side. This is why you do not see cheaters in games like Starcraft, League of Legends or Dota. At least meaningful ones. Because of the fog of war mechanic the server will only transmit data that the player should be able to see. The nature of the genre itself prevents cheats from being useful, and and the simplicity of those games makes it easy to move things to the server side, away from the attacker's control. A good example of this is how cheaters in APB are incapable of manipulating things like car handling or car speed, because the physics simulation for vehicles is handled on the server side. You could technically do the same with player aim and movement and achieve utopia, but sadly the data transmission required would be out of this world and would not work for shooters at all. Our genre simply does not allow for it. It is an endless battle that can not be won - you can only do your best. I could go into the implementation details that explains why you see such a small quantity of cheaters right now, but somehow I don't think forum moderators would allow me to. For reference,Valve decided to mostly give up in implementing client-side anti-cheat, among other things they do the most basic of scanning based on detected cheats and leave it at that. They moved their efforts onto detecting cheaters based on machine learning using VACNet, there's a good summary of that talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnRgW54EWwA I've said it before but I'll repeat it again: Right now historically speaking is the lowest amount of cheaters that I have ever witnessed in this game's history. You see occasional appearances but those people are swiftly removed. The other cheaters that people are seeing are a product of paranoia, an incredibly high skill ceiling and bloated egos. People just can not accept that people can be better than themselves.
  12. Hey gamers what's poppin' Yeah 2012/2014 was great. Remember when you could jump scout from cross the map, and practically snipe people with shotguns? Back when the N-Tec was a laser beam with HB2, when the OSMAW didn't have a charge timer and you were able to perfectly manipulate and predict spawn positions of the enemy by running to certain spots. Yeah those were great times. I definitely want APB to be like a match of Crossfire in HL:AG. Sarcasm over. None of you have any idea what you are talking about.
  13. Hey gamer what's poppin' Do you mind letting us know what anti-cheat can be installed that isn't easily bypassed? I'm very curious.
  14. Breaking: This just in! Most pianists found to be using performance enhancing macros in order to keep up rhythm and tempo. Scientists are baffled!
  15. No comment! Hello there and welcome to WASP Sakebee!
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