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  1. Hackers laugh at this game, go to the fight club and they get 50 or more kills without getting banned, they share it on youtube and they still don't get banned, not counting the amount of gold that they use macro.
  2. It would be easiest for new players thats true, the other solution would be the reduce maximum cadence as you said without removing that they are semi-automatic.
  3. i saw it, i saw ur post and i tought that u posted that idea too
  4. Did you post something about secondary weapons with slots?
  5. I know there is a pattern, the macro skips that pattern. i want to nerf them because im not good enough??? Okay.. good point
  6. First of all sorry for my english. The idea is add a rate limit to semi-automatic weapons like automatic weapons, this would serve to avoid the use of macros. The goal would be to add a low rate of fire to semi-automatic weapons by making them automatic in a certain way. If you have been playing for a while you will realize that 70% of golds use macros in their pistols and rifles.
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