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  1. You should seriously take your own advice, and relax a little while you're at it. As @Kevkof said it was first announced years and years ago (2013) and then set to release in 2014 (hence the famous "Q1 2014" joke we see quite a bit around here). Tho sadly to this day it still hasn't happened, but console versions are based on the engine upgrade, they were just rushed which is why they perform so bad.
  2. And at one point they were even cheaper than that
  3. It's not the final page before payment nor is it the cart's page so I really don't get why this bothers you this much. There's nothing "illegal" or whatever in there
  4. Now I'm not sure you're trolling or not since you can see the final price just like I can
  5. You're still paying LO $5, the other $1 goes to your government Where are you from ? Afaik most if not all prices in the US are before taxes, since every state doesn't have the same taxes % Edit : also forgot to mention that when you buy something, the seller doesn't pay taxes on the sale, you do. All they do is collect it to give it back to the government (at least that's how it works where I live)
  6. Why tho ? You're still paying them $5 for those 500 G1C
  7. Ya it's sad and it doesn't make sense imo Strife was fine, it didn't need that nerf
  8. Totally agree with you, I don't feel like the Strife needs a nerf either. If you exclude outside interference, apples to apples the Strife is almost 2x slower to kill than all the other shotguns. Now I know that in practice it tends to one-shot quite a bit when playing with a team (it is a support weapon like the HVR afterall), but I feel it doesn't need to be touched. Maybe a slight range nerf if people really see that weapon as such a threat. But IMO, it should remain that slow, fun, high risk, hard hitting shotgun it's supposed to be (it also has really strong AV abilities). I'm one of the few people to actually main it, and to be honest I'd be really sad if it just became a worse JG-ish shotgun.
  9. heelruby

    An Error

    Like the others said, we can't help you if you don't give us your specs (OS, GPU and such)
  10. Nowhere is it stated that districts are now English only Try this yourself and you'll see why people are complaining
  11. heelruby

    out of memory ....

    No that's just an Nvidia thing
  12. heelruby

    APB Ran out of memory

    Unfortunately that is due to how the Nvidia drivers handle memory for Turing GPUs (RTX 2000 and GTX 1600 series) on 32 bit applications/games. Until Nvidia addresses this issue, the only fix would be to make APB a 64 bit application, which will happen with the Engine Upgrade.
  13. Not necessarily, it depends on the routing
  14. Are you even aware that staff people are humans and that there are laws that "force" them to take breaks sometimes ? Why do you sound so entitled just because you worked on friday ? It's just ridiculous at this point.
  15. Don't start it from steam and start it from the APB. e x e instead, it should work that way edit: just noticed the issue got fixed lol
  16. Once you did that, did you try to start the game using the launcher or the APB. e x e ?
  17. heelruby

    framerate issue

    You could try using 19.9.1 with Navi since I found it to perform a bit better than the other ones. But yea, Dx9 is still meh on Navi :c
  18. Doesn't look like the Praetorian logo to me. Also that's the Prentiss color scheme
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