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  1. more like it'll be even easier for people u call hacks to roll players like u "trash people" will stay "trash people" for once i agree with @NotZombieBiscuit lol
  2. so u want to... remove matchmaking and threat altogether ? that's literally going the opposite direction of the rambling u've been spewing out for months lmfao
  3. oh really ? i knew something was off when apbdb and the latest gun balance post i found didn't match lol still a buff from the initial 550 dmg tho
  4. doesn't exist also if u meant hvr 243 aka scout, afaik they didn't apply that mechanic to it (u can still do jumpshots and deal full damage) they even buffed it to like 600 dmg, rendering the heavy hvr/762 basically useless unless u're at really long range
  5. it's already the case have u even played the game once in all these years ? it's not just a matter of spamming lmb but rather get each weapon's pattern correctly in order to max out their rof so u just want to nerf them because u not good enough to use them properly ?
  6. not even, game is 32 bit u can try changing the gc interval a bit longer in config files but u'll crash everytime because the current interval is basically pushed to the limit of what the game can hold in memory (which is around 4GB for the whole game because 32 bit) even tried running the game on a ramdisk thinking it'd lower the gc time (gc dumps ram back to disk, so technically from ram to ram should be pretty fast because ramdisk)... exactly the same as a sata ssd... currently running on a pcie 4.0 nvme and it's still very much a problem tho ur idea should work when they make the game 64 bit. technically that would mean the more ram u have, the longer the interval can be before u eventually make the game crash, but the longer it'll take for the gc to run (bigger freezes)
  7. ehhhhh yes it has ? https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2022/1/29/apb-2022-roadmap
  8. lemme guess it was sitting on ur seat nicely, waiting to get picked up xd ? ye, never do that... or at least try to hide them well ehhh get better pants idk it never happened to me lol no
  9. these are localization edits (basically editing language files to put whatever u want) and yes u can still do this
  10. completely irrelevant to what i posted, i was supposing u do have dual channel ram and an okay cpu. this is what i was referring to sounds like u have a 60hz monitor and we have a 144hz one
  11. get a better cpu Vega 8 is an igpu, only has 8 CUs (that's 512 cores), based on the old GCN5 arch and relies on ur DDR4 system ram for vram so that could explain why ur fps is so low. I have one on my laptop and couldn't even get past 20 fps lol well hope u like that driver cuz it's the last u'll ever get, they dropped support for these yesterday if fsr ever comes to this game (doubt it will, at least in the next few years), it won't change much performance wise
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