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  1. heelruby

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    Hm, while I'm not a huge fan of Alienware, that 127 looks pretty cool
  2. heelruby

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    Alienware Promotional Vehicle ?
  3. heelruby

    Primary weapon as 'BackPack'

    And a third holster for the blowtorch, plus some nades attached to your vest/pants
  4. heelruby

    Always run with 3.5 update

    Well you just need to move in order to cancel the interaction (not counting santa/valentines/test boxes there)
  5. heelruby

    New SPCT team

    It should be. I don't think anyone would want their upcoming stuff to leak to the public
  6. heelruby

    New SPCT team

    I agree with you, but given the small playerbase, it's tough to find the right number. Something around 20-30 people as you mentioned would be nice, though they'd need to enforce the NDA as much as they can, because some could not care about it at all.
  7. heelruby

    New SPCT team

    Yeah, it would, but how many will actually be active ? On my side we're around 40 people active everyday, and that includes a few corps.
  8. heelruby

    New SPCT team

    The more testers there are, the higher quality the feedback is (globally). At Vanguard we're about 100-120 people testing new stuff every week and still it feels like we aren't really enough, given we have other priorites (life stuff)... But the problem is APB has such a "small" playerbase compared to the most popular games that increasing the testers count would result in most of the playerbase being a tester...
  9. heelruby

    New SPCT team

    Thanks Matt for sharing this with us, I can't wait to see how it goes
  10. heelruby

    [GAME] Armas gifting.

    Well, scammers used these 'tricks' so that people they don't like would get banned, if I'm not mistaken
  11. heelruby

    [GAME] Armas gifting.

    IIRC it affected both
  12. heelruby

    Nice mapping bug on Waterfront

    Yea I remember that, but at least they could have just fixed the mapping xd
  13. heelruby

    Nice mapping bug on Waterfront

    Somewhere in Waterfront there's some textures missing. If you try to crouch towards it you will be killed for being in a forbidden area :
  14. heelruby

    121Fps cap?

    I did this years ago and people kinda agreed with it, can't manage to find it through the old forums tho...