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  1. They have retained some players which is an achievment in its own right given just how bad the current state of the game is. Come on 2022!
  2. Reading the text I have highlighted in red makes me a very sad panda. What's up buddy? Are you feeling ok? How is this for fine art? Bidding starts at £500.00. Any offers?
  3. I do understand your issues, seriously though I think at the end of the day its our choice to upgrade or not. No doubt the decline in players is related to hardware upgrade issues and it is in LO's interest to provide a solution.
  4. We need to take LO to the international Court of Justice, clearly they are breaching your human rights by denying you the right to upgrade your PC. Maybe we can start a class action together, I'm still running a core 2 duo because of the poor multi-threading performance....
  5. The only winner in this thread will be the moderator or admin that posts a reply and locks the thread. Hello losers!
  6. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3130/~/setting-power-management-mode-from-adaptive-to-maximum-performance Before you start using any 3rd party programs, try the above.
  7. I think in its current state things would be better if the threat system was disabled, visible threat removed, matchmaking disabled. Have everyone vs anyone with a permanent backup option so missions have the potential to be 16v16 etc. Just make things fun and chaotic until the engine upgrade and a better system is in place.
  8. On the subject of weapon balacing, is the engine upgrade going to bring a substantial enough increase (if any) in the view distance so that weapons can be better balanced?
  9. A cheap and cheerful Sharkoon Drakonia, had it since 3rd Jan 2014 and the left mouse button has taken a lot of abuse https://en.sharkoon.com/product/1692/12527#desc When it dies I might go for the newer model. https://en.sharkoon.com/product/DRAKII
  10. If any of you want to study the grenades / throwables whilst being equipped in the hands of your player model, this bug will allow you to do that. Simply press your grenade key followed by the look behind camera key, you need to do this almost simultaneously. ie a very minor delay, [grenade button] > almost no delay > [look behind key] 05/05/2020 - Unconfirmed if anyone else can replicate this.
  11. Rade


    PC players apart from social, should never be allowed to play missions / FC with console players. The reality of online PC gaming, cheaters rule. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-04-18-call-of-duty-warzone-console-players-are-turning-off-crossplay-to-escape-pc-cheaters
  12. Rade

    Graphic issues

    Test running your CPU at default clock speeds, no OC. 16GB RAM - is that 2x8GB identical sticks?
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