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  1. As I said, GDDR6 itself is not the issue. The problem lies within the Nvidia drivers themselves
  2. That isn't true, I never got a single crash with my RX 5700
  3. Yep, it's also called VSYNC if OP is wondering.
  4. hey it's a known issue that only affects RTX cards. apparently there's a workaround for this by using the advanced apb launcher with the lowest settings possible. could u try and tell if that fixed ur issue ?
  5. French ones do so Canadian ones should as well I guess
  6. Everyone has this, tho what I described is an issue with Navi itself. Drivers still aren't ready, the latest one will give you tons of BSODs while using GPU acceleration, GTA keeps crashing (this should be fixed now), and there are massive performance issues with Unlreal (3 and up) as well as Source. To give you an idea the kind of performance I'm getting would be similar to trying to run APB with an old pentium and a gt 210 on max settings
  7. Feel ya but the issue isn't apb, u can try any game using any version of the Unreal Engine and notice they all are unplayable on navi (i have the 5700 and the latest engineering drivers and can't run apb properly, see benchmark below) 2019-08-16 15:36:03 - APB Frames: 4393 - Time: 60000ms - Avg: 73.217 - Min: 1 - Max: 110
  8. You should try using the latest 19.7.5 (you can get it here). At least what I can tell you is I'm having zero issue with the 19.6.2 driver (yes I need to update lol) with my R9 290. Also before installing the new drivers I'd strongly recommend you to nuke your old drivers with DDU (you can get it here). Just restart in safemode, run DDU, uninstall the drivers, restart and then install the new drivers. Hope that can help you :3
  9. It's a known bug, enforcers shoot the windows (it used to pass on the next stage), which break but the stage still needs to be completed. Since they are already broken crims can't shoot them. The solution is simply to ram them with a car as crim and the objective will be completed.
  10. Completely off-topic. I just pointed out they said they bought it in 2010 when the 680 released in 2012. Hell even the 580 was barely released
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