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    these aren't affected
  2. yea and it's literally been the other way around for over 5 years now lol
  3. lmao come back from the 2000s already no, never had that on 5000/6000 series
  4. no source ? cuz u're wrong. there is 'support' for gddr6, just get a radeon and u'll see. it's all because of nvidia's bs drivers no need to, that won't fix ur issue anyway. the only things u can do are either playing on the lowest settings or change your gpu for something that isn't an rtx 2000 or gtx 1600 card
  5. imagine thinking LO getting scammed by epic for a half working eac is going to save apb what's logic even ?
  6. from Matt's post : basically LO wanted to get the server side stuff they couldn't get with BE, so they went for EAC and agreed to pay more to have the server side stuff then they couldn't get it (the server side) to work properly after many tries and the head dev at EAC said they didn't wanna put more time and money into trying to find a solution to make that part work so since they were paying for client + server side, LO tried to negociate a price reduction since only the client side was working, which EAC people refused so in the end LO and kamu decided to mutually end the contract tbh if i was paying for something i'd only get half of, i'd just ask my money back idk what's so hard to understand
  7. yikes this thing is over a decade old... did it always do this or did you use to not get any freezes and crashes ? also can you post a screenshot of the error ?
  8. heelruby

    a small problem

    who knows, maybe their router got an update and it fucked the dynamic ip change scheduling idk i know mine updates itself from time to time
  9. what's ur graphics card ?
  10. heelruby

    a small problem

    could also be your router changing your ip if you have a dynamic ip (but usually they do this once a day and late at night so it doesn't bother you too much). if i play at night, each time at 1 am i'll get kicked because my ip changed
  11. Known issue, should hopefully be getting a fix in the future drivers (only affects Navi GPUs (5000 series)). Either use windowed, or alt tab twice if you're using full screen exclusive (if you're doing it too quick or too many times there's a chance you'll crash APB)
  12. I'd try a clean install if I were you, only takes a few minutes
  13. from the little I could try from the beta (sadly only the main menu, didn't have much time), I didn't get to experience that. Also just tried it again to make sure it wasn't broken ? I'm not sure what driver version you're running or how you update them, but I'd suggest you to DDU them and use the 'factory reset' option when installing a new version (it clears out any reg keys like DDU). It's known that installing drivers on top of each other creates some weird stuff and instability sometimes. If you want the latest version (20.5.1), click there
  14. i'm curious why u didn't get a 10700k instead
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