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  1. Update: I haven't seen any green outlines yet, I'd say it works. As for the car decals, it happens sometimes, not a big deal since it's 1 car out of 100. Thank you !
  2. I will try and update about how it goes. Same as above. Thanks for your ideas gentlemen.
  3. Hi, I deactivated the turbo boost. No changes. Yes, these are 2x8GB sticks. Merged. Here are other screens for other issues (some shadows from afar look like this as well as some windows): https://ibb.co/hLNsLZ4 https://ibb.co/wzdNfvV
  4. KrisTheThing

    Graphic issues

    Hello, I haven't found any solutions on this forum nor on the internet, so I'm posting here. My issues are quite simple: - The first one is about civilians. When they are far from me and in a dark area, they are surrounded with green pixels, green dots (a great majority of them around their legs and crotch). - The second one is about car decals and characters. I saw one player whose character was nothing but a big flashy green brick, which made it hard to aim. I also saw a few cars which had decals, but could not see them until I was at CQB range (that is to say, the car was plain aluminium or metallic until I got on its roof). A friend mine using older and weaker components does not have these problems. I am running on an i5-7600k 4.3 ghz, a MSI Geforce GTX 1060 6GB with a MSI Z270 Gaming Plus (16gb RAM of course) on Win10 64Bits. I am providing three screenshots which explain some of these issues: https://ibb.co/tLxBk1R https://ibb.co/hy1H76r https://ibb.co/xzPKcRc Indeed, I have already tried to: - Uninstall/Reinstall - Repair the game - Update NVIDIA drivers - Update Windows 10 - Change graphic settings Since I ran out of option, I am coming here hoping for a savior to my little problems some of which are complicated to deal with under certain circumstances. Regards,
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