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  1. going to be an interesting stream for sure! Hope we can get some good questions and answers.
  2. Honestly Halloween glow skins and witch hat would've been better
  3. thats why until they can appeal the bans we won't know for sure why they really got banned so its just a waiting game at this point
  4. but what proof was given? A ban doesn't necessarily mean guilty...under what law?...until easy anticheat them selves add support for ban appeals its just a he say she say situation...
  5. Don't be rude now everyone is innocent until proven guilty....
  6. It's a sad day for APB community, Can we have a moment of silence please. Thank you
  7. Asthma


    Video is pretty much self explanatory and something needs to be done about the ramping cheating in APB...Maybe LO could implement something in that nature to handle the massive cheaters this game has...
  8. Asthma

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    We're still here!!!
  9. TBH it has nothing to do with the clan system. Clan system is working as intended, Problem we have is with the people dethreating to get into bronze districts which should have some sort of consequences.
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