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  1. A cheap and cheerful Sharkoon Drakonia, had it since 3rd Jan 2014 and the left mouse button has taken a lot of abuse https://en.sharkoon.com/product/1692/12527#desc When it dies I might go for the newer model. https://en.sharkoon.com/product/DRAKII
  2. If any of you want to study the grenades / throwables whilst being equipped in the hands of your player model, this bug will allow you to do that. Simply press your grenade key followed by the look behind camera key, you need to do this almost simultaneously. ie a very minor delay, [grenade button] > almost no delay > [look behind key] 05/05/2020 - Unconfirmed if anyone else can replicate this.
  3. Rade


    PC players apart from social, should never be allowed to play missions / FC with console players. The reality of online PC gaming, cheaters rule. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-04-18-call-of-duty-warzone-console-players-are-turning-off-crossplay-to-escape-pc-cheaters
  4. Rade

    Graphic issues

    Test running your CPU at default clock speeds, no OC. 16GB RAM - is that 2x8GB identical sticks?
  5. Broken threat system and match making, one of APB's oldest outstanding issues Once they get the engine upgrade in place and at an acceptable point, they really need to start thinking about attracting new players by obliterating the threat / matchmaking system and replacing it with something that works and makes new players feel welcomed and positively contributes to making them become better players. What we have right now is a meat grinder that makes new players feel like shit and negatively contributes to making them better players. If anything is just fosters bad players in so many ways, I can't be bothered to go into but will pick on one point, when you label someone as trash by putting a silver/brown symbol above their name what impact does it have on that player? What impact does it have on other players? Then you ring fence them all together with the brilliant matchmaking system that uses their threat label to put them against each other..... The current threat/match making system is soooooo bad that I genuinely feel on the balance on probabilities a simple no threat system and matchmaking done on a whoever is available would be better than what we have right now, although this is nowhere near ideal or even acceptable. One can only hope that before the zombie apocalypse match making will be over hauled for the better.
  6. @Ketog If you are using Windows 10, can you try disabling dynamic tick and see if it has any impact? Open a command prompt as admin; bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes Reboot To remove the above, open command prompt as admin and type; bcdedit /deletevalue disabledynamictick And reboot.
  7. I feel the current gun play is a bit lackluster. Need some better sound fx, uncapped ROF on some of the pistols?, alternate fire modes (under barrel perc launcher, semi/burst/full auto), akimbo FBW, ACT44, 45AP, NFA, PDW. Ultimately with the engine update, the draw distance 100M limit needs to be increased and weapon damage drop off adjusted. That should open up the weapon system, giving sniper rifles more scope to work with, make the NTEC less potent against CR762/OBIR/Scout etc. And maybe some laser weapons like the ones in star wars and a light saber too along with yoda. Ah, weapon you seek, the perc is strong with you. Hur Hee Hee.
  8. Lets face it, everyone wants to buy a dump truck. and the streets of san paro will never be the same again....
  9. The point is to see if there is something / common trait about your specs that explains why this works.
  10. @Drovalin Please post your PC specs so we can put things into context.
  11. Rade

    Cops stunning

    We need OSMAW LTL launcher! NotZombieBiscuit, liked your post because you are 100% spot on.
  12. You do make a lot of non constructive posts on this forum. If you have a lot of time on your hands, do something more positive instead of lerking on this forum wasting your life. You will feel better for it.
  13. They could put a condition, if the server has 0 enforcers criminals cannot mug/ram/raid/chop shop. Probably not going to be popular as it would kill money farming and the Trainee R255 challenge.
  14. FC Baylan Shipping and practice. I like the carbine myself but the server performance really hinders my ability to frag anything with it.
  15. OP, interesting post. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to share something which might be useful to anyone who is unhappy with their life situation but it might be a concept difficult to grasp. A lot of unhappiness in this world is created because people refuse to accept the now and live in the present moment. I.e. Present moment denial. They do two things; - constantly think about the past, comparing it to their present situation and finding fault. - compare their present situation to some false made up sense of the future where things are better. If you are always doing that, you are never living in the present and will always be unhappy regardless of your current situation, good or bad. So if you are unhappy the first step is to live in the present moment by fully accepting it for what it is. Only then will you be able to move forward because you have freed you mind from the internal prison you have created for it, a prison in which you will never be happy.
  16. No surprise to see the same comments on another cheating thread. You're a silver ..... Don't know what you're talking about...... I vote for the option not on the poll, there should be the ability to buy a cheat from ARMAS directly. Lets face it, throughout its existence every single anti cheat has failed so perhaps rather than anti-cheat we need a cheat instead. I think I'm onto something here, Matt said he feels cheating is a failure on his part so if he gives us the option to buy a cheat on ARMAS then we can all reward him for his failure in cash and make him feel much richer for it. Seriously though, I think the problem is more to do with effectiveness. Their practices, other factors such as the game engine, how BE integrates with the game etc need to improve and realistically I think that will happen after the engine upgrade. We just have to put up with it for now.
  17. Before I become old and senile it would be great if APB allowed the user to select their client port from a range/list of predefined ports, and if the game client was UPnP compatible. Reasons for above: 1) This would help multiple users who play APB on the same modem IP to setup independant ports for port forwarding 2) UPnP allows the automatic opening/closing of ports in routers / firewalls 3) Because Warframe has had this for centuries Thanks for reading!
  18. The thing with statistical based anti cheats is they are very capable (and the way forward, analysing behaviour is better and avoids the cat and mouse game) but you got to use the right variables, in the right way. Creating any algorithm to detect snapping would be wrong becuase you can mimick this normally. FF was very capable of detecting trigger bots, so much so that some cheat vendors adapted by adding ranomised fire delays to their trigger bots. However, realistically any random value that goes below a certain threshold would be flagged immediately. So if you are going to randomise the delay you might add a condition so values are above FF's thresholds, the point of a triggerbot becomes less favourable the higher you go above the threshold. Even then, if profiling the data, over time it will stand out. It is impossible to get away using a triggerbot with a stat based anti cheat, and if an aimbot is also firing instantly without delay when it identifies the hitbox, an algorithm detecting trigger bots would pick this up given the behaviour is no different. If Little Orbit are working on incorporating cheat protection into APB, they would be foolish not to have some form of stat/behavioural based detection.
  19. Really? C'mon just accept you misread everything I said. Putting a different spin on it to suit yourself is extremely low. Btw Little Orbit do not ban based on player reports, that is completely false information. They only ban if cheating is detected by their anti-cheat. I think we are done here.
  20. Read my posts, all of them again. I am not asking for the guy who got 76/15 to prove he/she isn't cheating. I am asking for anyone who claims 76/15 is genuinely possible to prove it.
  21. Right, so on that basis you believe 50+ is a suspicious score. That is my point about 76/15, it is suspicious, and yes I do not believe anyone can acheive it genuinely. Sure I could be wrong but there isn't anyone willing to prove "me" wrong. So I'll just stick to my view.
  22. Why isn't the burden of proof on anyone claiming 76-15 is possible? Why your way and not my way? Why not show us that it’s impossible to achieve legitimately? ---> Did you word that right? I can show you a video of myself in FC getting owned, would that suffice?
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