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  1. Known issue, should hopefully be getting a fix in the future drivers (only affects Navi GPUs (5000 series)). Either use windowed, or alt tab twice if you're using full screen exclusive (if you're doing it too quick or too many times there's a chance you'll crash APB)
  2. I'd try a clean install if I were you, only takes a few minutes
  3. from the little I could try from the beta (sadly only the main menu, didn't have much time), I didn't get to experience that. Also just tried it again to make sure it wasn't broken ? I'm not sure what driver version you're running or how you update them, but I'd suggest you to DDU them and use the 'factory reset' option when installing a new version (it clears out any reg keys like DDU). It's known that installing drivers on top of each other creates some weird stuff and instability sometimes. If you want the latest version (20.5.1), click there
  4. i'm curious why u didn't get a 10700k instead
  5. that's not how it works either... that'd be the probability to get one with every stack for 50 stacks P = 1-(1-0.01)^50 = 40% ish @N66 to get at least 1 legendary
  6. 1. make sure u're playing the game in exclusive fullscreen (fullscreen in game settings) 2. if u're using freesync, turn it off it's broken atm anyway (refresh rate is going all over the place) idk about gsync
  7. you're mixing everything up prolly uses less vram as well lmao u should be taking ur own advice bud stop talking out of ur patootie, even gtx 400 series work on dx12 now and most cards support dx9 very well, it's just because they messed up their drivers on turing if u want any game to run, don't get a turing card, simple as that
  8. cuz iz wrong ofc, just like almost anyone nu they mine >:c no u ? actually never tried >144 but i can definitely tell the difference between 120 and 144. back when i only had a 60 hz display, the jump to 75 made a huge difference anything that has a crazy high ipc really been running a 3300X @4.6 with some 3866 mhz ram and i almost always cap at 144 (it's a $120 cpu btw). also the 6700 is slow af
  9. i think this is the dumbest thing i've ever read in my entire life
  10. ty i'll likely know before anyone here if there are issues on these
  11. don't take them seriously then i personally don't have any issues with these cards on apb, and also know quite a bunch of people who don't have any issues either
  12. not every process shows up in the task manager, there may be some hidden processes that will only show up in the resource monitor (task manager > performance > resource monitor)
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