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  1. Visible threat level (Bronze, Silver, Gold etc) has many unintended consequences, to list a few; De-threating Gold players abusing non gold players Gold players terminating the game before the match ends to avoid spoiling their threat level Gold players asking to be kicked out of the team and tking to make this happen Gold players going afk during the match Non Gold players going afk Non Gold players terminating the game to leave the match Non Gold players agreeing to be kicked from the team All golds are cheaters perception Too many players are more concerned about their gold threat than playing the game and the general toxicity surrounding threat has ruined the game for years and continues to do so. Do you agree allowing players to see their threat level and that of others is a problem? Can we make threat level hidden?
  2. Intel ARC A quick tip for Intel ARC users. ARC GPUs will automatically scale its clock frequency due to demand but on older games that are not GPU intensive (like APB) this can result in varying frequencies during game play i.e. fluctuations in FPS. If you want more stable FPS you can control your MIN and MAX frequencies, simply setting the MIN frequency to the same value of the MAX will fix the clock frequency to MAX. To view current values cat /sys/class/drm/card0/gt_min_freq_mhz cat /sys/class/drm/card0/gt_max_freq_mhz Intel ARC A770, default values are 300MHz and 2400MHz. To change the MIN (below is an example of setting the MIN to 2400MHz, which is the same as the MAX value) echo 2400 > /sys/class/drm/card0/gt_min_freq_mhz But this will likely come up with a permission denied, so you first need to enable write permission to the file(s). sudo chmod a+w /sys/class/drm/card0/gt_min_freq_mhz All changes to those files are not persistent and will be lost on reboot. Above tested in Ubuntu 23.10.
  3. Sup all! I'm trying to find out what the EU server IPs are so I can create some very specific set of firewall rules but can't find anything on the forum these days. From what I have worked out there are multiple IPs but it is unclear if they are somewhat dynamic and change frequently or how many there are in total. Can anyone point me in the right direction? So far I have identified 6. Thanks
  4. @BlatMan I'm using an i4790K in linux for something else and like you I found that my BIOS settings being overridden. Below may work for you. Using "intel_idle.max_cstate=0 cpuidle.off=1 idle=poll" as boot line options ensures a fixed clock frequency. Once booted, I can then choose to have the CPU running at a fixed 4GHz or at a fixed 4.4GHz (Max turbo boost frequency), using console commands; echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/intel_pstate/no_turbo or echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/intel_pstate/no_turbo I'm not blacklisting any drivers.
  5. Rade


    They put the cheating figure to around 30% of players, I'm sure once they have perfected their algorithms it will be higher.
  6. @Gateron I knew exactly what I was buying at the time, a piece of history.
  7. Intel really have been pushing the driver updates, the latest one 101.4255 is working really well in Windows with APB, I'd say its better than Linux now.
  8. I think my idea of perfect is your idea of the dream matchmaking system where the moment you press K you are in a mission with opposition. But lets run with your idea because when you think about it you just made the point that /abandonmission would be a redundant feature and therefore not needed, and can be removed.
  9. I disagree, even with a perfect match making system players will continue to abuse the /abandonmission.
  10. They should disable the /abandonmission feature as it is being abused by golds as a means to manipulate their odds of staying gold. It is also adding to the match making issues as people frequently abandoning the mission before opposition means more 1v1s and more waiting around for matches to start.
  11. 11. Add an audible voice alert when your cross hair goes red when aiming at opponents.
  12. I gave m_bUseDiskCache=False a little go and the game was stuttering excessively and ran badly, this is under Fedora 37. I can confirm it was working as the AssetCache was empty throughout playing around on social and FC. Might give it a go in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or 22.10 see if works any better. Update 22/03/23 Tried m_bUseDiskCache=False in Ubuntu 22.10 and it introduces frequent stutters but not as bad as Fedora 37. Therefore in my experience it's not an option I would use.
  13. If you want to limit FPS use the DXVK_FRAME_RATE= setting in your run options. And if you really like messing about, create a ram disk for the AssetCache folder before you play the game. The example below links the AssetCache folder to RAM, essentially your AssetCache folder is a RAM drive and files are being written directly to your RAM, it has a size limit of 8GB, and will delete upon a system reboot or if you unmount it. (Please don't blindly copy and paste this - educational only) - root required Some people like to test its working by using the DD command (measure read / write speed etc) but that could be a disaster waiting to happen. I like to use a very simple technique, copy a 2GB video mp4 file to the AssetCache folder and watch your memory usage go down with whatever GUI system monitor your distro has.
  14. This is very interesting. I'm running with an Intel Arc A770 LE and in Windows 11 APB runs very poor, one big stutter mess. Its almost impossible at times to kill anyone and thats with the current latest Arc drivers. I've just installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and compiled a 6.2 Linux Kernel (native Intel Arc support), will see how APB runs. EDIT Just played a FC round and it runs much better than I expected and better than Windows! I am using the following for the APB launcher, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Steam/Proton. '/home/USERNAME/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 7.0'/proton waitforexitandrun '/home/USERNAME/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/APB Reloaded/Binaries/APB.exe' -nosteam # %command%
  15. How is the mission queue system going to work if you are playing in a group of 2- 4 players and each players so called skill rating ranges from one end to the other? What happens when people in your team quit during the match and the backup option pops up? The added delay of finding players to fill the gap seems unreasonable? What are you going to do to prevent players from the losing team quitting a match before it ends (so that they dont lose their threat level)? What are you going to do to prevent players from manipulating their threat level?
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