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  1. Come on Little Orbit. The game has on average 300 players. You have the tools needed, and the systems and development Knowledge to take this game, remaster and remake it in a way that benefits you and the people. You can take the failings of APB and create something great out of it. Look around you, Show me ONE game with the customization levels of APB and the hilarity of Saints Row. You can't. Unless the new upcoming Saints Row is Online and as big a shitpost as APB is with it's level of Customization, There is nothing that will hold a Candle to it. Start over. Become a Phoenix before someone else does Little Orbit. Make the superior Version of this game that we all long for. A better Customization system, Player Run Markets, etc. Let the community help y'all please.
  2. It's getting really annoying getting back into this game after 3 years, going into Silver districts, and losing EVERY GAME to Gold tryharding 255s. this has to stop, Remove the Treat System, Put 255s in their own little World and keep them the fuck out of Silver Districts. "Oh but Kes, why don't you just 'git gud?' "I hear some of you furiously typing at me. it's hard to "git gud" When the weapons you have aren't shit, They take more damage than possible, and they have way more skill than you could even compete with. 255s need to get fucked off and locked to their own District, or be forced to sit out on missions/Kept out of missions. I watched a Gold Detreat, go into WF Bronze the other day, and trash a few new players.
  3. I need the ability to have a Long Black Trenchcoat so I can put a Fedora on a Character and run around M'ladying people. But for real, I need a Trench.Great coat so I can LARP as a British Field officer and annoy my friends with an increasingly bad Posh British Accent as I pretend I'm some '40s British Infantry Officer.
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