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  1. lemme guess it was sitting on ur seat nicely, waiting to get picked up xd ? ye, never do that... or at least try to hide them well ehhh get better pants idk it never happened to me lol no
  2. how does one lose their phone even smfh
  3. these are localization edits (basically editing language files to put whatever u want) and yes u can still do this
  4. completely irrelevant to what i posted, i was supposing u do have dual channel ram and an okay cpu. this is what i was referring to sounds like u have a 60hz monitor and we have a 144hz one
  5. get a better cpu Vega 8 is an igpu, only has 8 CUs (that's 512 cores), based on the old GCN5 arch and relies on ur DDR4 system ram for vram so that could explain why ur fps is so low. I have one on my laptop and couldn't even get past 20 fps lol well hope u like that driver cuz it's the last u'll ever get, they dropped support for these yesterday if fsr ever comes to this game (doubt it will, at least in the next few years), it won't change much performance wise
  6. "people's" or "my" ? take off ur tinfoil hat and stop spending :* and i don't need ur "advice" either xd
  7. ... you're aware joker boxes were removed months ago... right ?
  8. heelruby


    these aren't affected
  9. yea and it's literally been the other way around for over 5 years now lol
  10. lmao come back from the 2000s already no, never had that on 5000/6000 series
  11. no source ? cuz u're wrong. there is 'support' for gddr6, just get a radeon and u'll see. it's all because of nvidia's bs drivers no need to, that won't fix ur issue anyway. the only things u can do are either playing on the lowest settings or change your gpu for something that isn't an rtx 2000 or gtx 1600 card
  12. imagine thinking LO getting scammed by epic for a half working eac is going to save apb what's logic even ?
  13. from Matt's post : basically LO wanted to get the server side stuff they couldn't get with BE, so they went for EAC and agreed to pay more to have the server side stuff then they couldn't get it (the server side) to work properly after many tries and the head dev at EAC said they didn't wanna put more time and money into trying to find a solution to make that part work so since they were paying for client + server side, LO tried to negociate a price reduction since only the client side was working, which EAC people refused so in the end LO and kamu decided to mutually end the contract tbh if i was paying for something i'd only get half of, i'd just ask my money back idk what's so hard to understand
  14. yikes this thing is over a decade old... did it always do this or did you use to not get any freezes and crashes ? also can you post a screenshot of the error ?
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