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  1. I should’ve probably also mentioned that I’m coming from a console POV (Xbox). It’s fairly difficult to counter automatic weapons in CQC with semi-autos when all you got to aim with are wiggle sticks and a piss poor aim assist. Im not exactly sure how different the games are from each platform in terms of the game builds they’re on. But I guess I should probably just wait until the game finally gets updated before asking for changes.
  2. But it still wouldn’t have the same accuracy or range as the joker carbine? Just a faster rof to combat NF-As or PDWs and such...
  3. Hey, while we’re on the topic on secondaries... how about we get an increase to the rof on semi-autos like the FBW or FR0Gs similar to a Joker Carbine that way we have a slight better chance against RFPs, NF-As, or PDWs in CQC? Eh? Ehhhhh? Good idea, no?
  4. I’m sure once the devs get going on content, they’ll most likely start adding a lot more weapons, legendaries, reskins and what not for sure
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